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"So the blood serums might have something to do with the plague?" asked Mo Fan.

"We'll know very soon, after a little investigation. I've stolen an ID card as your disguise to sneak into the vault. White Town has been in lockdown since the outbreak, so nothing is allowed to be transported in and out. I bet the defective blood serums are still somewhere in the town," said Lingling.

"It's time for the Clearsky Hunter Agency to serve justice today!" Mo Fan was excited.

The blood serums were kept in a military supplies courtyard. Since Mo Fan had the ID card, he simply strutted into the place.

Mo Fan clearly remembered that the place was heavily guarded when he first came to White Town, but since the invasion of the White Magic Falcons, many of the guards had been sent to the frontline instead.

The infiltration was fairly easy. Mo Fan soon observed people in white coats moving boxes from the vaults where the blood serums were kept.

"Many people were injured in the front line. We've been sent here to collect the blood serums. Since you've got a whole vault of them here, why are you stopping us from taking them!" snapped a soldier who pointed his finger at the guards in white coats close to the vaults.

"I've already told you. There isn't any blood serum here. Someone has already transported them to the front line!" a guard in a white coat responded firmly.

"Do you think I'm blind? I've been a medic in the military for many years, and you're assuming that I can't recognize the blood serums? Is someone planning to take advantage of the precarious situation to earn a huge profit when the White Magic Falcons is invading us?" snapped the soldier righteously.

"Enough with the slander, we're merely following our orders," said the guard, embarassed.

"Humph, order my ass. You pricks are unbelievable, hoarding important supplies to yourself. I will now take all the blood serums in the vaults, and see if anyone dares to confront I, Commander Ming Kuo. Soldiers, take all the blood serums from the vaults!" A man with a black beard stepped forward. His badges alone revealed his identity as a Commander.

The guards in white coats were initially bold and confident, but their confidence quickly shattered when they saw a Commander was involved.

Commander Ming Kuo was ruthless. He led the Battlemages and kicked the doors of the vaults open.

As soon as the doors flung open, bottles of blood serums perfectly lined up on the racks in the vaults. The blood inside the containers showed a unique gloss under the light.

"And you're telling me these aren't blood serums!" snapped Commander Ming Kuo furiously.

"Those..." The guards pull a long face.

"Shut up, I'll turn you into ashes if you speak a word more. Our soldiers are in the midst of a bloodbath at the frontline, while pricks like you were hoarding the supplies!" yelled Commander Ming Kuo.

The guards did not dare to speak further, apart from one who seemed to be medical personnel, "It's fine if you're planning to take them, but may I give the Vice Elder of the Magic Court, Wang Yi, a heads-up? These supplies belonged to the Magic Associations and the Enforcement Union, so we still have to follow procedures..."

"Trying to scare me off with a Vice Elder of the Magic Court?" Commander Ming Kuo uttered a disdainful laugh.

He waved his hand signaling his men to take the supplies away, leaving no room of discussion to the medical personnel.

The Battlemages had come in numbers. Although there were quite a number of guards there, they would not dare to oppose the army. They simply stood there exchanging glances with one another as the boxes of blood serums were carried away…


The medical personnel wore a gloomy face. He quickly pulled out his phone and dialed a number. His panicked reaction was a clear indication that something had gone wrong.

"Vice Elder of the Magic Court, Wang Yi?" Mo Fan's lips curled upward. He had obtained a useful piece of information.

It was obvious that there was something wrong with the blood serums. Otherwise, why would they want to stop them from being taken away? The front line was currently under heavy attack, thus it only made sense that supplies like these were sent there straight away.

Mo Fan was currently disguising himself as a medic, too. When he saw Commander Ming Kuo's people taking the blood serums, he quickly approached them.

"Commander, please wait," called Mo Fan.

"Who are you? Are you trying to stop me with some big names too?" ridiculed Commander Ming Kuo.

"No, not at all. I have a few soldiers injured, and yet I was unable to find any blood serums in the town. I was planning to take some from here, when I saw your people taking them away," said Mo Fan.

Commander Ming Kuo glanced at Mo Fan, before looking at his proof of identity and confirmed that he was from the army, too. He waved his hand and ordered one of his men to give Mo Fan a box of the blood serums.

Mo Fan expressed his gratitude, and just as he was about to pay the money, Commander Ming Kuo waved his hand and said, "Don't worry about it. We're all risking our lives for the city."

A box of blood serums was rather costly. Commander Ming Kuo's words had plucked the strings in Mo Fan's heart. It turned out that he was a true soldier who cared about the city, even though his way of taking the supplies was rather rude…


Mo Fan immediately left the courtyard after obtaining the box of blood serums.

Lingling was waiting at the same spot. Her mouth opened wide when she saw Mo Fan carrying the box toward her.

"Take your time with them, and see if there's anything wrong..." Mo Fan handed the box of blood serums to Lingling.

Lingling was an expert with medicines. She could analyze the components of the blood serums with simple equipment, but she just needed some time.

"Have you found anything else?" asked Lingling.

"Do you know the Vice Elder of the Magic Court, Wang Yi?" asked Mo Fan.

The medical personnel had mentioned his name to stop the Commander, thus it was possible that he was the person keeping the blood serums inside the vaults!

"My sister should know," Lingling quickly called Leng Qing with the information.

Leng Qing went silent for quite a long time with heavy breathing.

"Seems like we're getting real close to the truth behind the plague," said Leng Qing in a grim voice.

"What should we do now?" asked Mo Fan.

"Mo Fan, Lingling, head over to West Fortress. Track the blood serums down, I believe the truth is rising to the surface real soon!" said Leng Qing.

"Got it, we'll go now!" Mo Fan nodded.

Things were getting really interesting. Soon, they would know who was responsible for the plague!

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