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Most of Eastern Wasteland Clans inherited the powers of powerful ancient birds of prey, with the natures of wind, thunder or lightning.

The power of wind was invisible and immeasurable, the power of thunder was violent and destructive, and the power of lightning was sharp and swift. Because of these powers, the arrows released by Eastern Wasteland archers were always incredibly powerful and unstoppable.

Yi Tian roared towards the sky while his thunder wings sizzled in the sky and dragged him three hundred meters away. The second wave of arrows released by Feng Xing brushed his body once again. Apparently, Yi Tian was protected by an invisible layer of thunder forcefield, because whenever the arrows brushed him, dazzling bolts of thunder would burst.

Before Feng Xing reached his height, Yi Tian had already pulled open his longbow, which was wrapped in eye-piercing thunderbolts. He turned around and released an arrow towards Feng Xing.

Feng Xing’s arrows screamed up like a storm, while Yi Tian’s arrows roared down like a hammer strike made by the thunder God, violent and dreadful. Once Yi Tian’s arrows were sent out by the string of his bow, those sparkling arrows would immediately turn into water-tank-size spheres of thunderbolts, striking at Feng Xing’s chest with long dazzling tails.

The cyan hurricane wings flapped airily, allowing Feng Xing to nimbly move in the sky. When Yi Tian moved, thunderbolts blasted loudly. But when Feng Xing moved, he was as quiet as a ghost. Thin shreds of afterimages were left in the air like the shadows of ghosts. Without a great eyesight, one could never see where Feng Xing really was.

The strong thunder arrow shattered tens of shreds of afterimages left by Feng Xing in a row, but at last, it failed to touch even a hair of Feng Xing, and ended up stuck in the ground. The thunder arrow exploded, and sent up a raging flame from the ground. It opened up a, hundreds of meters wide, thousands of meters deep hole before the gate of Tushan Palace.

Scorching hot steam puffing out from the hole, as even the earth in the hole was burned into lava by those sizzling thunderbolts.

Feng Xing dodged that thunder arrow, after which his divine bow buzzed. An overwhelming wave of golden arrows was sent to Yi Tian. Every golden arrow was around three meters long, but was wrapped in a fierce, cyan-colored gale, leaving a long white trace in the sky. Along with shrill swishing noises, those golden arrows surrounded Yi Tian from all directions.

Yi Tian’s thunder wings vibrated intensely, and each time those wings vibrated, a bright sphere of thunderbolt would burst from his body. Then, he would suddenly move hundreds of meters away. He was like a flea, leaping around in the sky, and every time he disappeared, and before he reappeared, three to five thunder arrows would be released towards Feng Xing.

Afterimages left by Feng Xing could be seen all over the sky. The loud swishing noise made by Feng Xing had covered the sizzling thunder blasting noise caused by Yi Tian. He carefully dodged those thunder arrows while attacking Yi Tian at his highest speed.

Both of them were swift, and were masters of archery. They both had their unique ways to dodge attacks, and even though they both looked in great danger of getting killed by the arrows of their enemies at any time, in fact, after a quarter of an hour of the intense fight, both of them remained perfectly unharmed.

Yi Tian was much more powerful than Feng Xing, who had just stepped into the level of Divine Magus with the help of the linden seed from Priest Mu, and had just managed to grow half an inner spirit star inside his body. However, Feng Xing was way too fast, added with the pair of boots made by Yu Yu, which improved his moving speed by over a hundred times; he was as fast as a bolt of lightning. Yi Tian had tried his best, but he couldn't do anything to Feng Xing.

All people who were watching the fight clearly saw that Feng Xing was less powerful than Yi Tian, but he was at least three times faster and more flexible than Yi Tian. For a fight between Eastern Wasteland archers, speed was the most important thing. As long as one was fast enough, even if one were much weaker than the enemy, the latter wouldn’t be able to cause any harm.

Yi Tian roared in anger. Abruptly, he yelled at Feng Xing, "Yi Feng, you lowly b*stard, do you remember your married sister? When I slaughtered her entire family, she was pregnant already. I cut open her belly myself…"

Feng Xing suddenly burst with a shrill long shout, that sounded like the howl of a lonely, wounded wolf. Afterimages that almost covered the sky disappeared, and left Feng Xing floating in the midair.

"Yi Tian, do you dare to take an arrow battle against me?" Feng Xing growled in a hoarse voice. His wings disappeared suddenly, as he had sent all his power into his divine bow and generated a nearly tangible golden long arrow, humming on the bowstring.

The so-called arrow battle was crueler than an arrow fight, and needed the archers to be fearless to death.

In an arrow fight, the archers could still dodge. They still had the chance to show all kinds of great skills they had. Once, two master archers from Eastern Wasteland both remained unharmed after an intense arrow fight that lasted for whole ten days, and this was a glorious experience for both of them.

But an arrow battle was different. In an arrow battle, the archers were not allowed to run or dodge, and they had to fight by risking their lives.

From a certain distance away, both sides of the battle had to give up on any chance of dodging or running, while attacking each other with their strongest arrows, for three times, ten times or a hundred times as agreed. They were not allowed to dodge, and they could only take the arrows launched by their enemies with their bodies.

If they could take it, they would survive.

If they failed to take it, they would die!

Only for a bone-deep hatred that may never be washed off would an archer suggest starting an arrow battle, which would possibly lead to death. Feng Xing’s whole family was slaughtered by Yi Tian and his people, so he had enough reasons to do an arrow fight against Yi Tian.

"Ha!" Yi Tian folded his thunder wings, flashed across the air, and stood in front of Feng Xing. Sneering, he looked at Feng Xing coldly, nodded and responded with a frigid tone, "Good, you’re a lowly b*stard, but you are indeed a brave b*stard…It’s just… hehe, hehe!"

Murmuring a few words, Yi Tian suddenly burst with a thunderous growl.

From behind Feng Xing, less than two miles away from him, an Eastern Wasteland elderly man who had white hair and was wearing a tight feather armor, abruptly appeared while holding a long black bow. The elderly man pulled the bow open silently, with three six feet long arrows on the string. Without making even the slightest noise, the three arrows transformed into three dark beams of light, flying towards Feng Xing.

Man Man, Shaosi, Yemo Shanye all saw the elderly man under Yi Tian’s command sneakily attack Feng Xing, but they didn’t have the time to remind Feng Xing.

At this tense moment, Taisi, who seemed to be confused all the time, suddenly raised his head and pointed his finger at Feng Xing.

The three beams of dark light pierced into Feng Xing’s body. One penetrated his head, one penetrated his heart, and the last one went through his lower belly. While these three black feather arrows inside the three vital body parts of Feng Xing were about to explode, the magic cast by Taisi worked.

Feng Xing’s body was blurred, then suddenly being moved two hundred meters away.

What Taisi did wasn't too magical. He had simply moved Feng Xing to where he was in second ago.

From far away, Ji Hao, who had just embarrassed Gong Gong, dashed over like a bolt of thunder. Seeing that white hair elderly man sneakily attack Feng Xing in such an evil and nasty way, and almost killed Feng Xing, Ji Hao was totally enraged. He flashed across the air and showed up beside the elderly man while swinging the Taiji divine sword. An arc-shaped beam of light was left in the air, while the sword edge sliced across the elderly man’s neck.

Yi Tian was laughing loud when the head of that elderly man flew towards him, along with splashes of blood.

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