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The Pan Gu bell rang deeply. The tens of meters long giant blade held in that muscular man’s hands started a wave of green-colored, ripping watery light that swept to the surrounding area. The Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell still remained unmoved. Ji Hao stood inside those Chaos power streams, staring at that muscular man with a dark face.

"Fei’lian King! Didn’t you eat your lunch?" Boy Chen taunted viciously, "Or, are you just like those idiots who can only steal leftovers from human beings now?"


Ji Hao paused for a short moment. Didn’t that mean cockroach? This creature was around hundred meters tall in his human shape, which meant he was a hundreds of meters long giant creature in his original shape. He was so enormous that Ji Hao couldn’t connect this muscular man with those normal cockroaches that could be seen everywhere.

The muscular man seemed to discover the doubt in Ji Hao’s eyes. He roared in a deep yet thunderous voice, "I am Fei’lian! Chaos monster, Fei’lian! Boy Chen and the other b*stards, how can you use my noble name on those lowly nasty bugs?!"

Boy Chen smirked, "But your true face really looks like those tiny bugs!"

While speaking, Boy Chen clapped his hands, and instantly, the colorful bead above his head released a splendid stream of light. It reached over like a rainbow and covered the area with a radius of around a hundred miles around Ji Hao.

Things around Ji Hao immediately turned strange, as all twisted scenes kept popping out.

Fire burning in water, stones flying like birds, trees rooted in the clouds in the sky, with crowns drilled into the soil… Mountains were slanting, and from the pools on the ground, drops of water rose into the air. Silver flying fishes were hatching from those flying water drops. These beautiful fishes flapped their wings, which were twice as large as their own bodies, and flew across the sky like a swarm of locusts.

Then, a beautiful, cherry-like pair of lips appeared in the sky. Only the most beautiful woman in the world could have such a pair of lips. This hundred miles wide pair of lips slowly opened, then billions of silver flying fishes flew into this giant mouth, which gulped them all.

The giant mouth seemed to be satisfied and gain its strength. From the snow-white, shining teeth behind those cherry-like lips, a silhouette slowly emerged. That was a strangely attractive, beautiful woman, with dark-green hair and a slim waist. She was wearing a long dark-green dress as she charmingly walked out from between those shining teeth. She flashed across the air, then showed up right before Ji Hao’s face.

Ji Hao silently watched all these inconceivable scenes. These were illusions, these were illusion-like true images created by Boy Chen by twisting the light and shadows within this area with his great power, and that seven-colored bead which was definitely a pre-world supreme treasure.

Illusions created by Boy Chen could directly affect the souls of living beings, to trap his targets in those unreal illusions. However, what he had been creating at the moment were called ‘real visions’. These supernatural scenes indeed happened before Ji Hao’s eyes. No matter what power Boy Chen used to create them, these visions were from truly happened events. These visions were real and unreal. Whether Ji Hao used his physical eyes or his spirit power, these visions seemed to be real to him.

Boy Chen’s face turned slightly pale. Obviously, creating these ‘real visions’ required some solid efforts, even to him. It was far less easy than creating those illusions that he used for attacking Si Xi and the others just now.

Ji Hao looked around vigilantly. Those visions he saw had gone far beyond his imaginations already. That giant mouth had disappeared, but the beautiful woman who walked out from the glow of those teeth was standing right in front of him. She was face to face with Ji Hao, looking at him through the meters thick layer of Chaos power released from the bell.

The woman smiled elegantly, then asked with a gentle voice, "Earl Yao Ji Hao?"

Ji Hao remained silent, while giving a glance at Fei’lian King.

That muscular guy had his eyes narrowed, gripping the hilt of his giant blade, wielding and causing a loud swishing noise. Sharp airstreams stirred up by the blade screamed to tens of miles away, leaving hundreds of deep ditches on the ground.

"Ah, don’t worry about this big guy!" The woman with a green dress smiled, threw a sideway glance at Fei’lian King, and continued in that soft and gentle voice, "He has nothing but strength. Oh, the blade of his is transformed from his horn, and is quite sharp. Beyond that, he was nothing special."

Giving a charming grin, the woman slowly carried on, "His brain is not working well. He survived to the present day by working for Boy Chen, guarding Boy Chen’s place. Otherwise, as such a silly being, he would have been enslaved by someone else as a mount, or simply been turned into ashes long ago."

Before Ji Hao said anything, the woman laughed, "Ah, no, no, no one would take him as a mount. His true face is too, too ugly. That kind of tiny bug…Hehe, which one of those famous powerful beings would be willing to sit on a bug?"

Fei’lian King snorted coldly, then all of a sudden leaped into the sky and reached thousands of meters high instantly. Then, he flashed down like a shooting star and launched a violent hack on the Pan Gu bell.

The power delivered by this hack was immeasurable, because Ji Hao clearly saw that, Fei’lian King’s blade had torn the space apart and left a thousands of meters long, hundreds of meters wide, black crack above his head.

Buzz! The Pan Gu bell suffered another fierce attack, yet, it remained unmoved, while nothing but a slight ripple was stirred up from the Chaos power streams it generated. On the surface of the bell, that embossment of the giant dimly sparkled, while the bell absorbed the power delivered by this strong hack entirely. Before Ji Hao activated the power of the bell, the Pan Gu bell had already transformed this powerful hack launched by Fei’lian King into a bell ring.


Fei’lian King was apparently much more strengthful than Ji Hao. Bell rings generated by Ji Hao could reach to ten meters far at most, but this hack launched by Fei’lian King sent the bell ring to every corner of the entire area, with a radius of ten miles.

A dim Chaos light sparkled, while all plants, sand, stones, rocks and animals within this area collapsed, as well as the time and space.

The earth power, water power, fire power, wind power, all natural powers in this area had disappeared. Everything was sent back to Chaos, as if the world was never created.

The woman with a green dress was frightened. Her beautiful face suddenly twisted while she screamed in a fury, as is she had just seen a real ghost. While shouting hysterically, she flashed a hundred miles away. But even though she ran pretty fast, her left arm was still touched by the Chaos light, and silently, her left forearm disappeared from below her left elbow. The wound was as smooth as a mirror, without shedding a single drop of blood.

"Fei’lian King! You brainless b*stard!"

The woman cursed furiously, while Boy Chen screamed in a startle as well.

Fei’lian King howled in pain, as hundreds of extremely deep and long slashes appeared on his body, with blood surging out in raging streams. Staggeringly, he rushed out from the coverage of the Chaos light.

Heartbreakingly, Fei’lian King had two lines of hot tears gushing out of his eye sockets, as he cried, "My blade! my blade! my blade!!!"

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Seven more silhouettes dashed out from all kinds of supernatural scenes, and circled Ji Hao up.

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