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The ground folded back together. Thousands of meters deep underground, earth meridians roared like raging dragons. The nearly tangible earth meridian powers transformed into countless fierce-looking beasts, pouncing on Ji Hao from every direction, and making the surrounding rock layers as hard as diamond.

A dreadful pressure came from everywhere, crushing the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell. Under the bell’s protection, Ji Hao remained perfectly unharmed. He looked around, and saw those yellow-colored, hideous beasts transformed from earth meridian powers roar without making any actual sound. Countless yellow divine spell symbols were faintly sparkling inside these beasts’ bodies, spreading that overwhelming pressure.

That pressure was pure, and came from true natural powers without mixing with any power of spirit creatures. The structure of the magic formation formed underground by these earth meridians beasts even looked similar to some magic formations contained in the blueprint of the Heaven and Earth great formation. What happened down here was caused by natural power, instead of any evil magic formation invented by those spirit creatures or monsters or ghosts.

"Lili?" Ji Hao murmured while locking his fingers together, attempting to cast a magic to free himself from this situation. However, the earth powers around him were sealed, as If he was surrounded by iron walls. No matter how much Ji Hao tried, he couldn’t put any earth power to use. Without the help of the surrounding earth power, he surely couldn’t cast the magic, that was supposed to allow him to move freely underground. Ji Hao incanted the spell for a couple of times, but he failed to move even an inch. He was stuck.

"Underground moving magic?" Lili’s hoarse voice came from not so far away. All of a sudden, a large area of rock glowed. The thick rock layer turned transparent like glass, then Lili, who looked like a boar but had mantis claws, looked at Ji Hao coldly through the miles-thick rock layer.

"I am a God of earth, raised by the world itself. I am ruling this land, and only I can control the earth power." said Lili while proudly looking at Ji Hao, "It’s smart for you to try to cast a magic like that, but…It’s useless in front of me, just useless!"

Lili pointed at himself with a claw, and growled proudly, "I am Lili, I am a true God! Earl Yao Ji Hao, you brought disasters to the world. You slaughtered countless living beings, so the Divine Emperor ordered us to kill you and your people!"

Ji Hao was badly confused. He looked at Lili, sneered and said, "I brought disasters to the world? And did you say that you’re a true God? What? Are you joking? The ancient heaven has fallen, so where is this Divine Emperor from? And which kind of true God are you?"

Lili looked at Ji Hao in a serious and confident way. As a boar-like, dark and enormous monster, no matter how hard he tried to act like a serious God, he looked funny and ridiculous. Nevertheless, the power vibration released from Lili was truly immeasurable, like an ocean that contained pure and vast natural powers.

His scale began sparkling with a dark-yellow light, and gradually, his body turned translucent, like a yellow crystal. Through his body, Ji Hao saw a three feet and six inches long, half a foot wide and one-inch thick, purple board floating inside Lili’s head.

The purple board inside Lili’s head was divine and magical. It was covered in embossments of clouds, with countless faintly visible divine palaces. A purple-golden line of ancient divine characters was written on the board vertically. Ji Hao understood ancient divine characters, so he quickly translated this line — ‘Commander of Feather Mountain, a true God of the Earth Department, Lili!’

"A divine talisman from the heaven!" In Ji Hao’s spiritual space, the mysterious man slowly showed up. The round-shaped platform that he normally sat on had disappeared. By now, he sat in the air with crossed legs, as he said to Ji Hao with a deep and strong voice, "It’s true, this thing is really a true God. Feel his power, he should be an original spirit creature God, the first generation!"

An original spirit creature god?

Ji Hao immediately asked the mysterious man what did that mean.

The mysterious man explained it to Ji Hao with simple words.

Back in the ancient heaven, divine Gods were generated by the world itself. They came from the great Dao of nature. As the first generation of true God, these incredibly powerful beings represented the original natural will of this world.

However, in the ancient heaven, there was another kind of Gods, those were the first batch of creatures in this world. After the creation of the world, the original power of Dao merged with these original creatures, and gifted them the greatest divine powers. It enlightened their souls and made them smart. These powerful original creatures were recognized by the ancient heaven as well, and were conferred as true Gods, under the will of the world itself.

These original creatures had fleshy bodies and different shapes. They were pure-blood spirit creatures. Therefore, they were called original spirit creature Gods!

Different original spirit creature Gods married each other and left offsprings. Their bloodlines mixed together, creating many rare and strange species, which were the ancestors of the current spirit creatures.

Standing in front of Ji Hao, Lili had been releasing a pure sense of power. That power of his was completely pre-world, without being stained by any after-world filthiness. The power vibration that came from him was also pure. He was undoubtedly a true God, and became a God in a fair way, under the will of nature. He was not like White Dragon River God, who randomly occupied an area and called himself a God. Therefore, the mysterious man said that Lili was an original spirit creature God, because all features of his proved that truth.

"But, it’s impossible!" Ji Hao was shocked. Didn’t all original spirit creatures Gods fall along with the ancient heaven? Even if a couple of them luckily survived all the great wars, their pure pre-world powers must have been stained by after-world powers already. It was completely impossible for them to stay stainless. But the mysterious man said that Lili didn’t have even a single slice trace of after-world stain on his body.

This was impossible, and neither was it reasonable.

"Under the order of the Black Emperor, I am now killing the evil being, Ji Hao!" Lili growled resonantly. Meanwhile, he raised his pair of claws, and following his moves, the especially sturdy rock layers around him began quaking intensely. Feather Mountain was a great mountain range, that extended for tens of millions of miles. But now, Lili’s power woke it up. All of the natural earth power and mountain power possessed by Feather Mountain surged over through earth meridians and struck on the Pan Gu bell, layer by layer.

The buzzing noise could be heard without an end. The Pan Gu bell was simply shaped, dark, and completely lusterless. As a tremendous power landed on it, from the smooth, undecorated surface of the bell, countless patterns of wind, clouds, thunderbolts, mountains and rivers emerged, looking like the ancient world replaying on the bell.

Among these detailed, complicated patterns, there was a giant, who was surrounded by fire, gale, water and earth power streams, with his arms raised high. He was treading on the ground, his hands reaching to the sky, as he opened his mouth and growled thunderously.

A shockingly strong power surged out of the bell. Next, along with a clear bell ring, the surrounding iron-hard rock layers shattered. Meanwhile, Lili, who was standing in front of Ji Hao, looking at Ji Hao through thick layers of rock, suddenly burst with a howl. Inside his head, that purple divine talisman disintegrated, transformed into a strand of purple smoke, and slowly flew into the Pan Gu bell.

"Even a true god conferred by the world itself shouldn’t attack the remains of Pan Gu." The mysterious man chuckled and said, "Pan Gu was the ancestor of all living beings in this world. He attacked the supreme treasure made with the remains of his old, old ancestor. He showed no respect to his original ancestor, so he should be punished… should be punished!"

Lili vomited blood and curled his body up in the rock while twitching intensively.

He popped out his beady eyes, staring at Ji Hao as if the latter were a true monster from hell. He yelled, "Evil…You, how dare you…hurt a true God?"

The pressure that came from the surrounding rock layers faded away soon. Ji Hao took out the Taiji Creation cauldron, that immediately sent out a stream of mist and wrapped Lili up, dragging him into the cauldron.

After a series of thuds, nothing but tens of dark-yellow blood pills remained in the cauldron, and mountain-like piles of top-grade, yellow-colored magic crystals.

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