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"He To? Luo Shu?"

The mysterious man’s rumbling voice came from the spiritual space, "Those two pieces? Little guy, you need to be careful!" Dense mist rose in the spiritual space while the mysterious man disappeared gradually.

Ji Hao stood on the ground, coldly looking at Kun Peng, who was not so far away from him. The He Tu and Luo Shu great magic formation had been speedily expanding. At the moment, the tens of meters wide river had already expanded to millions of miles wide. The river water surged in it and sent up clouds of watery mist that covered the entire area. Ji Hao could only see things ten miles around him now.

At every curve of the river, an enormous turtle with a black shell floated on the water surface, and a large water-kind spirit creature stood on the back of each turtle. These water-kind spirit creatures were armed to the teeth, and the power vibrations released from them were prehistorical and strong.

In the air, the nine stars sparkled brightly, and the starlight was as cold as ice; the coldness drilled straight to Ji Hao’s bones. Beams of starlight emitting from these nine stars were sharp, and looked like tangible thorns woven together. Ji Hao raised his head and took a glance at the nine stars, instantly feeling blinded. He saw nothing but cold white light dazzling before his eyes. Moreover, the magical power delivered by the starlight disturbed his mind, shook his body, and nearly made him fall to the ground.

"He Tu? Luo Shu?" Ji Hao closed his eyes, healing his wounded eyes with his spirit blood.

He opened his erect eye. His eye of Dao of sun was cultivated by Priest Dachi as well, and had also merged with the extremely negative power. Yin and Yang combined into one, warming his erect eye. With this eye, he saw no sharp starlight. All he saw were sparkling lights and shadows, as gentle as a deep pool.

Looking at Kun Peng with the erect eye, Ji Hao said blandly, "Using supreme treasures like these on me? Aren’t you feeling like trying to kill a chicken with a giant blade?’"

‘Aren’t you feeling like trying to kill a chicken with a giant blade?’ This was something that Kun Peng had never heard before, but he was smart, and understood it in no time. Chuckling with a high-pitched voice, Kun Peng responded unhurriedly, "A tiger has to try its best to catch a rabbit. You hack when you kill a chicken, you hack when you kill a bull, and even for slaughtering a dragon, what you do is hack. Since we can solve it all with a simple hack, the type of blade shouldn’t be a major problem."

Kun Peng slowly took his hands out of his sleeves. A black sword with four edges was held in each of this hands. The body of each sword was divided into twenty-four sections. He looked at Ji Hao, smiled mildly, and continued, "With all that you have achieved in these years, using the He Tu and Luo Shu great magic formation on you is reasonable!"

Followed by Kun Peng’s laughter, armored water-kind spirit creatures showed up on those enormous stars as well. Those spirit creatures standing on stars were holding long streamers, each having streams of starlight flowing on it like rapidly flowing rivers. They slowly and gently waved those streamers, making Ji Hao sense a dreadful pressure coming down at him instantly.

Ji Hao dared not to be careless, and activated the Pan Gu bell.

The simply shaped, thick bell floated above Ji Hao’s head and released streams of Chaos power, pouring down and wrapping Ji Hao up. The Chaos power vibrated slightly and rippled like water, while the bell buzzed slightly from time to time.

Kun Peng abruptly flashed across the air and reached to Ji Hao with a single step. He wielded the pair of four-edged swords and smashed down at Ji Hao.

The pair of black four-edged swords began burning ragingly. The dim blue cold light coiled around the pair of sword light flame, and on every section of each four-edged sword, thumb-sized ancient spirit creature spell symbols were faintly visible.

Two loud thuds were generated. The Chaos power released from the bell quaked, then the bell rang deeply because of Kun Peng’s violent attack.

"Amazing!" Kun Peng said in surprise. On the ground, waves rose from the winding river, and in the sky, the nine stars sparkled. Suddenly, Kun Peng disappeared.

The bell ring transformed into visible Chaos power waves, spreading out in all directions. Each wave of Chaos power only managed to reach around three meters far, before being neutralized by the invisible sealing power generated from the He Tu and Luo Shu great formation, layer by layer. At last, the Chaos power was gone.

Kun Peng reappeared ten miles away while wielding the pair of four-edged swords, which was wrapped in frigid blue flames. He looked at Ji Hao with a dark face and said, "Turn everything back into Chaos… This bell…I have never heard of it. Did this kind of a treasure ever exist in Pan Gu world?"

Ji Hao remained silent. The golden bridge darted out from between his eyebrows, transforming into a beam of light. It wrapped him up and flew to Kun Peng, leaving a bright stream of light in the air. The Taiji divine sword created an arc-shaped sword light, as Ji Hao launched a fierce hack towards Kun Peng from ten miles away.

Kun Peng remained motionless. Ji Hao approached him at his highest speed. However, the distance between the Kun Peng and himself wasn’t shortened at all. On the contrary, it was growing more and more. The harder Ji Hao tried to approach, the further away he got.

Three breaths later, the distance between Ji Hao and Kun Peng had reached a thousand miles.

Ji Hao’s erect eye shone with a clear and bright light. The water-clear light reached to tens of meters away. Ji Hao glanced around and found out that he was stuck where he was the whole time, even though he had been trying so hard to move forward. Nevertheless, the distance between Kun Peng and himself had indeed raised to a thousand miles.

"Since you know that this formation is based on He Tu and Luo Shu, you should understand that He Tu and Luo Shu can include the whole universe, and are able to create space without limit. In this great formation, you can only be stuck here until you die, unless you are powerful enough to create a world, just like Saint Pan Gu."

Kun Peng laughed proudly, wielding the pair of four-edged swords. In the air, an enormous star shone dazzlingly, then followed by a rumbling noise, golden spheres of thunder-flame fell straight down from the sky and struck on Ji Hao.

The earth quacked and cracked while the sky vibrated and collapsed; the thunder-flame roared and covered Ji Hao’s body.

Those thunder-flame spheres exploded, making the earth shake. Frightfully strong impact waves made the Pan Gu bell buzz and buzz. Even under the bell’s protection, Ji Hao felt the ground under his feet rising and falling, that made his entire body slightly soft. He could barely remain standing under the storm of the thunder-flame.

Ji Hao cast a deep growl, following which, the Taiji Universe mirror rose a hundred meters high, along with a stream of light. The surface of the mirror glowed as the thunder-flames descended from the sky, fell into the mirror and disappeared without a trace. In the next moment, the raging thunder-flames abruptly reappeared around Kun Peng, as countless spheres of thunder-flame blasted simultaneously.

Kun Peng snorted coldly. Water-kind spirit creatures standing on stars raised their long streamers. Along with their moves, all blasting thunder-flames disappeared, without leaving even a sparkle of fire.

"You!" Ji Hao didn’t know what to say.

"In this great formation, no attack can harm me!" Kun Peng looked at Ji Hao proudly, laughing with a cold and creepy voice, "In this great formation, you can only be attacked by me. You can never kill me, unless you’re Saint Pan Gu!"

Ji Hao gnashed his teeth and locked his fingers together, attempted to trigger natural powers to create Yu Yu’s divine thunder to attack Kun Peng.

However, no matter how many times he incanted the spell, he couldn’t trigger any natural power in the great formation. Within the coverage of the great formation, Kun Peng was the ruler of the world, and Ji Hao could only use his own power, without being able to borrow a slight little bit of natural power from the surrounding environment.

"Kun Peng! If you kill Si Xi…" Ji Hao squeezed a few words out from between his teeth.

"Eh? You’re right, we’re going to kill Si Xi!" Kun Peng laughed savagely, "This time, we drew him to Feather Mountain for no other purpose but to kill him! What can you do? You’re stuck in here. You can only watch us kill him!"

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