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While Boy Chen’s colossal body was twitching intensely, a magnificent rainbow, that could even shake people’ souls, was released from his body, and rose straight into the sky. When the rainbow dissipated, Boy Chen’s real body, which was a giant clam, was gone. Instead, a pink boy, who looked exactly the same as the human figure he created to show Ji Hao, showed up on the hill.

The seven-colored bead was in between the boy’s eyebrows, sparkling with a colorful light, and looking like the third eye.

Boy Chen had been trembling slightly while staring at Ji Hao, as he said word by word, "You killed my only friend!"

Ji Hao raised the Taiji divine sword and said in a completely emotionless tone, "You attempted to kill my friends first, and till now, I don’t know where you sent them. You asked for this!"

Boy Chen’s pair of eye turned colorful and glowing as well. The seven-colored light spun in his eyes and looked like the images in two kaleidoscopes. The sky suddenly became colorful, while the ground turned into a multicolored, waving water. Boy Chen looked at Ji Hao and abruptly began roaring frantically.

"Sure! The weak are the prey of the strong, isn’t this a natural law?! I attempted to kill you, and I will… What’s wrong with that? You lowly, weak human beings…"

Ji Hao immediately interrupted Boy Chen and said, "Do you tend to do things by following the rules of the prehistorical era? If so, isn’t it even more reasonable for Fel’lian King to be killed by me? What did he have except for that silly strength of his?"

Ji Hao smiled and continued scornfully, "Compared to me, the Fei’lian king was the true weakling!"

Boy Chen didn’t know how to respond. He quivered slightly, but couldn’t say anything for quite a while.

The Pan Gu bell rang twice in a row, until a hundred-mile radius crater appeared on the ground. Because of Boy Chen’s weird power, the ground had now been waving like water, and that giant crater was filling with a colorful liquid. On the surface of the waving liquid in the crater, an enormous face silently emerged.

This face stared at Ji Hao, its eyes filled with lifelessness and viciousness.

The thick lips of that enormous face began moving, generated a high-pitched voice and screamed, "Brothers, what’re you waiting for? Together… Kill this kid! Ms. Green Toad! Why’re you hiding?"

The woman with a green dress stood on a mountaintop hundreds of miles away, looking at Ji Hao with a dark face. Hearing the enormous face yelling in the crater, she shouted harshly, "Boy Chen, he killed Fei’lian! Are you trying to get all of us killed too? How can it so easy?"

The seven powerful Chaos monsters just survived a destructive ring of the Pan Gu bell. At the moment, they hid away as well. A scrawny Chaos monster with red hair and green skin showed his teeth, while eyes glowed with a dim blue light. He screamed with an ear-piercing voice, "Boy Chen, Fei’lian King was your best friend, not ours. That idiot…Hm, you want us to kill him together, so why don’t you do it first?"

"This kid is protected by a supreme treasure. I can’t drag him into the illusion! I can only pin him to the ground from the outside. If we truly want to kill him, you guys have to do something!" Boy Chen burst with a hysterical roar.

He leaped in anger and screamed, "Tusk Sandfly King, don’t you forget that we’re on the same side!"

Tusk Sandfly King and the other six Chaos monsters, and Ms. Green Toad, who was now standing a long distance away, laughed out loud together. Tusk Sandfly King opened his large mouth, showed his dagger-sharp teeth, laughed hoarsely and said, "The same side? By Chen, did you forget that we’re all water-kind creatures? You don’t think that we’re all going to be drowned by the flood without you as a boat, do you?"

Ms. Green Toad twisted her slim waist and said with a silvery voice, "Do you want us to work for you? But you’re just not qualified enough. Boy Chen, do something! Actually, Fei’lian King was drunk once, and he told us…Except for creating illusions, you have another ability, to kill, don’t you?"

Boy Chen paused instantly. In shock, he threw a glance at Ms. Green Toad and asked, "Did he really say that?"

Ms. Green Toad and Tusk Sandfly King glanced at each other, then Tusk Sandfly King responded coldly, "He guarded your place for so many years, so he should know pretty much everything about you, shouldn’t he? Was what he said true? Do you truly have a hidden ability? Which means, back then, when we attacked Pan Gu, you didn’t do your best, did you?"

Boy Chen’s facial expression changed quickly, same as the mirages he created.

He twitched his mouth corners, showed a weird smile, then laughed with a hissing voice, "So he told you that… He deserved to die then. I even shed tears for him, what a waste! If I knew he had such a big mouth, I would have killed him myself!"

Ji Hao sighed heavily, sneered at this group of Chaos monsters who had now been doing nothing but arguing, and said, "Did you finish your crap yet? I’m going to start killing!"

Boy Chen snorted coldly and glanced at Tusk Sandfly King and the other Chaos monsters who refused to launch any attack. Abruptly, he screamed out, "Why don’t you do anything?! Why are you still watching?! Aren’t you afraid of the punishment from Black Emperor?!"

‘Black Emperor?’

Ever since the ancient heaven fell, this title hadn’t been mentioned for many centuries. Even in the alliance of human clans, this title only appeared occasionally when elderly people told legends to the children at leisure times.

Who on earth was that ‘Black Emperor’ Boy Chen mentioned? Gong Gong?

"Aw!" A thunderous growl came from a mountaintop a hundred miles away. Abruptly, an enormous ape-shaped monster showed up. This monster was yellow, and had a pair of extremely long arms. The ape raised his arms, clenched his claws and grasped a splendidly glowing, five-colored piece of jade that had multiple edges, and was around hundred meters in radius. The monster quaked his long arms and sent the jade piece out. It crushed the space and created a wave of white air blast, causing a loud popping noise as it struck Ji Hao as fast as a bolt of lightning.

The closer it got to Ji Hao, the smaller this jade piece turned. By the time it reached Ji Hao, it had shrunk to the size of a human fist. However, the power delivered from it and its weight hadn’t changed at all.

The jade piece bumped into the Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell, accurately avoiding touching the bell.

A swishing noise could be heard without an end, as more jade pieces were thrown over one after another, vibrating the Chaos power screen intensely. Yet, they failed to do Ji Hao any harm.

"Ju Fu...It won’t work!"

A boar-like monster that had mantis claws, yellow hair and thick black scales underneath, showed up and said. "Only I can deal with this human being!" yelled this monster.

As this monster pointed at Ji Hao, the ground under Ji Hao’s feet disappeared suddenly, and a bottomless hole appeared on the ground. A strong suction force came from underground, shook Ji Hao’s body, and dragged him down into the hole, along with the Pan Gu bell.

"Remember!" shouted that boar-like monster, "I am Lili, and that is Ju Fu…"

Buzz! Layers of rock around Ji Hao crushed down from all directions.

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