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Every natural star of this world contained a part of the great Dao.

Back in the golden age of the ancient heaven, a star king lived on each star, controlling the power of the star, and guarding an area of the prehistorical starry void. These star kings were the highest-grade divine Gods in the heaven.

The humankind rose. At first, human beings borrowed powers from powerful ancient creatures. Therefore, being as powerful as those creatures were the highest level that the ancient human beings could reach. Taking the old Fire Crow Clan as an example, after Fire Crow Clan people reached the senior level, according to the traditional cultivation method, they needed to do whatever they could to continuously purify and strengthen their bloodlines and refine their bloodline power, which came from the bloodline of Gold Crow. In the end, Fire Crow Clan people would be able to transform their bodies into three-legged Gold Crows, and attain the ocean-boiling power that belonged to Gold Crows.

Not only the old Fire Crow Clan, the original versions of cultivation methods of all human clans were like that.

Among ancient human beings, some had wisdom and perseverance. They dug into this generation by generation, and finally, they created the cultivation methods for Magus Kings and Divine Magi based on the cultivations methods of Senior Magi.

Absorbing natural powers, choosing spirit stars, strengthening human bodies with star powers, and growing inner spirit stars inside to enhance human bodies...

When a Divine Magus successfully grew eighty-one inner spirit stars, the peak-level would be reached. At this stage, the body of this peak-level Divine Magus would be incomparably strong, and his or her meridians and Magus acupoints would disappear, forming a boundless space inside the body like an inner starry void, to lay a solid foundation for breaking into the level of Supreme Magus.

Nine was a number of extremes. When the eighty-one inner spirit stars divided into nine groups, and the nine stars in each group merged together, a secret magic formation called ‘nine-nine star sealing formation’ would be formed in the body of this Divine Magus.

The eighty-one inner spirit stars would disappear, and the powers of these inner spirit stars would merge with the body of this Divine Magus. Afterward, with the power of inner spirit stars, this Divine Magus would build a connection with the chosen real star in the sky, then bring the real star into his or her body, with the nine-nine star sealing formation.

With a real star contained inside the body, releasing pure pre-historical star power to nourish and strengthen him, the physical strength of this Divine Magus would improve day and night. In addition to that, the nine-nine star sealing formation would send the soul of this Magus into the star, to merge with the star core, which was the most essential part of a star. Thus, the star and the human body would merge completely into one. As long as the star existed, the soul of this Magus would never die, and this Magus would be able to live an immortal life.

With a real star inside the body, a Supreme Magus would be like an ancient star king; with the power of the star, a Supreme Magus could be unimaginably powerful.

Containing a star with a body, merging the soul with the star, living an immortal life and having an inexhaustible power… this was Supreme Mag!

Si Xi was trapped in the illusion created by Boy Chen and could not break out. He was worried about the sub-formation of the ten-thousand dragons water-sealing magic formation in Feather Mountain. Therefore, without having any other choice, he disintegrated his eighty-one inner spirit stars, activated the nine-nine star sealing formation, and chose one from the nine real stars. He dragged it straight into his body, merged his soul with the star core and turned himself into a Supreme Magus.

No power vibration had been releasing from his body. Si Xi was like an ordinary man at the moment, except for the fact that he floated in midair. Without using any power, he floated in the air only because he wanted to. The natural powers gathered simply under his will, holding him in the air.

Looking at that splendid glow released by Boy Chen from a distance, Si Xi’s face turned dark.

"I could have helped Wen Ming for a few more years, till he became powerful enough. Then I would break into Supreme level…Then, You Chong Clan, the Magus Palace and the alliance of the human clan, I could entrust all of it to him."

"But today, I was forced to make the breakthrough…According to the secret agreement of human clans, Supreme Magi are immortal, and are against the nature of human lives. Therefore, as a Supreme Magus, I am no longer a human being! Now, I can do nothing more than protecting human beings behind the scenes, serving as the final line of defense for the humankind. I can’t give Wen Ming more help, not anymore."

Gnashing his teeth, Si Xi said blandly, "You shall all die!"

Human Magi never cultivated their souls. They depended on pure physical strength and strong bodies. But after achieving the level of Supreme Magi, the soul of a Supreme Magus and the core of the star inside his or her body would merge, because of which, a connection would be built between this Magus and all stars in the world. Naturally, this Supreme Magus would attain immeasurable magical powers.

Si Xi closed his eyes and clearly saw Boy Chen and the other monsters looking at this area from a thousand miles away.

While sneering, Si Xi raised a finger and slightly crooked it.

In the sky, the other eight spirit stars of Si Xi dazzled again in the sky. The eight enormous stars slowly rotated in the air, releasing a terrifying pressure.

Inside Si Xi’s body, the star that had merged with him slightly moved, sending a giant stream of star power roaring out like a flood, striking at those monsters through Si Xi’s arm.

The star power stream descended from the sky and struck on Boy Chen’s head, without giving him any chance to dodge.

Boy Chen screamed. The lights and shadows twisted around him, generating countless mirages, mountains, rivers, and cities. Meanwhile, Boy Chen disappeared within these mirages.

However, nine streams of starlight fell down in a row and dispelled all mirages. Along with a howl, Boy Chen was forced to transform back into his original shape. The thick, seven-colored shell of that thousands of meters long clam was closed tightly, while eight streams of starlight struck on it violently. Along with a thunderous bang, Boy Chen’s screams came straight up into the sky. Struck by the starlight, his shining shell dimmed down, and the colorful glowing mist around him dissipated. Then, more than ten thick cracks appeared on the smooth shell, along with eight water-tank-sized holes.

Large streams of crystal clear cold liquid surged out from those cracks and holes. Next, Boy Chen’s body exploded and turned into a strand of colorful mist while drilling into the ground along with a beautiful melody.

From a thousand miles away, Si Xi injured Boy Chen severely with the star power. Boy Chen was completely frightened. As he always believed in the importance of survival, his first reaction was running, running at the highest speed.

The colorful mist drilled into the ground within a blink of an eye, but the ground quaked slightly. With the earth power, Si Xi brought Man Man and the others, who were still in sleep, flashed across the air and instantly moved to the hill where Boy Chen stayed in.

"Run? Through the underground? Who do you think I am?" Si Xi gave a faint smile and then pointed his right forefinger at the earth. He immediately turned the earth within the area radius one-thousand miles into a whole piece of crystal.

Countless dark-yellow divine spell symbols sparkled in the crystal, which was even harder than diamond. The colorful mist floated in the crystal, and no matter how Boy Chen tried, he couldn’t move forward, neither could he draw back.

"What’re you all waiting for?!" Boy Chen struggled for a while, then suddenly shouted out, "Can he possibly let you go?! Do it together! This guy is only a new Supreme Magus. Kill him together!"

Before Boy Chen’s voice faded, Ju Fu roared out and threw out a few pieces of colorful crystal, which thudded against Si Xi’s chest.

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