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A thousand miles away from where Ji Hao fought the group of monsters, in a small valley, Si Xi and the others lied on the ground silently, with their facial expressions changing constantly.

The seven-colored bead that belonged to Boy Chen was a pre-world supreme treasure. The bead had an especially strong hallucinogenic effect, as if it was created especially for the use of Boy Chen. Facing this bead, no matter how strong one was, he or she would fall into the illusion it created, unless they had an even more powerful treasure to protect them, such as Ji Hao’s Pan Gu bell.

The group of people lied on the ground peacefully, and only Si Xi had been twitching from time to time, like a fish without water.

Si Xi’s soul had sunk into a boundless illusion as well. Surrounding him was nothing else but a vast water, as sticky as porridge. No ripple existed on the water surface. However, countless twisted hideous faces had emerged from the water surface, staring at Si Xi with their pale eyes.

Si Xi knew all the owners of those faces. He earned the title of Marquis Chong by treading upon an ocean of corpses, by beheading countless non-humankind beings.

The faces shown on this vast water all belonged to those who were killed directly or indirectly by Si Xi. Yu Clan people, Jia Clan people, Xiu Clan people, dark-kind people, non-humankind slaves, and many human warriors who were enslaved by the non-humankind and had forgotten the names of ancestors, they were all now visible.

Millions of faces on the water surface were lifeless, as they stared at Si Xi straight into the eyes. From the misty air, bitter voices could be heard faintly. These voices were crying, telling their miserable life stories. They shouted and wailed, telling Si Xi that after he killed them, no one could take care of their wives and children and consequently, all of their family members died too.

Some of them asked Si Xi why he was so cruel, so merciless, that in a battle between the humankind and the non-humankind, Si Xi killed every last non-humankind being in a city of the non-humankind, from elderly ones to babies. Nearly two-hundred-thousand non-humankind beings were slaughtered by Si Xi.

And those enslaved human warriors cursed SI Xi for the fact that he was actually coldhearted enough to kill his own kind. They cursed so viciously, saying that Si Xi would die without offspring, and his You Chong Clan would be destroyed sooner or later.

Si Xi silently stood on the water surface. His pair of eyes looked like a pair of pure yellow gemstones, glowing with a bright dark-yellow light. Behind him, a sphere of yellow mist had been rolling, and within the dense mist, eighty-one dazzlingly shining inner spirit stars had been hovering, forming all kinds of patterns. Among these different patterns formed by those stars, an enormous winged bear was roaring towards the sky, seeming to be immensely strong.

Gradually, faintly visible silhouettes emerged from the air. Those were people covered in blood, reaching their hands to Si Xi from distances away.

"You! Why did you kill so many of us?! What did we do wrong? What sin have we done? From old people to children, from men to women, you killed so many of us! Aren’t you ashamed? Don’t you regret? Don’t you feel even a little bit guilty?"

"Si Xi, Marquis Chong Si Xi, you’re a hero of your kind, you’re a great man. But, where was your heart when you ordered to kill woman and children? How could you order your warriors to kill so many innocent people, without being haunted by your conscience? Look at your hands, look at your hands, it’s all blood!"

Si Xi’s hands were clean, but along with these people’ cries, his hands turned red, with sticky and stinking blood flowing down from his palms.

SI Xi finally laughed. He laughed calmly and blandly, "Ignorant souls, why should I waste any time on you? This illusion is quite smart though, but my heart is as solid as a rock. What can this illusion possibly do to me?"

Raising his head, SI Xi looked at the grey sky and said gently, "Hands covered in blood? Indeed, I, Si Xi, have killed countless non-humankind beings, slaughtered countless evil creatures. Even I don’t know how many living beings I have killed."

"However, have I been killing for myself? Have I been killing for no reason?"

"Every living being I killed deserved to die!"

"The ones who offended our humankind, I killed them!"

"The ones who humiliated our humankind, I killed them!"

"The ones who harmed our humankind, I killed them!"

"In this world, I, Si Xi, can kill any living being that is going against the humankind! I, Si Xi, can bear killing any of them!"

"What about elderly ones with white hairs? What about innocent children? You people ate our flesh, drank our blood, peeled off our skins, pulled our tendons, broke our bones and sucked our marrow. You treated us like animals, so you all deserved to die!"

"And you, you forgot about the glories of your ancestors. You betrayed the bloodlines of human beings; you worked for the non-humankind, you obeyed them like dogs. You killed your own kind… You are unforgivable sinners. You deserved death. You…how can you so shameless? How can you be crying to me?"

Abruptly, Si Xi burst with a thunderous growl, "Nothing but illusions! Break!"

Buzz! A strong yellow mist spurted out from Si Xi’s body and tore the air apart like countless yellow daggers, cutting the grey misty water surface into pieces.

In the small valley, a bright yellow light shone from Si Xi’s body. Under his body, a yellow stream of mist hovered up, with eighty-one enormous inner spirit stars spinning in it, surrounding that gigantic winged bear.

The flying bear looked so lifelike as it raised its head, opened its mouth to the sky and took a deep gasp.

High up in the air, in the starry void, nine dark-yellow stars dazzled. At this very moment, the light of these nine stars was even brighter than the sunlight in the daytime.

Moving tracks of these nines stars changed largely. The nine stars flew swiftly in the sky, and the mighty power vibrations they released even came straight to the earth of Midland, quaking countless mountains and hills. Strong earth power rose from deep underground, transforming into yellow-colored, giant dragons, roaring at the nine shining stars in the sky.

Tens of millions of enormous yellow dragons roared thunderously, while the nine stars buzzed rumblingly. All human Magi who had been cultivating themselves with the power of earth heard these nine stars from the deepest areas of their souls.

In the yellow mist coiling around Si Xi’s body, the eighty-one inner spirit stars disintegrated simultaneously, transforming into an incomparably pure earth power that merged with his body.

All of a sudden, Si Xi broke the limit of a peak-level Divine Magus. Quickly, he achieved a breakthrough, then his physical strength began growing… Ten times, hundred times, thousand times…Within a blink of an eye, he reached an immeasurable level.

On his body surface, countless yellow-colored divine symbols had been emerging and disappearing. Meanwhile, inside his body, all meridians and Magus acupoints disappeared, leaving nothing but a boundless space.

Si Xi opened his eyes, fixed those eyes on a star in the starry void, waved his hand at it and gave a growl.


That star descended from the starry void, transformed into a tremendous light cross and roared to Si Xi.

Within a single second, this star disappeared after bursting forth with a dazzling yellow light.

This world now had one less star in the starry void. Yet, inside Si Xi’s body, in that boundless space, a giant star floated in the middle, releasing inexhaustible star power with a nature of earth.

From between Si Xi’s eyebrows, a mountain-shaped divine symbol emerged. He slowly stood up and took a serious glance at where Boy Chen was.

In order to break the illusion, Si Xi broke through the limit of a Divine Magus, merged his body with a real star, and became a Supreme Magus!

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