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Published at 1st of February 2021 11:30:18 AM

Chapter 88

Proofread by Liang Yaping


However, just as Zen Master Miao Jue has just landed in the Forest of Stone, a huge skeleton hand suddenly falls on him with bursts of air explosion . In an instant, he is blew dozens of meters away and manages to stabilize his body after rolling and vomiting several mouthfuls of blood .

“Who sneaks up on me?”

Miao Jue is both surprised and angry . He stands up, wipes off the blood foam in his mouth and looks at the direction where the attack comes .  A huge golden skeleton slowly is climbing up from the pit, and its dark eyes look down on the man on the ground .

“So you are the one to help that little flea? No doubt that he dares to come again and even cut my little finger . You truly have something, but that can only make you chewier . ”

Miao Jue’s breath becomes much weaker than before . Looking at the huge golden skeleton, he can’t hold back his look of anger and shock . From the words of this skeleton, even if he is a fool, he can tell that he was fooled by Yun Chuan once again . That boy shifts the blame upon me, so that he falls into this great crisis . As for Yun Chuan, he might have already run far away .

“That insidious little demon!”

Master Miao Jue gnaws his teeth angrily . Facing the attack of the huge golden skeleton, he crawls and dodges in a hurry . But at this time, many stone pillars in the Forest also revive at this moment, and all of them join the attack . Even if he is a cultivator only half step to the stage of Nascent Soul, he is totally in a mess at the moment . With a lingering track of Yun Chuan, he flees to the direction where Yun Chuan has just left .

The Golden Cicada Temple is a Buddhist Sect, and its skills all have a strong induction on karma . Previously, Yun Chuan has killed his Junior Brother Hui Kong . Although it has been a while and the induction is getting weaker, he can still barely locate Yun Chuan’s position .

At the moment, however, Yun Chuan stops and looks ahead while frowning .

Kill! Kill! Kill!

He can see on the front that the yellow sand fills the air, causing a poor visibility .  Shouts and cries to kill come from the distance, as if there is a huge battle ahead .

He walks forward slowly and suddenly gets shocked . As soon as he steps into the fog of yellow sand, he finds that there are many martial weapons scattering on the ground, but they are all broken . He pinches one of them with his hands, and it turns into powder directly .

As he goes on, the shouts become stronger, as if there are thousands of troops ahead . Yun Chuan mobilizes all his original force and keeps extremely vigilant in his heart . The yellow sand roars faster and the battle cries also become louder, and even the air seems to be full of the strong smell of blood .

All of a sudden, Yun Chuan retreats with astonishment .  The yellow sand stops to roar in front of him, leaving the space for the sound of killing to penetrate . Around him, various terrifying existences are fighting with each other, and different martial skills as well as magic powers are bursting between heaven and earth . Just now a martial skill rushes towards him, and he manages to dodge .

Those existences with vast and terrifying breath are not only human beings, but also many creatures like a human face with a snake body, a phoenix head with a dragon body, monsters with thousands of hands and feet . . . They are all joining hands to fight against the existences covered with black fog .  Some of them fall from the sky from time to time, and all kinds of rushing martial skills leaving Yun Chuan almost no place to hide .


Finally, Yun Chuan fails to dodge and gets bombarded by a strong magic power . But the next moment, the youngster stands still in situ, blinks and finds that he doesn’t get even the slightest damage .

“Is this scene in front of me not real at all, but an illusion?”

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A trace of clearness shows in Yun Chuan’s eyes, boosting his courage, he stands and accepts another blow from the magic power .  Nothing happens, just like before . The youngster immediately grows bolder with this discovery, no longer dodges the attack and continues to move forward .

“What kind of things are fighting here? Or to say, all those things truly happened before? If everything is as what those stone pillars say, there was a demon called Mirage, and maybe these illusions are all it had experienced before . . .  ”

All of a sudden, Yun Chuan’s face changes . He hides himself and looks back .

Along the youngster’s sight, it can be found the Miao Jue has already here after the tracking . His breath is much weaker than before, clearly it is the result of Yun Chuan’s trap .

Yun Chuan changes his look again; he thinks of something . Next moment, he takes out many Primordial Stones to replenish while still keeps hiding .

Miao Jue’s face becomes gloom, his hands taking the Primordial Stones to keep recovery . He is greatly hurt after running away from the Forest . He followed the breath of Yun Chuan to arrive here, but after he arrived, he found that Yun Chuan’s breath becomes weaker and weaker . He only feels that Yun Chuan is in the front .

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The battle cries come again, and Miao Jue sees exactly the same scene which Yun Chuan sees . Facing all the magic power attacking towards him, Miao Jue is totally shocked and dodges in between; but finally he gets hit and shouts out with a pale face:

“I’m going to die!”

A moment later, the old monk opens his eyes and looks at himself, finding that he is not hurt at all . He looks a bit embarrassed . After looking around, he finds that there is no other people, and that makes him feel relieved .  The old monk murmurs with a meditative look: “I’m not acting like myself just now .  It seems that what I saw is just an illusion .  That’s right, how could there be such a war . . . ”

After discovering the mystery here, he tries several times, and finds that those martial skills and magic powers are really just harmless illusions . After that, he begins to walk freely . Bathed in a series of seemingly incomparably terrible magic powers, he moves with a calm face . His robes flutter in the air, like his whole person has been free from vulgarity .

A flash of lightning falls on his body, but Miao Jue faces it without dodging and goes straight forward with a smile in the thunder light; a flame comes towards him, and Miao Jue begins to walk on the fire; there are also mountains and rivers falling down, and Miao Jue recites loud the Buddhist scripture without changing his face .  Even at the end, Miao Jue begins to take the initiative to go to the places where the fights are most fierce, paying no attention to the falling magic power .

“Once there is the story of the Buddha cuts his flesh and feeds the eagle, and now people will know the experience of my travelling across the sea of magic powers . That will surely be another much-told tale!”

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