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When the seven silhouettes, with different shapes yet each releasing a dreadfully strong power vibration, rushed up to Ji Hao, the latter had already made the Big Dipper sword steps, and moved behind Fei’lian King as fast as a bolt of thunder.

Extremely high in the sky, three tremendous stars in the colors of black and red were lightened up. Each of them was filled with the desire of killing and destroying. The Taiji divine sword lunged forward swiftly, while three streams of starlight, with multiple edges, poured straight down from the sky.

The starlights roared and transformed into three hideous and fierce beast heads in the air, less than a thousand meters away from the ground. The three streams of starlight struck into the Taiji divine sword. Ji Hao growled deeply, and following his voice, he made the sword move taught by Yu Yu. The power of the sword wrapped the powers of the three fierce stars, with the names of ‘Kill’, ‘Break’ and ‘Wolf’, piercing towards Fei’lian King’s heart from his back in an unstoppable way.

Fei’lian King was still crying for his blade and didn’t pay any attention to Ji Hao’s moves. He didn’t know what the Pan Gu bell was made from, neither did he know how terrifying it was. He launched a full attack, which landed on the Pan Gu bell and generated a bell ring. In the next moment, within the area a hundred miles in radius, the world was destroyed, instantly.

Chaos light lingered on Fei’lian King’s body and sent a destructive power inside. It seemed to turn his muscular body into Chaos as well, same as what happened to those plants and sands and stones.

Fei’lian King was a Chaos monster. He was born in the Chaos, and fed on those chaotic energy tides. His shell was washed by countless, extremely dangerous, enormous energy tides in the Chaos, and was as powerful as an average-level pre-world supreme treasure. He also had an amazing defensive power. However, under the effect of the ring of the Pan Gu bell, Fei’lian King was struck with a heart-breaking pain that made him feel like a tiny bean in a tremendous milestone. He felt that he was going to be crushed into liquid, into ashes, until he ceased to exist in the universe.

His incomparably strong body couldn’t withstand the power of the bell ring. At almost the same moment when the bell ringed, hundreds of long and deep rips appeared on his body. His gigantic and sturdy body was nearly torn into pieces.

Fei’lian King didn’t have a choice. He could only detonate his blade, which was his spirit weapon and forcibly create a tiny crack through the power of the short-lasting ring of Pan Gu bell. In that critical moment; he had also abandoned a strong armor that he found in the Chaos, then finally rushed out from the coverage of the bell ring, with blood spurting out from all over his body.

That armor was also a pre-world treasure, but it was shattered by the bell ring as well. The good thing was Fei’lian King didn’t value that armor too much; he was simply crying for his blade. He made that blade himself with his horn, the strongest part of his body; he cultivated the blade severely for countless years, with incalculable efforts! That blade was his life. He fought with it for so many centuries, and it helped him get through hopeless situations thousands of times! His life, his spirit, all depended on that blade!

His spirit blade was destroyed, and Fei’lian King felt that a large piece of flesh had been sliced off from his heart. It was painful, it truly was. He cried miserably, and even nearly fainted.

Ji Hao took this opportunity, made the sword steps taught by Yu Yu, and flashed behind Fei’lian King. He activated ‘Kill’, ‘Break’, ‘Wolf’, the three fierce stars and let the sword absorb the star powers. Combining the power of Taiji with the powers of the three fierce stars, he lunged his sword at Fei’lian King’s heart.

In the distance, Boy Chen growled hoarsely in a fury, "Are you all dead?! If we lose Fei’lian King, we would have one less old brother!"

The woman with a green dress was not yet recovered from the fright. She glanced at the Pan Gu bell that was floating above Ji Hao’s head, abruptly leaped up and yelled, "I’m out! What Gong Gong promised me is not enough for me to risk my life for him!"

The woman witnessed the whole thing. Fei’lian King stupidly launched a full attack on the Pan Gu bell, generated a bell ring, and almost got himself killed. Fei’lian King had to abandon his spirit blade that he had fought with for countless centuries, to save his own life. But even then, he was still severely injured!

‘Look at those wounds on Fei’lian King’s body!’

These powerful spirit creatures were not like human Magi. They didn’t have strong spirit blood and life-forces to rely on, and weren’t capable of quick self-healing. Once their bodies were wounded, only tons of food and a long-lasting dormancy could help them recover; if any accident happened during the recovering process, they could die at any time!

While yelling and complaining, the woman in a green dress darted away, followed by a series of green light spots.

"Ms. Green Toad! You coldhearted b*tch!"

Meanwhile, the seven silhouettes that showed up just now cast a resonant roar together. Four of them wielded their strangely shaped weapons and pounced on Ji Hao like four violent bolts of thunder, while the other three screamed resonantly, agitating the natural powers around them. Suddenly, dark gusts of wind, blue ice flakes, and green poisonous liquid streams were created, all sent to Ji Hao.

"Welcome!" Ji Hao growled, while the Taiji divine sword cut open the strong skin on Fei’lian King’s back and sank deeply into his body.

The powers of the three fierce stars transformed into three hideous beast heads, roaring inside Fei’lian King’s body, ripping his bones, muscles and internal organs. Ji Hao activated the power of the sword itself as well. The extremely positive power and extremely negative power transformed into a fiery dragon and a dark phoenix and drilled into Fei’lian King’s body, crazily damaging that strong body.

The essence sun fire burned a sizzling noise out of Fei’lian King’s body, and soon, a half of his body turned red, like a shrimp on a hot iron board. Meanwhile, the extremely negative power covered another half of Fei’lian King’s body with thin ice flakes. Wherever the bone-piercing extreme negative power reached, Fei’lian King’s life-force was drained. The frozen half of Fei’lian King’s body was withering and shrinking.

More scarily, the essence sun fire and extreme negative power clashed against each other within Fei’lian King’s body, generating bolts of thunder. At first, those thunderbolts were only as thick as hairs. But, within a blink of an eye, they grew to the size of bowls, and blasted thunderously inside that strong body of Fei’lian King.

Under multiple attacks, Fei’lian King screamed in pain. In addition to all the above, the lighting bolts released from the Taiji divine sword were even fiercer, and had caused terrible damage to Fei’lian King’s body.

A furious roar burst, following which, Fei’lian King’s body began expanding. In a moment, he became a thousands of meters long beetle, which was thickly covered in bronze-colored scales. At first glance, Fei’lian King’s real look was indeed around eighty percent similar to a cockroach.

Ji Hao shouted out and raised the Taiji divine sword. As he prepared to behead Fei’lian King, the attack launched joined handidly by those seven silhouettes had already landed on the Pan Gu bell.

Buzz! The attack generated another short yet especially strong bell ring from the Pan Gu bell.

Chaos light dazzled towards all directions, while all seven of them screamed and teleported themselves to over a million miles away.

However, Fei’lian King was severely wounded and didn’t manage to run. Under Ji Hao’s control, the coverage of the Chaos power delivered by the bell ring this time was concentrated within a radius of merely nine-thousand meters, and had Fei’lian King’s body covered.

This time, Fei’lian King had no more chance to escape.

Following a miserable howl, Fei’lian King’s enormous body suddenly turned into a strand of Chaos power and dissipated quickly.

Boy Chen screamed heartbreakingly in sadness, while tears fell from his eyes like rain.

"Fei’lian!!" shouted Boy Chen.

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