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"This thing…" Ji Hao murmured speechlessly. A red sun shone in his spiritual space. Ji Hao showed his figure from the sun, looking at the Mysterious man, who seemed like a giant, and asked curiously, "Did he know you?"

The mysterious man sat in the midair, changing his hand motions while sealing Boy Chen’s seven-colored bead with a magic. Those hand motions made by the mysterious man were similar to the hand motions of The Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, but based on it, some profound and complicated developments and changes were made. Every single move made by the mysterious man now seemed to be powerful enough to destroy the world.

Hearing Ji Hao, the mysterious man responded blandly, "I met him after the creation of the world…This thing could do nothing but fool the others with illusions. Hm, he was quite a survivor, nothing special except for that."

As the mysterious man flicked his fingers, the bead exploded. The mysterious man had actually destroyed a pre-world supreme treasure, that was capable of creating endless mirages and illusions, by simply flicking his fingers. The bead exploded and turned into massive streams of colorful light, flowing everywhere. It quickly merged with the colorful mist, which was transformed from Boy Chen’s body.

The five-colored cauldron released a stream of five-colored flame from Ji Hao’s lower abdomen, hovered around the colorful mist and generated a loud series of cries. Soon, the last little bit of true spirit left in the colorful bead by Boy Chen was dispelled by the five-colored flame.

From this moment on, nothing in this world could prove Boy Chen’s existence anymore. In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, a thousands of miles long stream of colorful light had been flowing slowly, spreading a refreshing aroma.

"Illusions are spirit changes. Boy Chen and this bead of his both were generated from the purest soul power." laughed the mysterious man happily, "Anyone who sees it can have a share, so each of us gets a half…Haha, today is a lucky day, such a stupid thing actually sent himself in here to nourish us!"

Ji Hao laughed as well and then wielded his arm, hacking on the colorful light stream with his hand.

The thousand-mile-long splendid stream was cut into two from the middle. Then, Ji Hao and the mysterious man each took a deep breath towards a part of the light stream. Strands of colorful light flew up and drifted into the red sun, which was transformed from Ji Hao’s primordial spirit, while another half of the light was swallowed by the mysterious man.

The figure of the mysterious man became slightly clearer than before. The change was not so obvious; it was like adding a few human-head-sized rocks to a towering mountain. A half of the essence of Boy Chen and his spirit treasure could only help the mysterious man so much.

But to Ji Hao, this was huge.

The hundreds of meters in radius red sun suddenly burst with a dazzling red light. With the extreme positive power that shone on the outside and the negative power filling the inside, the red sun was a combination of Yin and Yang. By now, the red sun had been expanding at a shocking rate; its size turned became times larger within a blink of an eye.

Before, the red sun seemed to be slightly hazy, looking like a sphere of coiling red glowing mist. But now, it looked like a tangible thing, shining with an eye-piercing like, floating in the middle of Ji Hao’s spiritual space like a giant piece of ruby.

Ji Hao felt that his primordial spirit was never so strong. He released his spirit power and immediately saw everything within an area of ten-million miles. Although he hadn’t attained the universally great power which Yu Yu and his brothers had, that could allow him to observe the whole universe with a single glance, covering the area radius ten-million miles with the spirit power was already impressive.

While Ji Hao laughed delightedly, the mysterious man suddenly slapped on his back and said, "Enemy coming! Go deal with it!"

Ji Hao was slapped out of his own spiritual space by the mysterious man, and saw Ju Fu crazily throwing hundreds of different sized, brightly glowing jade pieces at him.

Si Xi was still wrapped in dark clouds, and Ms. Green Toad and the other seven Chaos monsters had still been attacking Si Xi. But for an unknown reason, Ju Fu turned away from Si Xi and started launching crazy attacks on Ji Hao.

Ji Hao snorted coldly. He didn’t take out the Pan Gu bell. Instead, his Taiji cloak released a clear stream of mist that surrounded his body. Then, he bent his body and rushed up, bumping against those giant jade pieces thrown over by Ju Fu. He wielded his arms, growled thunderously and punched on those jade pieces.

Fists clashed against jade pieces, as thunderous booms came one after another. Ji Hao combined the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish. Every single move made by him was as effective as a hack launched by a giant with an enormous axe. Black gales were stirred up around Ji Hao’s body, screaming shrilly.

Jade pieces were shattered by Ji Hao’s fists one after another. Ju Fu generated these jade pieces from the air by gathering earth power with his special ability. Therefore, after being shattered by Ji Hao, these jade pieces transformed back into streams of earth power and dissipated in the air. Around Ji Hao, a yellow-colored layer of earth power grew denser and denser. Dragged by the air streams brought up by Ji Hao’s heavy punches, the layer of earth power gradually condensed into the silhouette of a thousands of meters tall, muscular man.

"Ju Fu…Lili is dead. Aren’t you going to run? Do you want to die here as well?"

Spirit blood surged in Ji Hao’s body. He didn’t cast any magic. Instead, he approached Ju Fu with bare hands, while shattering those giant jade pieces Ju Fu threw at him.

His blood boiled and surged through his veins like raging dragons. Ji Hao grew taller, inch by inch. When his spirit blood was agitated to an extreme point, Ji Hao had already become a six-meters tall, muscular man. Thick blood veins bulged on his arms, looking like dragons coiling around them

Ju Fu roared hoarsely, dragging more jade pieces out of the air and throwing to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao had boosted his power up to an extreme level. The fifth turn of the cultivation methods with nine turns was triggered. His bones, flesh and internal organs all turned translucent, like the finest jade. By now, his body condition had surpassed the limits of a peak-level Divine Magus.

He spread his arms and let those jade pieces smash on his chest. Thudding noises were started, and meters long jade pieces were bounced away, heavily landing on the ground.

Compared with Si Xi, who could crush these jade pieces directly into ashes, Ji Hao could only bounce them away with his body. In terms of physical strength, Ji Hao clearly couldn’t compare with Si Xi at the stage. But, this strong body of his was already quite terrifying!

Ju Fu was less and less confident. He showed a ferocious look and yelled, "Lili is the true God of Feather Mountain. I, Ju Fu, am a divine warrior, under his command! You killed the true God of Feather Mountain. Earl Yao Ji Hao, you should die! Die!"

Ji Hao chuckled while he continued approaching Ju Fu with big steps.

Ji Hao should die? Ju Fu could do nothing but throw jade and crystal pieces at his enemies, if Ji Hao were an ordinary Divine Magus, dealing with Ju Fu might still be a bit difficult. But he was Ji Hao, the special one. Facing Ji Hao, the special ability and great strength of Ju Fu led to no better result than making the former take a few serious glances at him.

How could he be daring enough to say that Ji Hao should die?

Ji Hao took a step forward. He was about to reach Ju Fu, but suddenly, the surrounding environment changed. On the ground, a winding river flew across, while in the sky, nine stars sparkled. A soft yet strong power slowed Ji Hao down, making every step he took extremely difficult.

With a scrawny body and a gloomy face, Kun Peng slowly descended from the sky, smilingly shaking his head at Ji Hao.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, this is He Tu and Lo Shu great formation…Today, you’re going to die in this place."


[1]Lo Shu Square (simplified Chinese: 洛书; traditional Chinese: 洛書 ; literally: Luo (River) Book/Scroll) or the Nine Halls Diagram, often in connection with the Ho Tu (河圖) figure and 8 trigrams, is the unique normal magic square of order three. Lo Shu is part of the legacy of the most ancient Chinese mathematical and divinatory (Yi Jing 易經) traditions, and is an important emblem in Feng Shui (風水, translate as "wind-water"), the art of geomancy concerned with the placement of objects in relation to the flow of qi (氣), 'natural energy'.

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