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Chapter 158 (Three-Tailed Fox)

A group of people transpassed through the Silver Moon Forest, everyone would normally give us respect after seeing we were the Green Veggies family, however, the equipment on me made a few people’s mouth watery, but ultimately they had to give up such a bold idea since we had strength in numbers.

After walking for nearly an hour, Xu Lin pointed to the dark forest in front and said: “We have to defeat two monsters today, one is the wolf king in the forest, the other is the tiger king boss lateral to the forest.

“Wow, sounds like entering a zoo.” Xin Yu chortled, Xu Lin immediately glared at her and said: “Be serious…”

Xin Yu stuck out her tongue, pulled my hand and whispered in my ears “Lin Fan, recently Sister Lin has been racking her brains to get a certificate to build a guild, I was thinking, isn’t she having endocrine disorders?”

I quickly covered her mouth: “Fool, do you want to get killed, we are both finished if she heard us!”

Xin Yu gave me an apologetic look, and then said: “Why does Sister Lin want to build a guild so much?”

“Probably to prove something…” That was the answer I came up with after absorbed in thought for a second.

“Prove what?”

“I don’t know, but she’s headstrong and impulsive, always eager to do well in everything.”

Xin Yu was slightly surprised and asked: “You are talking about ambition?”

I hesitated for a moment, and nodded my head: “Most likely.”

Night falls in the quiet forest,  as the dew condensed at an unimaginable speed, Xin Yu’s dark blue cloak tightly affixed onto her delicate shoulders, the upturned curve of her hips was exposed instantly, luckily we were walking at the end of the line, so no one saw this nose spurting scene.

I reached out my hand to help Xin Yu to stretch back the cloak a bit, this little action made her look full of joy, she almost leaned her entire body on me.

Xu Lin suddenly turned her head to look at us, with a smile she said: “Boss is right ahead, level 60 golden boss, there are no minions spawning nearby, Lin Fan, Xin Yu, you two go and lure it out, everyone maintains your formation.

Warriors supposed to tank the frontline so Xin Yu and I separated from the crowd and came to the forefront, the forest was like a dark hole, couldn’t see anything, Xin obviously wasn’t a bold person, she pushed me, and said: “You go first, I will be on the look-out~!”

I took a look at her helplessly, only to see her innocent expression, as if me entering was perfectly justified.

No way out, I could only bite the bullet and stepped into this dark forest, a thick bloody smell came by, followed by a burst of ice-cold wind, I involuntarily silvered, and drew out Blood-Red Sword.

A line of sight suddenly lit up, the Blood-Red Sword released a brilliant red ray, this forest gave off a more eerie sensation after it was lightened.

“Damn, why does this feel like a horror film!” I whispered curse, as an oppressive roar responded to my voice.

A red shadow suddenly leaped out from the forest at a full speed,  my reaction was immediately astonished by it, one person and a beast started to roll out of the forest on the spot.

“Goodfella, this appearance was quite remarkable!” Xin Yu gave off an irresponsible speech on the side.

Xu Lin gave off the order with an excitement: “Attack~!”

Several shock arrows simultaneously hit the beast in my arms, this moment I was finally able to see, this turned out to be a red fox!

【Three-Tailed Fox 】(Golden BOSS)




I quickly retreated back a few steps,  then vigorously used the ice sealing slash to strike at it, the fox boss was immediately frozen, I went back to Xu Lin and said: “Sister Lin, who gave you this info? is this the legendary wolf boss?”

Xu Lin responded with some awkwardness: “Probably misjudged, my friend was killed instantly, so there wasn’t a chance to take a close look.”

I am amazed, as I looked at my own HP, just a moment ago I sustained a blow from the boss, but only about 300 Hp dropped, is 835 defense really this powerful?

It was quite obvious, Xu Lin often went to boss hunting with this group of people, otherwise their coordination wouldn’t be this close, half of these people already surpassed level 40, a few fighters had pretty good  equipment, over half were geared up with blue grades equipment, so the battle wasn’t too difficult, besides me, every other warrior only had to take around a thousand damage, with Lu Xuehan’s healing ability, this battle was more than enough, not to mention there were other high-level priests.

Nearly half an hour later, boss’s HP was left with a few bars, Xu Lin said with a smile: ” come on, everyone, shoulders to the wheel, equipment drops from boss will be sold for gold, everyone will get a fair share, if it’s a guild certificate, then we will build a guild immediately, and compete with Romantic World and World of Friendship!”

Public feeling was aroused, the poor little fox was immediately finished off, equipment and items cashed out on the ground.

Xin Yu immediately ran over, picked up everything one by one, then Xin Yu turned her head and said: “One level 45 purple grade shield, three 40ish blue grade equipment, and around 500 gold coins, no guild certificate.”

Xu Lin exposed a disappointed expression right away, she gritted her teeth and said: “Keep on it, knock out the Tiger king as well, there has to be a guild certificate somewhere!”

Thus we continued toward the next target without any complaints, Xin Yu walking along Xu Lin asked: “Sister Lin, do you really want to sell this purple grade shield, this has extreme quality over 200 defense, Guozi already reached level 45, it can come in handy for her.”

Xu Lin took a look at Guozi who’s fooling around with JOLY, she hesitated for a moment and responded: “then you can go hand it to her, I hope she can be part of the main force!”

Xin Yu happily went to deliver the equipment, Xu Lin whispered to me: “It seems like you want to say something,  is there anything on your mind that you can’t tell?”

I nodded, frankly said: “I think it wasn’t easy for you to gather all these people, you should definitely give them some merits, look at these people, not everyone has blue grade equipment, if you really sell the shield then everyone can get a piece of it, you can draw them to your side.”

Xu Lin smiled and said: “We are on the same page, but since Xin Yu already gave her thought, then there’s no reason to let her down, and Guozi is one of our own, giving to her won’t matter much, if you were in my position, wouldn’t you do the same?”

I gave off an undeniable smile: “Come on, it’s almost noon, and my stomach is a little hungry…”

Spent nearly half an hour, we walked through that forest, each and every one of the leaves was full of dew, Lu Xuehan naughtily stuck a maple leave in the gap of my shoulder armor, and nonchalantly asked: “Lin Fan, this should armor looks splendid~! Adding a modern decadent sentiment to it.”

I nodded my head in agreement and said: “Right, but don’t you fee like if you pile up cow dung on here, wouldn’t it increase that decadent sentiment?”

Lu Xuehan was suddenly speechless, Xin Yu was giggling at a side and said: “The real post-modern decadent art, if I have say then maybe adding a few iron arrow would do the job, maybe even some blood, that’s artistic, Xuehan, don’t you think so?”


“Oh, then I’m going to start, Lin Fan you better not move…” Xin Yu held up the arrows in her hand.

I panicked and asked: “Xin Yu, what are you doing?”

“Adding some decadent sentiments~”

“Stop it, tiger king boss is coming soon!” Xu Lin spoke without turning her head to face us.

Xin Yu immediately quite down, tender like a virtuous little wife: “Lin Fan, what you want to eat this afternoon? I will prepare for you.”

A few male companions next to us were green with envy…

Not before long, there appeared a canyon full of grass in front of us, Xu Lin said: “According to reliable information, that level 60 tiger king is inside this canyon, but unfortunately there are too many monsters, there was a group of 30 members that came here before us they were wiped out completely, which means, we are the second group to arrive here.”

Xin Yu was itch for a try as she bawled: “It is just a bunch of mobs, let me use my multiple arrows to clear out a path!”

Xu Lin smiled: “Fine then, you open the route, Lin Fan, you stay in front and protect her, don’t let her die.”

I was surprised to ask: “Xin Yu is well equipped with high grades, can the mobs here really make her kick the bucket?”

“Of course, don’t underestimate the mobs here, the tigers’ damage are undeniable, even the first rated warriors can’t compete with a tiger mob at the same level.

I couldn’t help but be speechless, I took a look at the few tigers some distance away, that level 49 ordinary monster, is it really that unformidable like Xu Lin said?

Xin Yu took the lead and rushed ahead, a tiger immediately faced her with a claw, Xin Yu’s HP suddenly decreased by 1/3,  almost everyone was shocked, we all know Xin Yu’s defense, if the person was a mage, then life would already have been disintegrated.

Sure enough, not everything Moon Monochrome could be measured using level difference, just like the level 60 dragon boss its power was formidable and outclass any other bosses.

I went ahead for a combo, the tiger instantly died, HP definitely didn’t surpass 4000. Xu Lin smiled and said: “Let’s put Lin Fan in front and lure the monsters,  Xin Yu you cast multiple arrows to support him, Xuehan and I set the fire,  let us clear the path all the way in.

So I stayed in the frontline, Xin Yu shooting multiple arrows behind my back, with her high attack damage, these low HP tigers couldn’t even get close to us.

The group continued to push forward, this time we totally understood why this place was called the Tiger Slope, a canyon full of tigers, but as Xu Lin and Lu Xuehan set the fire we could see experience bar continued to rise rapidly.

After witnessing it, I realized why Xu Lin’s level increased drastically, her violet death fire was too strong, and its duration and lethality was a lot more powerful than Lu Xuehan’s death fire, basically once they entered the pile of fire, the chance of the monsters surviving was negligible.


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