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Chapter 1608: Chapter 1608 - Ratfolk
Chapter 1608 Ratfolk

The woman sat at the entrance and held a green fruit that was as big as a fist and took large bites out of it, feeling quite happy . It was the first time she had eaten such delicious fruits before .

Soon, she heard her mother’s suppressed voice, but she sounded quite happy . The little girl wondered why her mother was so happy and yet was suppressing her voice .

Zhao Fu the little girl felt quite curious as she peeked through the crack in the door . She saw her mother and that incredibly kind big brother hugging together without any clothes on .

The little girl did not understand but her face instinctively became red and felt quite embarrassed . Seeing how happy her mother looked, it probably wasn’t anything bad, so she did not pay it much mind and started happily eating her fruits again .

An hour later, the woman’s face was red as she panted within Zhao Fu’s embrace . Zhao Fu hugged her as he smiled and said, “Leave this place with me; I’ll take care of you and give you a much better life . ”

The woman lightly shook her head, “Sir, I want to wait for my husband; he said that he’ll definitely be back . However, I want you to take my daughter – staying by my side will just make her suffer, and I’m unable to properly take care of her . ”

Zhao Fu frowned as he said, “He hasn’t returned for three years and might have died outside . Is it worth it for you to continue waiting like this? What if he never comes back? Will you wait until you die?”

The woman smiled as she resolutely nodded, “He is my husband so I naturally will wait for him, no matter how long it takes . ”

Zhao Fu felt quite dissatisfied as he stretched out a hand and lifted up her face and asked, “Then what I am to you?”

The woman’s face became red as she said softly, “You’re my master; my body and heart already belong to you . ”

Only then did Zhao Fu satisfiedly laugh, “You have to leave with me; I don’t feel at ease with you staying here at all . Also, I can help you look for your husband, which is much better than you just waiting here . ’

Hearing this, the woman thought about it before smiling and agreeing, “Thank you, master . Also, Xiao Ming has been waiting outside for a while now; let’s put on our clothes and have her come back in . ”

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a wicked smile as he said, “So early? I haven’t enjoyed your body enough; let her wait for a bit longer . ”

The woman’s face became red as she said, “Master, I’ll properly serve you later, alright?”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and agreed in the end .

Following this, the little girl came in and seeing her mother with an incredibly red face, she smiled and leapt into the woman’s embrace .

When she heard that Zhao Fu was going to bring her and her mother away from here, the little girl became even happier . Even though she had not known Zhao Fu for long, she liked him very much because no outsider had treated her so well before .

The beautiful woman’s name was Shu Su and the little girl was called Shu Ming .

Zhao Fu walked around with the mother and daughter and bought various things for them . Now that they were dressed in new clothes, they looked even prettier than before .

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Shu Ming was incredibly happy, and she had never been so happy before . She held Zhao Fu’s hand with one hand and her mother’s hand with the other as she skipped about, looking incredibly cute .

Following this, Zhao Fu brought the mother and daughter to a wooden building . Since Zhao Fu had said that he would try to help Shu Su find her husband, he would naturally do so . This was a place for gathering information and finding people .

The person who received Zhao Fu was a Ratfolk elder, and Zhao Fu had Shu Su tell the Ratfolk elder about her husband .

Soon, the Ratfolk elder came back with a pile of documents and gave them to Zhao Fu, which was incredibly fast .

Zhao Fu glanced through the documents before giving them to Shu Su, and after looking through them, Shu Su could not help but quietly weep .

Shu Ming felt quite uncomfortable and asked, “What’s wrong, mother? Why are you crying?”

The documents stated that Shu Su’s husband was not dead, and instead he had married into a rich woman’s household to live a good life . He had abandoned them, which was why he had not come back .

Now, Shu Su’s love towards him had completely died . She had never thought that the man who she had been waiting for would treat her and her daughter like this .

Zhao Fu brought Shu Su into his embrace and smiled as he said, “Do you want me to teach him a lesson for you?”

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Shu Su shook her head and said, “There’s no need for that . Since he has decided to abandon us, I won’t feel any obligation towards him nor will I want anything to do with him . Master, I’m willing to leave with you and serve you for the rest of my life . ”

Zhao Fu hugged her as he said, “In actuality, I’m still going to go because I want that family’s Clan Armament . ”

In the course of investigating Shu Su’s husband, he had also gained information about the family he had married into, and he found that they had a Clan Armament called the Rat Spirit Jade .

It was said that the Rat Spirit Jade was condensed from the pure bloodlines of one million Ratfolk, and it had powerful Ratfolk energy . If Zhao Fu could obtain this, he would be able to obtain a Ratfolk totem .

Zhao Fu brought the mother and daughter to where the family was, and he spent about one day traveling there .

Zhao Fu brought Shu Su as she wanted to see her husband one last time to cut off ties .

As for their daughter Shu Ming, she did not want to bring her as Shu Ming had not heard anything about her father for a long time . Since he did not want them, it was better to have Shu Ming completely forget about him and follow Zhao Fu .

Within a restaurant, a handsome and luxuriously-dressed Ratfolk man was somewhat drunk and walked out with a few guards .

He was Shu Ming’s father, Shu Chang . Three years ago, when he had been journeying, he had met the big miss of this large family . Seeing that he could obtain wealth and immense power, he did all he could to join that family .

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Even though the big miss had a very unruly and spoiled personality, Shu Chang’s life now was hundreds of times better than before . He could spend money as he wished and everyone treated him with great courtesy . No one dared to talk back to him, and he was no longer a lowly Ratfolk person .

As for his wife and daughter, he had long since forgotten them, nor could he let this family know, as it would be very detrimental to him .

Zhao Fu hugged Shu Su and appeared in front of Shu Chang . Seeing Shu Su, Shu Chang’s eyes widened and he no longer felt drunk . He looked quite panicked and tried to hide, and he glanced at Zhao Fu before walking in a different direction .

Shu Su expected this and did not feel bad, and she instead felt relief . She leaned against Zhao Fu and felt that she quite liked Zhao Fu .

Zhao Fu looked at Shu Chang’s back and said, “I want to have a chat with them; I’m sure you don’t want others to know about this . ”

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