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1175 Take a Good Look!

The assistant lowered his head, not daring to make a sound.

Shi Yang rarely lost his temper, but the current situation before him showed that he was furious.

After thinking for a moment, Shi Yang said, “You…”

As soon as he started to speak, his phone suddenly rang.

Shi Yang took a look, and his eyes narrowed slightly. It was a call from the office of the National Art Association.

He paused for a few seconds before finally answering the call.

“Hello,” he said.

“Vice President Shi.” A young voice came from the other end. Chairman Mei has called for an impromptu meeting. It will be held at four o ‘clock this afternoon.

Shi Yang looked at the time. It was just past three o’clock.

It was really ‘impromptu’.

Mei Yanqing was not in the habit of holding such a meeting throughout the year, so it was obvious that there had to be a reason.

As one of the Vice Presidents of the National Art Association, Shi Yang had no reason to refuse, especially when the call had come directly to him without going through his assistant.

“I see. I’ll be there on time. Thank you,” he said.

Then, he ended the call.

The assistant looked over nervously.

“Mr. Shi Yang, this is…”

“Get the car ready, we’re going to the National Art Association.”

Shi Yang spoke in a low voice.

The assistant’s heart jumped.

It was not unusual to go to the National Art Association, but why did it have to be at this time? It was really too sudden.

However, Shi Yang had already spoken, so he could only lower his head and say, “Alright.”

At the National Art Association.

When Shi Yang arrived, many familiar cars were already parked in front of the National Art Association’s building.

This meeting was being held very suddenly. But, because Mei Yanqing was in charge, almost everyone in the National Art Association who could attend was present.

When Shi Yang got out of the car, the people passing by greeted him.

“Vice President Shi.”

Shi Yang nodded.

Someone could not help but ask, “Vice President Shi, what’s the purpose of this meeting? Elder Mei has been recuperating for more than a year, so he basically doesn’t bother much about the affairs of the National Art Association anymore. Today, however, he seems to be in such a hurry.”

Shi Yang gave a faint smile as he shook his head.

“I also received notice of it at the last minute, so I’m not too sure either.”

Hearing him say this, the other people around looked at each other and did not ask further any further questions.

They had almost forgotten that Mei Yanqing did not like Shi Yang very much. That was probably why he had not known about it.

Regardless, Shi Yang was still the vice chairman.

Shi Yang did not seem to feel embarrassed. Instead, he gave a gentle smile and said, “It’s almost time, let’s go.”

After he finished speaking, he took the lead and walked forward.

The rest of the people quickly followed.

With Mei Yanqing’s temper, they would really suffer if they were late!

The meeting was being held in the conference room on the third floor.

The door had been left ajar. Shi Yang walked to the door and rested his hand on the handle, pausing for a moment.

Then, he pushed the door open–

In an instant, everyone in the conference room looked over.

Shi Yang looked up and saw Mei Yanqing, who was sitting at the head of the oval conference table.

Mei Yanqing’s status was extremely high, and he had an extremely strong aura. Without even needing to say anything, he already exuded a sense of oppression just by sitting there. That subconsciously made people respect him.

Yu Pingchuan was sitting on his left.

He was also the Vice President of the National Art Association, so it was not a problem for him to sit here.

The important point was the person who was sitting next to Yu Pingchuan…

Shen Li.

She sat there, looking very calm. When she looked up, her peach blossom-shaped eyes were dark and calm, without a single ripple of emotion.

Shi Yang paused and smiled faintly.

“I was almost late.”

He spoke as he walked in.

There was a nameplate on the conference table which showed that his seat had been arranged to the right of Mei Yanqing.

His position was opposite Yu Pingchuan.

“Elder Mei.”

He went to his seat and greeted Mei Yanqing before taking his seat.

Mei Yanqing did not say anything, merely behaving extremely coldly to him.

However, he had always been like this, so no one not took it to heart.

Apart from Shen Li, who among those present had not been scolded by him before?

Being able to sit here now was already something that everyone was already thanking the heavens and earth for.

The people behind Shi Yang walked in one after another and sat down in their own seats.

Since Mei Yanqing did not open his mouth, no one in the meeting room dared to say anything. The huge meeting room was deathly silent.

Several people secretly exchanged glances, only to find that no one knew what this meeting was about.

The long that this went on, the more nervous everyone was. Even a fool could see that today’s matter was not simple.

By four o ‘clock sharp, everyone was present.

Any one of the people sitting in the conference room was considered a well-known figure in the country’s painting world.

However, at this moment, all of them tacitly restrained their temper and waited quietly.

Mei Yanqing looked around.

“Since you’re all here, I won’t go through any formalities. There’s a reason that I’m holding this meeting at such short notice.”

Everyone looked over at him.

Mei Yanqing said, “Someone reported that Tao Siwen has colluded with the internal members of the National Art Association to produce and sell fake paintings for illegal profit, and earning an astonishing amount. At present, the police have already obtained some evidence and are continuing to investigate.”

This post was like a stone that caused a thousand ripples!

It was just a simple sentence, but the amount of information it contained shocked everyone on the spot!

“Tao Siwen?”

“A fake painting? Does this mean that someone in the National Art Association has been cooperating with him?”

” An astonishing amount? How much was it? ”

At this point, everyone understood that this matter with Tao Siwen was definitely not simple.

Otherwise, Mei Yanqing would not have been alerted.

Shen Li looked up at Shi Yang as she listend to the discussion.

She frowned slightly, as if she was also shocked by the news.

Mei Yanqing said coldly, “From abroad to this country, there is a complete production and sales chain. The scale is huge and the involvement is wide.

As he spoke, he suddenly picked up a stack of documents on the table in front of him and threw them down.


The entire meeting room fell silent.

Mei Yanqing summarized the contents of the documents.

“This is a summary of the gallery, exhibition hall, and auction houses in the country that have displayed fake paintings in the past three years. The asterisks behind the names indicate the places that have worked with the National Art Association before. Just how high is this ratio? Take a good look for yourself!”

As he spoke, he threw the thing to Shi Yang.

“Shi Yang, I’ll start with you!”

In the dead silence, Shi Yang unhurriedly took the file.

“Alright,” he said.

He flipped to the first page as he replied.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

The air seemed to have frozen, and the temperature dropped to freezing point.

At this moment, it felt as if even breathing seemed to be wrong.

As Shi Yang read through the pages, the flow of time seemed to slow down.

Finally, he finished reading the last page and closed the file.

Then, he passed it to the person sitting next to him, who quickly flipped through it.

Other than the sound of pages flipping, there was no other sound in the conference hall.

Every minute and every second became so unbearable.

Finally, the information was passed to Shen Li.

She flipped it open and saw that One Gallery had been listed on the first page together with her work “Seventeenth Night”.

In addition to her painting, a similar situation had actually happened twice at Orange Gallery.

Shi Yang’s usual gentle expression faded greatly, and he frowned slightly.

“It looks like there’s indeed a problem with the National Art Association.”

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