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Chapter 393 - Mysterious Empire

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

[Heaven Pillar Spear]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +20, Constitution +20, Agility +20, Description: Originally the Legendary grade Piercing Snake Spear, the spear fused with the Heaven Pillar General Star's power and became a General Armament, the Heaven Pillar Spear.

The Heaven Pillar Spear had fairly well-rounded stats, potentially because of the nature of the Heaven Pillar Star itself. At the same time, the Heaven Pillar Spear had six special effects, and the first five were the same as the other General Armaments.

Zhao Fu was somewhat curious about the 'Soldier Aura Formation' - Bai Qi's was an eagle, Wang Jian's was a tiger, and Wei Liao's was a wolf, so he couldn't help but wonder what Meng Tian's would be.

Zhao Fu then looked at the Heaven Pillar Spear's sixth effect:

[Balanced Soldier]: Soldiers receive large boosts to attack, defense, speed, recovery, and skill resistance.

The Heaven Pillar Spear's sixth effect gave soldiers boosts in all areas, making them quite balanced and suitable for all sorts of battles. No matter what sort of military profession or being they were against, they would have great resistances.

Even though the sixth effect wasn't as powerful or destructive as the sixth effect of the other Stars, it was quite balanced and comprehensive, so Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with it.

The Heaven Pillar Spear looked quite noble and seemed to be made out of jade. There was also a Flood Dragon engraved on it. Its spearhead gave off an icy light and seemed to be incredibly sharp.

After looking at the Heaven Pillar Spear, Zhao Fu returned it to Meng Tian. Now, Great Qin had four General Armaments, all of which were quite powerful. They would greatly help in battles, and Zhao Fu wanted as many as possible.

However, General Armaments required Soldier Souls, which were quite rare. Only powerful soldiers who had died would leave behind such things, and it took even Great Qin a long time to gather 100 Soldier Souls.

At the same time, Zhao Fu started to feel great anticipation towards King Armaments, which he would be able to fuse after obtaining 24 General Armaments.

"Your Majesty, each General Armament can increase the purity of Great Qin's Fate," Xianru exclaimed after detecting the changes in Great Qin's Fate.

"Oh?" Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, and after sensing Great Qin's Fate, he found that it had indeed become purer. The purer the Fate was the better - the Fate itself would become stronger and denser, making it more difficult to scatter.

"Let's go!" Zhao Fu smiled - this General Armament would be quite useful. After returning to the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu found that there wasn't much for him to do, so he went to a small creek and took out the One World Rod as he started to cultivate.

A few hours later, his cultivation was interrupted by Li Wen, who reported, "Your Majesty, our team finished exploring one of the passages and discovered a historical remnant."

"A historical remnant?" When he heard this, Zhao Fu opened his eyes - every historical remnant contained great benefits, especially those that contained legacies. Zhao Fu had always felt that the underground region wasn't simple, so he stood up and made the One World Rod become the Royal Wood Sword.

Zhao Fu walked forwards, and Li Wen followed behind him as Zhao Fu asked, "What's the historical remnant like? Has anyone gone in to explore it yet?"

Li Wen explained that after giving the 100 Soldier Souls to Zhao Fu, he had returned to the underground region and opened up a new passage. He had never thought that there would be a historical remnant within it.

Li Wen had already sent a few people to explore it, and he found that there wasn't any danger within. After that, he came to report to Zhao Fu.

Soon, Zhao Fu arrived at the underground region. At the start, they had blocked off the thousand or so passages for safety reasons, and after such a long time, they had already explored 100 or so.

Zhao Fu followed Li Wen into a passage, which was just as dark and eerie as the other ones, giving him chills.

Li Wen and Zhao Fu walked until they reached a large area, which was where the exploration team was waiting. Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, they immediately respectfully bowed as they called out, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded before looking at this historical remnant.

This historical remnant was about three kilometers wide, and there were all sorts of structures within it. Even though the historical remnant was incredibly old and ruined, one could guess that it was a manufacturing workshop as opposed to a residential area.

The ground was covered by a thick layer of dust, and their surroundings were deathly silent to the point that it was terrifying. There were many skeletons on the ground wearing incredibly tattered clothing. The skeletons here hadn't turned into Undead, so they weren't dangerous.

After Zhao Fu walked in, Li Wen and the team followed behind him. Zhao Fu carefully looked around him as he walked, and after reaching the center, he hadn't detected any danger.

Here, Zhao Fu found a picture of a dragon with golden wings - this place was most likely related to that mysterious empire. Zhao Fu had always felt quite curious about that mysterious empire, as any empire with the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation would definitely be quite extraordinary.

It was a pity that Zhao Fu didn't know what the dragon picture was or what empire it represented even with the information from God Kerr.

Putting that empire aside, Zhao Fu wondered what this workshop was used for. He ordered his people to carefully look around to see if they could find anything.

Ten minutes later, a soldier reported, "Your Majesty! This subordinate found a spatial ring on one of the skeletons."

The ring that the soldier brought over was gray and didn't have any light, and it even had a few cracks in it. It had been corroded by the passage of time and seemed like it would break soon.

Zhao Fu looked inside the spatial ring and found a few pieces of clothes, a few tools, a blueprint, and a book.

Zhao Fu ignored the clothes and tools because they were quite ordinary, and he took out the book.

Zhao Fu scanned through the book and saw that it was very archaic writing that he couldn't understand. Just as he was about to give up reading it, he remembered that this language was in the information he had obtained from God Kerr.

With this knowledge, Zhao Fu looked through the book curiously, and his face immediately went pale - Great Qin was in great danger!

Chapter 392 - Heaven-Defying Method

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Meng Tian held the Piercing Snake Spear and threw the ten Divine Soldier Souls into the air as they formed a circle with Meng Tian at the center.

After floating into the air, the Divine Soldier Souls gave off bright white lights and became larger and larger, and the aura they gave off became more powerful as they gave off a powerful sense of suppression in the surrounding ten-kilometer radius area.

Finally, the ten Divine Soldier Souls turned into ten massive orbs of light, and the ten images of soldiers within them melted like snow and turned into a traces of violet aura.


An explosion sounded out, causing the entire sky to shake. The ten gigantic orbs of light seemed to call out of each other as the traces of violet aura trembled within them, and a formless energy spread out.

Immediately, the heavens and the earth seemed to dim as dark clouds gathered. A wild gale started to blow as trees trembled, and sand and rocks were blown about as if a catastrophe was about to descend.

A black protective shield with dragon inscriptions on it appeared around Zhao Fu and Xianru, blocking off the terrifying wind.


A massive explosion sounded out, making it seem as if the sky was going to shatter. A violet star appeared, giving off a brilliant light and an ocean-like aura as it slowly descended.

At that moment, countless ability users and espers came outside and looked in that familiar direction, the direction of the descending violet star. None of them could contain their shock.

Countless Legatees also sighed as they looked at this star. This was another General Star returning, and without even thinking about it, they knew that it was Great Qin. There was no other faction that could cause a General Star to return so quickly in the north.

The many factions in the northern side of the Midland Continent once again felt terrified - Great Qin had conquered another Legatee not too long ago, and now another General Star had returned - this greatly pressured them and made them feel quite anxious.

Back at Great Qin, after the gigantic violet star descended, Meng Tian raised the Piercing Snake Spear in his hand and pointed it at the sky as he roared, giving off a powerful aura. The ground beneath him cracked as traces of silver aura rose up from his body.


Arcs of silver lightning appeared around Meng Tian as a silver pillar of light rushed up into the sky and collided with the violet star. The violet star trembled and started to turn silver.

At that moment, countless people felt that something was off and looked quite surprised - they realized that this wasn't a General Star but one of the 36 Heavenly Spirit Stars. But how could a Heavenly Spirit Star cause such terrifying abnormal signs?

"Your Majesty, what's going on? Even Xianru looked quite confused.

Zhao Fu looked at the silver star and also didn't quite understand what was happening, so he could only reply, "Just wait and see!"

When she heard this, Xianru once again turned her gaze to the silver star in the sky.

After the violet star in the sky gradually became fully silver, it gave off a bright silver light and an incredibly firm aura.

"Hah!!" At that moment, Meng Tian felt as if there was something coming out of his body, and he roared as countless blood-red traces of aura exploded out. The ground beneath his feet caved in even more.


Lightning bolts started to descend from the sky, bringing with them a destructive aura. People's hair stood on end, and everyone felt a sense of fear.

Suddenly, the entire sky trembled as a silver star and three black stars slowly descended from the sky. The aura that the four stars gave off seemed almost corporeal, and it weighed down on countless creatures' bodies.

The ability users and espers were completely dumbfounded, and they had no idea what was going on - why had four General Stars appeared?

The original silver star was much bigger than the other ones, and the second biggest was the other silver star. The three black stars, the Early Spirit Stars, were the smallest.

As everyone stared in shock, all of the other stars started to move towards the biggest star before fusing with it.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The lightning strikes became more intense, and it was as if they wanted to destroy everything. The lightning strikes blasted open ten meter wide craters when hitting the ground. These lightning bolts struck fear into everyone's hearts, making everyone tremble.

Evidently, the fusion was defying the Heaven's will, resulting in such a terrifying abnormal sign.

The lightning bolts were gathered around Meng Tian, and the lightning bolts that were as thick as legs continuously smashed into the ground. Those who had come to watch retreated far away, and only Zhao Fu and Xianru were still nearby.

Zhao Fu sustained his King's Domain with all of his strength, blocking the incoming lightning bolts. Because of this, Xianru was able to stay here as well.

Meng Tian was covered by a silver and blood-red aura of flame, which dissipated the lightning that came close. Otherwise, Meng Tian would have been in great danger.

The stars continued to fuse together as a trace of an azure light appeared. Afterward, the azure light became brighter and brighter. After the stars fused together, the result was a massive azure-colored star.

This massive azure star gave off a bright starlight that shined on the earth, causing the dark clouds to dissipate. The azure light contained within it a feeling of clarity.

No one had expected Great Qin to be able to use such a heaven-defying method to fuse together a General Star - this General Star was the Heaven Pillar Star.

The Heaven Pillar Star represented honesty, chivalry, and righteousness, and it was a cooperative General Star. It wasn't as chaotic and violent as the Seven Murders, Army Destroyer, and Voracious Wolf Stars, and it instead had the firm power to support a nation.

An azure pillar of starlight fell on Meng Tian's body, and under this light, slight changes started to happen to his body. His aura became more and more powerful as the silver and blood-red auras started to disappear and were replaced by an azure aura.

The azure pillar of starlight gradually became smaller, and the spear that Meng Tian raised looked as if it was made of jade. The words 'Heaven Pillar' had been inscribed on it.

Finally, the pillar of starlight completely disappeared, and the azure star gradually faded as the abnormal signs also disappeared, causing the surroundings to calm down.

Zhao Fu dispelled his King's Domain and looked at the blackened ground, destroyed trees, and fragmented boulders. Luckily, they were quite far away from the Great Qin City, or the city would have suffered a lot of damage.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the fusing of these stars would form another General Star. Even though it wasn't the Seven Murders Star, Army Destroyer Star, or Voracious Wolf Star, the Heaven Pillar Star was still a very good star.

After Meng Tian recovered, Zhao Fu asked for his spear and looked at its stats.

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