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In front of Buzhou Mountain, Ji Hao trod on clouds and slowly rose into the sky. Before his face, Buzhou Mountain rose from underground inch by inch.

This part of Buzhou Mountain was buried in the earth of Midland for countless years, and was wrapped in thick layers of dirt and sand. At the moment Ji Hao pulled it up from the ground, it made large pieces of rocks fall off from it, smashing down from the sky, as if the sky had broken. The ground was shaking slightly. Countless thin cracks appeared on the earth around the mountain, with large streams of earth power surging out, transforming into colorful light streams, and coiling around the mountain.

Back then, Spirit Wa, Donggong, Ximu, Priest Netherworld, Priest Dachi, and Priest Qing Wei combined their powers to melt the collapsed part of Buzhou Mountain. But still, Ji Hao suffered a great pressure by watching it, that even made him feel hard to breathe. But today, it was much easier than the last time. The remaining part of the mountain was nearly ten times larger than the collapsed part, but it was swallowed by the Taiji Creation cauldron quite easily, section by section.

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man showed up. Standing on that large round plate, his eyes shone with a dark-blue light while strong streams of Chaos power swished around his body. Added with his sturdy body which seemed to be immeasurably tall and strong, he looked just a pillar of the world, standing in Ji Hao’s spiritual space, which was now hundreds of times wider than before.

"This treasure followed me for so many years." Said the mysterious man while lowering his head and looking at the round plate under his feet, seeming to be reluctant to part with it, "It followed me till the last…Some pieces of it had been seen as supreme treasures by mortal people…However, following me… is such a waste of it."

The mysterious man reached out his pair of hands, slowly and unhurriedly made the four moves on the plate-like platform. Sky-opening, earth-splicing, everything-grow, everything-perish. At last, the four moves were combined into one, then he silently locked his fingers together and made a fifth move.

As this powerful and mysterious move was made, the platform under his feet suddenly collapsed and transformed into countless streams of light, merging into his locked fingers like birds flying back into the forest.

A thunderous noise could be heard without an end. The remaining part of Sky Pillar had already been swallowed up by the Taiji Creation cauldron, leaving a bottomlessly deep sinkhole on the ground. A strong earth power was released from the hole that even shook Gong Gong’s face, which was condensed from dark clouds, and had still been silently roaring in the sky.

"Melt!" Ji Hao gave a deep shout, then heavily slapped his both hands on the cauldron.

The cauldron had just expanded to tens of millions of miles in radius, but following Ji Hao’s voice, it shrunk at an amazing rate. Ji Hao didn’t notice that along with this heavy slap he made, the light streams transformed from the round platform that used to be resting under the mysterious man’s feet, all flew into the Taiji Creation cauldron. None of those powerful human beings, who had been watching Ji Hao with their great powers, noticed that either.

A magical light emitted from the cauldron, and what came next was thunder. A faintly sensible, strange power of Dao emerged in the world. Visibly, a white sound wave spread out from around the cauldron, then along with a bell ring, another sound wave was sent out to all directions.

Nine bell rings were heard in a row, after which, an indescribable light of Chaos was released from the cauldron. From within it, a simple-shaped large bell slowly rose from the cauldron. This bell was surrounded by the power of Chaos, and on its surface was an embossment of a giant holding a world with his hands.

"A bell?" Ji Hao raised his head and asked in surprise, "I haven’t yet to decide what type of spirit treasure I want!"

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man had disappeared already. Only his voice came slowly out from the dense mist, "That’s it, call it Pan Gu bell. This name is not bad. After all, it’s made from Pan Gu’s spine."

Ji Hao didn’t know what the mysterious man did, but all of a sudden, he felt that his heart began drumming and his body began trembling. A mouthful of blood was squeezed out of his mouth and spread on that more than three meters tall, heavy and thick Pan Gu bell.

A slight bell ring quaked the entire world slightly. Meanwhile, a stream of Chaos power rose from the bell. Above Ji Hao’s head, a red sun was spinning. The bell slowly merged with the red sun, floating in the middle of the sun like a sunspot.

No process was needed, Ji Hao and Pan Gu bell naturally shared the same mind and heart. He felt that this bell was a part of his body, such that he could clearly sense it, and knew every deep secret of it.

‘A bell rings, all turns to Chaos!’

Pan Gu bell didn’t have any special functions or powers. It couldn’t twist the time or break the space. The only thing it could do was sending everything in the world back to Chaos, destroying everything. No matter time or space, Yin or Yang, the sun, the moons or the stars, the mountains or the rivers, once Pan Gu bell released its power, everything would cease to exist, and return to Chaos.

Pan Gu bell was able to turn everything in the world to Chaos, which meant, it could suppress all natural powers. With this bell floating above Ji Hao’s head, nothing would be able to harm Ji Hao, even if the whole world was turned back into Chaos.

However, at this stage, Ji Hao could do no more than triggering the defensive power of Pan Gu bell, enabling it to suppress all kinds of natural powers. He wasn’t powerful enough to trigger the destructive power of the bell at the moment. Probably because of the mysterious man, the bell and Ji Hao were perfectly intertwined and connected. Pan Gu bell was like a new arm of Ji Hao, and he could feel it and easily control it with his mind!

The only problem was that Ji Hao’s body was a body of a human being, while Pan Gu bell was like an arm of an ancient giant! With Ji Hao’s current tiny body, he couldn’t trigger the full-power of the bell. When he tolled the bell with all of his strength, the bell rings he created only managed to go to ten-meter far.

In other words, if Ji Hao toll Pan Gu bell as hard as he could, within the area ten-meter radius around the bell, everything could be destroyed and turned back into Chaos. Even Supreme-level powerful beings could be careless and be killed by him!

But ten meters in radius, this striking range was just ‘amazing’, that brought Ji Hao a complicated feeling.

"Old man, is this the real spirit treasure of mine, the one you mentioned before? It’s indeed powerful, but, why isn't it working well with me?"

The mysterious man didn’t respond, but after a long while, he slowly said, "If is bell is made merely from Buzhou Mountain. You can indeed freely use it, as easily as using your own arms…It’s just that, I was excited, so I added something to it. Therefore, the result is quite unexpected."

Pausing for a second, he continued excitedly, "But, it’s really a good piece, a hundred times better than what I planned to give you. Turning everything back to Chaos and suppressing all natural powers, including the Chaos power, are only its basic functions. You’ll understand when you’re powerful enough."

Hearing this confusing explanation, Ji Hao asked further questions, but the mysterious man chose to stay silent, without spouting another word.

Under the enormous dark cloud face of Gong Gong, tens of large-shaped Northern Wasteland water-kind spirit creatures stood on watery clouds, floating in the sky. They were looking down at Ji Hao while pointing at him, whispering to each other.

Ji Hao gave a cold smile, then the golden bridge suddenly dazzled out from between his eyebrows and allowed him to flash across the air and appear right before the faces of these spirit creatures. Pan Gu bell rose from the red sun, then Ji Hao punched on the bell with all his strength.

A bell ring could be heard within ten meters around the bell, and within this area, all of the powerful water-kind spirit creatures disappeared.

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