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Published at 17th of September 2020 03:15:05 AM
Chapter 1295: 1295

Chapter 1295: Was That Fool Trying to Confess to Him?

It’s rather funny hearing a fool calling someone else foolish .

She was such a goofball, yet she dared to call someone else goofy .

Han Zhuoling’s eyes shone with a rare smile . His crinkling eye corners softened his whole aura .

The slight lift on the corners of his mouth also made him look less stern .

A pity Shi Xiaoya had her eyes closed in frustration, therefore missing the change on Han Zhuoling .

When she finally opened her eyes, she dared not lift her head and her face was flushed red . “Sorry for the interruption!”

When she was done, she almost wanted to bow to Han Zhuoling .

Fortunately, she thought that that move was too wimpy, so she gritted her teeth and rushed past Han Zhuoling with her head lowered .

She was gone like the wind . Han Zhuoling merely blinked and she had already disappeared from sight .

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Haha, he bumped into a goofball today .

But… was that fool trying to confess to him?

Han Zhuoling rubbed his chin . He never expected that he would gain a young lady’s fancy when he’d just returned from abroad .

Interesting .

Han Zhuoling chuckled and shook his head before reverting back to his usual stern self .

Luckily, Shi Xiaoya could still find her way back . She returned to her seat with her head kept low .

Cris did not notice at first, still preoccupied with his conversation .

He realized she was keeping her head bowed only when he turned back to look at her .

“What is it? Why is your head so low?” Cris asked curiously .

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Shi Xiaoya was still yet to recover from her embarrassment .

Frankly, she had never been so abashed in her life before .

Cris saw that she refused to lift her head nor reply to him after repeatedly trying to get her attention, and he was beginning to get worried . “Xiaoya, what’s wrong? Did someone bully you?”

Seeing that her head was still lowered, Cris assumed that she was crying and began to get anxious . “What happened?”

“Aiya, it’s nothing . ” Shi Xiaoya saw that he was mistaken and looked up .

Seeing that she wasn’t crying and nor did she look bullied, Cris let out a sigh of relief and relaxed .

“Why is your face so red?” Cris asked curiously .

Shi Xiaoya covered her face . “It’s fine, I just did something really embarrassing just now . ”

Cris raised his brow in interest . “What embarrassing thing? Tell this brother of yours so I can have a laugh over it . ”

“Sheesh!” Shi Xiaoya pushed him aside .

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When Han Zhuoling saw Shi Xiaoya and Cris “flirting” with each other as he entered the room, his face darkened before he returned to his seat .

Han Zhuoli had seen that Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei was still with Lu Man so he never went over .

Just then, he saw Han Zhuoling walking over with a grim expression, like he wasn’t happy about something .

Both of them arrived right after each other . What could have upset Han Zhuoling?

“Big Brother?” Han Zhuoli called out uncertainly .

“It’s nothing,” Han Zhuoling said as he glanced coolly towards Shi Xiaoya’s direction .

She and Cris were sitting together and talking . Though they stopped play-fighting, the way they spoke to each other displayed the closeness and good chemistry between them .

Over at Lu Man’s side, Wang Juhuai sat at the side waiting for a young actor named Li Zhengqin, who was supposed to be here, to come over .

Seeing that Wang Juhuai was sitting on his seat, the young actor was both flustered and flattered .

Probably feeling more flattered, since it was Wang Juhuai who was sitting at his place!

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Others wanted to chat with Wang Juhuai but had no idea how to approach him .

Wasn’t this an opportunity for him?

Li Zhengqin hurried over . “Hello, Mr . Wang, hello! I’m Li Zhengqin . Never thought that I would bump into you here tonight, it’s such an honor . ”

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