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Chapter 2215: Live a Good Life Outside

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Xia Qingyang said softly, “Who knows how he’s gonna be like after six years? Perhaps he’d find someone new after a year, or even a month into your sentence. After six years, he’d be married to someone else.

“What are you going to do then? Find him? Ask him why he didn’t keep his promise?” Xia Qingyang scoffed. “Promises are b*llshit!”

Xia Qingyang fumed. “When I married Lu Qiyuan, that jerk, his marriage promises included no betrayal and loving me for life! Which of this did he hold true?

“Yes, we did covet his assets first, but if he’d remained married to me, isn’t what’s mine his as well? Lu Qiyuan never treated us as family.”

“Mom, it’s useless saying these now,” Lu Qi said urgently. “If I don’t take the blame, what are we going to do? I’ve told you, nothing would happen to the He family. If we three had an internal quarrel, the He family can make us both go to jail while He Zhengbai goes scot-free.

“Is taking the blame purely for He Zhengbai’s sake?” Lu Qi said. “Do you think I’m hare-brained? Why would I take the blame for He Zhengbai! I’m doing it for you!

“How can I not be clear about He Zhengbai as a person after being with him for so long? I know He Zhengbai like you know Dad. I’ve never hoped He Zhengbai would wait six years for me.”

“You… you…” Xia Qingyang was stunned.

Lu Qi took a deep breath. “I volunteered so the He family will at least save you. At least, we have a good relationship with the He family right now. I help protect their son, and if anything happens in the future, they’d be willing to protect you as long as it’s nothing too serious.

“Like I said, I’m still young. Six years in jail and I’ll only be 30 when I get out. I’m young and healthy, I can cope with prison life—unlike you. At your age, can you even stand a year in jail, much less six?”

“Six years, blink and it’s over. I’ll be out very soon. Lawyer Huang said that pleading innocence is impossible now. But he can help lessen the sentence as much as possible. I’ll plead with Dad too. I’m still his daughter. We’ll see if he’ll withdraw his charge.”

“And you’ll believe his words? Now, your dad’s eyes only see Jiang Yujie, that hussy! If he saw you as his daughter, he wouldn’t have sued you!”

Lu Qi was silent for while before sniffing. “I’ll just go to jail, then.

“Mom, after I’m in there, live a good life outside. Don’t be rash next time,” Lu Qi said, tears streaming down her face.

Xia Qingyang had started crying long ago.

“You always got the short end of the stick because you’re too impulsive. When you defeated Xia Qingwei, you weren’t rash. Because you had nothing then and had to be extra careful. In the future, I will not be there to help you anymore, and Dad’s got a new love, so you’ll have nothing once again.

“So, become that careful, cautious woman again, and don’t be impulsive anymore. Change that habit, and you can achieve anything. Just think of before, of how you succeeded, and you will do it again in the future.”

Lu Qi gripped Xia Qingyang’s hand tightly. “I can’t help you from inside, but at least, since I’m helping the He family this way, you could go to them should anything happen and you need help. They’ll aid you.”

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