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At this moment, Li Yunmu clearly hadn't opened any flux points completely, neither was he in the battle sage entrancement state, just relying on the battle soldier equipment to amplify his battle strength.

He was still vividly displaying the Violent Blade, Leap Strike, Arrow Evasion, Insect Step, these type of foundation skills. Although they would appear to be low-grade battle skills, how could others understand the enormous potential and combat results achieved due to these foundation skills produced by the system, which he had to comprehend on his own.

However, it was because of these unglamorous foundation skills that allowed Li Yunmu, by himself, to forcefully occupying nearly half the battle contribution score of the whole squad.

"We were mistaken, this person has unexpectedly turned out to be a battle genius. He is supporting the entire Big Bear Battle Squad just by relying on these trash battle skills."

"Yiiii, why do I feel like the blade skill used by him has many similarities with the Violent Blade used by that Li Yun?"

"What a joke, under the assault of Li Yun's Violent Blade, even the armoured soldier Ba Xiong was chopped into pieces and the Cross-Shaped Tyrannical Arm Skill of Tang Ruochen was broken, how could this guy's ability compare to Li Yun's Violent Blade Skill."

"You're mistaken, this is indeed the Violent Blade Skill, that terrifying blade skill used by Li Yun at the dimensional battlefield. However, this Li Yunmu only has some superficial understanding of this Violent Blade Skill. You see, his maximum limit is only six strikes with this skill."

"Could it be that he is Li Yun's fellow disciple or perhaps his brother? He could surprisingly also use Li Yun's Violent Blade Skill, no wonder Lucky Wind City's ranking is rising so quickly."

Until now, everyone had many contradictory views regarding Lucky Wind City's abnormal data, but the emergence of Li Yunmu, who was linked with the fierce newcomer, Li Yun, silenced many of these people.

Senior Tang An was gobsmacked while watching Li Yunmu go on his killing spree, he had even surpassed Ling Shuang's battle contribution. Now, Tang An finally realized that perhaps this guy was really speaking the truth and wasn't just shooting his mouth at that time. Seeing Li Yunmu's set of skills combined with the terrifying Violent Blade Skill, Tang An realized he had indeed gone blind at that time.

By this time, Big Bear Battle Squad's second day of training had ended. The number of monsters they killed today was even more frightening compared to yesterday. Altogether, they had killed close to 1000 dwarf witches and destroyed around more than 10 dwarf witch tribes.

As for Li Yunmu's battle contribution percentage, because of entering the indescribable battle sage entrancement state, he had surpassed all of them by a large margin at the later stage of the day and had obtained a 36% battle contribution. Although it still wasn't as high as the first day, it was already a frightening number.

Ling Shuang was still ranked second, however, her battle contribution today had gone down by a lot, she only had a 20% battle contribution. The third was Li Daxiong with 17%, followed by crooked teeth Qiang with 15% and finally was Ke Wen, four-eyed brother thin, with 12%. He didn't have the same surname as Ling Shuang as Ling Shuang had taken her mother's surname.

This time, their earnings were also comparatively higher. After killing 1000 monsters, they had received 10 contribution points. Li Yunmu had followed his earlier choice to convert it all into money, big Xiong immediately laughed and transferred 36,000 dimensional coins to his account. If yesterday's amount was added to it, the money that has been deposited in Li Yunmu's account had already surpassed 70,000 dimensional coins, more than his father Li Zhongmin's lifetime savings.

Apart from this, today, they had also obtained a total of sixteen flux energy crystals, three more compared to yesterday. With his battle contribution, Li Yunmu had received a total of six crystals. If this generous harvest was made public, then today, countless other fluxers would go green with envy.

However, for Li Yunmu himself, this couldn't be counted as anything. After today's fight, he had clearly realized that battling monsters while restricting himself was just a waste for someone like him who possessed the hack machine.

If not for the fluxer's guild strict rule that no one must leave their respective battle squad during their first training expedition, he would have gone solo long ago.

"System, this can't continue for long, could I only waste time when I am together with others and remain unable to use the hack machine?"

After returning to the fortress, Li Yunmu raised his worries towards the system, communicating in his mind.

Presently, he had three problems in front of him:

Firstly, he could not casually take out the main computer from his storage badge in front of other people and directly start the hack. This was a very grave problem, if he continued like this, the system's secret might be revealed to the whole world and disaster would fall upon him.

Secondly, while hacking, he also could not appear in front of others because during that time, he had no shadow. If someone told him that he won't attract suspicion from others even without a shadow, then even a ghost wouldn't believe that person.

Finally, the third problem was that if the shadow appeared in front of someone while automatically hacking and killing monsters or perhaps it was revealed in front of others during the daytime, then what could he do?

When he was using the hack at District Garden, the shadow was very small in size. Moreover, he either used it very late at night or camouflaged it under the cover of black painted objects and frequently went deep inside the grass, making it very difficult for others to spot it. Thus Li Yunmu didn't have to worry about the risk of it being discovered by others.

But now, after entering the other dimension, the shadow's strength had been completely synchronized with him and thus the shadow wouldn't reduce in size anymore, becoming a big problem for Li Yunmu now.

[Reminder, for the second and the third problem, the system proposes that host treat the shadow as a result of using some flux cultivation battle skill. As long as, others believe that the shadow is some kind of monster summoned by the host, then the above two problems will be solved.]

[As for the first problem, if the host is willing to offer 100 space elements to upgrade the intelligence grade of the system, then it will completely solve the problem of inconvenience caused by the main computer. At that time, the system will directly project the hack controls within the host's consciousness sea.]

"What? System, you mean that with only 100 space elements, you can also be upgraded? Moreover, it will also solve the problem of the inconvenience of the main computer?"

This time, Li Yunmu was even more surprised:

"Surprisingly, there is also such a function? System, why didn't you inform me about it earlier?"

[On the lower left corner of the hack system, there is a configuration option pertaining to the system. All the procedures for upgrading the system could be found there. The host just hadn't discovered it by himself, that's all.]

The system ejected another notification in Li Yunmu's mind.

Li Yunmu immediately opened up the main computer and sure enough…...the system's information was correct. On the left side corner, there was indeed a small wheel-shaped icon. He clicked on it and sure enough, there were the functions for the system's upgrade.

In addition to the above, there were also marginal notes which explained things in detail. The higher the system's intelligent grade, the more perfect the abilities of the Super Shadow Hack System becomes. After the system gets upgraded to the fifth level, even a function to run scripts would appear in the system.

With the function to enter scripts, when the time comes, Li Yunmu could program a hack script and completely customize it for himself!

After the system attains the state where it doesn't need anyone to command it all the time, as long as the script was sufficiently edited.

Not only could the shadow continue with the hack, it could also automatically engage in battles with fluxers, long-range scouting, transmitting information and making calls, tracking and even infiltrate cities to kill people and other such covert assignments.

In short, with a perfect script to make it independent, the shadow's abilities would far exceed the present where it could only engage in shadow hack to kill monsters.

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