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Chapter 87

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Even though the strong at the stage of Martial Core are all with great vitality, there is still no chance for Hui Kong to survive with half of his body and broken internal organs .

“Little demon, you’ve murdered my Junior Brother .  Wherever you run today, I won’t let you go!”

Miao Jue goes furious .  His big original-forced golden palm attacks towards Yun Chuan . His speed has also been increased by several percent at this moment, and even the sound of air explosion can be heard .

Yun Chuan grabs all the things left behind by Hui Kong into his own Dantian space .  Before he has the time to have a check, the big hand has already arrived .

Yun Chuan’s eyes glitter, and Miao Jue, that strong cultivator half step to the stage of Nascent Soul in the distance has already been chasing after him at a very fast speed . At the moment, because he has been delayed on killing Hui Kong just now, he has no chance to avoid the big original-force-formed palm beating towards him .

“In that case . . . You are Zen Master Miao Jue, right? It’s nice to meet you! And you don’t have to be so polite . I’ll go first, thanks for that!”

The youngster suddenly turns around, and several original-force-formed arms all gather on his back .  All the force now is used as a defense toward the direction that Miao Jue is coming from .  At the next second, the big golden palm directly hit on those arms .

A series of cracking sounds come accordingly .

Under this shot, several arms behind Yun Chuan all collapse and burst, and he immediately vomits out a mouthful of blood . However, the huge impact seems to help Yun Chuan fly forward like an arrow from the string, and the youngster distances himself from Miao Jue greatly in an instant .

In this situation, as if Miao Jue is trying to help Yun Chuan to escape: that originally frightening blow finally lets Yun Chuan off . Seeing this scene, Miao Jue almost spits out a mouthful of blood with anger .

“You’ve truly got some tricks! But even so, do you still think you can escape after killing my Junior Brother under my nose?”

Miao Jue feels very angry, especially the scene just then seen in the eyes of his Junior Brothers behind .  As a cultivator half step to the stage of Nascent Soul, he can’t deal with such a young lad who has just entered the stage of Martial Core, and that boy almost escapes by his help .  At the moment, under the pressure he speeds up again to run after Yun Chuan .

The distance between them two has been longed by Yun Chuan’s borrowing strength . However, after being hit hard by such a strong person, Yun Chuan feels not good either . His face becomes pale, but finally he fails to hold back and spits out a mouthful of blood again .

“This tough monk! I just killed one of his Junior Brothers, is it necessary for him to chase me down? Stingy, all these monks are stingy! The Land of Mirage is full of crisis, and I may die without knowing how if I run recklessly . But now I am still no match for him, so I can’t beat him with precious big consumption . ”

Yun Chuan suddenly changes his direction and leads Miao Jue to the Forest of Stone where he had passed through .  After the previous riots, the Forest now has subsided again . Yun Chuan moves carefully and holds back his breath toward the previous small mount .

On the top of the original small mound, a piece of Pure Crimson Gold grows again . It is even bigger than the one cut by Yun Chuan before, which is the size of an adult’s thigh . As soon as Yun Chuan’s eyes brighten, he steps forward and takes out the Xuan Yang Sword to chop up the Pure Crimson Gold .

The slight decrease of Yun Chuan’s speed gives Miao Jue a chance to quickly close the distance between them . Seeing that this hard-to-chase boy has stopped, Miao Jiao shows a look of great joy . At the same time, the original force begins to surge all over his body, forming a huge golden palm above the Forest . The palm keeps absorbing constantly the original force between heaven and earth, and its power becomes accordingly stronger .

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“The little demon has stopped here . . . Does he think that I cannot find him in this Forest of Stone? He is seeking for death! I’ve already marked his breath .  Whenever he goes, he can’t escape from my hand!”


At the moment when Yun Chuan cuts down the Pure Crimson Gold, the mound cracks again, and an extremely angry voice comes out from the ground: “Who cut my little finger? It’s you again, little flea! You’ve bothered me many times and this time it really pisses me off!”

The earth cracks with a thunder-like noise . A golden skeleton tens of meters tall is holding the hole, trying to get out of the ground and roaring .  Its upper and lower jaws keep clattering, showing the great anger of the skeleton .

However, it can be found clearly that a little finger on the skeleton hand bone has disappeared, which has been chopped off by Yun Chuan and put into his own Dantian space .

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The youngster puts away that large Pure Crimson Gold with difficulty .  Before the golden skeleton completely scrambles out of the ground, his legs turn like wind wheels, helping him to run to the distance in a moment .

Just as soon as Yun Chuan escapes, the golden palm formed by Miao Jue finally accumulates enough power to shoot down .

The monk Miao Jue now stands gently in the air with a face full of confidence, and the robe fluttering in the breeze makes him look like a mortal .

“The little demon thought that he could escape by hiding in Forest of Stone, but he was totally wrong, and I pretend to be cheated . This time, the palm has accumulated enough power . Even a cultivator at the stage of Nascent Soul will be seriously injured, if fortunately, he or she doesn’t get killed . No matter how powerful or strange that little demon is, he will be blasted into pieces!”

Having lost a small finger, the golden skeleton becomes very angry and keeps roaring . He finally wakes up and gets out of the ground to tear up the little flea who repeatedly comes to provoke it . But just at the moment when it shows its head, the golden palm directly hit it heavily to the ground .

“Now that little demon should be dead .  This kind of jerk who dares to kill my Junior Brother in front of me must pay for it .  If I don’t avenge my brother, how can I establish myself in our Golden Cicada Temple? His crime deserves more than death! To kill such a demon who desecrates our Buddhism is also a good thing with boundless beneficence!”

Miao Jue signs with a compassionate face and goes to the location where the golden palm fell down to check whether the boy is dead or not . Although in his heart he has already determined that Yun Chuan won’t have any chance to survive, his natural prudence is still urging him to confirm .

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