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Chapter 86

Proofread by Liang Yaping

At this moment, Gui Yantian finally realizes the feeling of approaching death when Hui Kong facing the breath of the Sword . He didn’t expect that Yun Chuan would still have the power to attack with his Xuan Yang Sword, the treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul; he has long thought that Yun Chuan was already a fish on the chopping board and relaxed .  But in a flash, he finds desperately that the Sword breath has already been in front of him .

“Escape of Thousands of Ghosts!”

A mixed look of extreme fear and indignation shows on Gui Yantian’s face .  The Escape of Thousands of Ghosts is a life-saving skill that he will not use until he has to . Every time after the release, it will cause great harm to the user . Since the time when he mastered it, he has used it for only three times .

For the first time, he met a high-level figure at the stage of Nascent Soul, and he had to use it to protect his life; the second time, he was facing Dan Ling, whose cultivation was only half a step to the stage of Nascent Soul, and his vitality was so greatly damaged that he has not recovered yet . The third time now, the skill is totally forced out by Yun Chuan, an ant-like figure he didn’t pay attention to before .

Once again, he releases the Escape of Thousands of Ghosts and gets greatly hurt again . He knows clearly the terrible consequences of this kind of terror: within decades, it will be hardly for him to recover, let alone getting into the stage of Nascent Soul .

Flash! Flash! Flash!

Gui Yan Tian's body instantly turned into dozens of shadows and fled to all directions . Although his reaction was extremely rapid, only dozens of shadows still let the red sword spirit of the fire be destroyed . He let out a howl, and with the remaining scattered ghosts, he ran away without a trace .

“He really escapes . . . This escaping skill is very well-practiced, but this time he has been already hurt greatly, which is no longer a worry in the future . However, for the monk Hui Kong who has only half of his body left, I’d better cut the weeds and dig up the roots!”

The youngster frowns and looks a little bit pale, for it is now his limit to urge the treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul twice . He takes out Primordial Stones to absorb the original force in silence .  Next moment, he starts to follow the dripping blood of Hui Kong all the way .

Hui Kong gets seriously injured, and he is now flying with only half of his body all the way .  His original force keeps dissipating constantly, and his breath is also getting weaker and weaker . But he forces himself to hold a breath, and still flees forward .

For this exploration in the Land of Mirage of his Golden Cicada Temple, he is not the only one who comes here . In addition to him, there are other several members from his Temple; and they are exactly in the direction that Hui Kong heads for .

“This time I was trapped by Gui Yantian . I’m afraid that he knew that the boy had the treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul before, but he didn’t tell me a word; he wants to pocket all the treasures alone . That youngster is just at the early-stage of Martial Core, and after one strike, he will have no more strength . He must have been killed by Gui Yantian already!”

Hui Kong gnaws his teeth with hatred: “I’ve been badly hurt, but Senior Brother Miao Jue is already half step to the stage of Nascent Soul . With his help, I can kill Gui Yantian and seize the treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul as well as the Blood Dragon Grass .  But my body has been damaged and my strength has gone now . . .  I can only be reborn after I reach the stage of Nascent Soul, so it seems that I must retreat to cultivate immediately after I go back!”

Instead of crushing the Stone of Mirage and leaving, he decides to inform his companion, Senior Brother Miao Jue, to avenge him .

But just as he is about to arrive at the location of all the members from his Temple, he suddenly feels a sudden surge of killing intention behind him .  Great astonishment wells up in him, and he looks back . He is surprised to see that Yun Chuan, whose white clothes are stained with blood, is running after him .

“How could it be?! Isn’t he supposed to be killed by Gui Yantian? How can he look like that he is just a little weaker than before? Or to say, Gui Yan Tian couldn’t do anything about him?”

Raging waves surge up and down in Hui Kong’s heart . A chill comes to his mind and makes him shiver . Even if it’s hard for him to believe what he sees at the moment, he can feel the strong killing intention of Yun Chuan: a great calamity is at hand .

“Senior Brother Miao Jue, help me!”

He can no longer care about his personal image, and suddenly opens his mouth to shout . The voice forms a rolling sound wave and spreads far away .  Clearly, it’s the Roar of Lion, a traditional martial skill of Buddhism .

Using the secret of Buddhism to ask for help, and if that news comes out, his reputation will surely be dragged down, and others may laugh their heads off . However, at the moment, Hui Kong’s heart has been covered by the shadow of death, and he has no space to care such kind of things .

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As soon as Hui Kong’s cry for help finishes, several strong breathes rise from the forest in the distance .  Those monks at the stage of Martial Core soar into the air . Seeing the miserable Hui Kong with only half of his body left, they are all shocked: “What’s the matter with you, Junior Brother Hui Kong?!”

“Senior Brother Miao Jue, help me!”

Feeling the denser and denser murderous intention coming from behind him, Hui Kong can’t hold back the tremor in his voice at all . However, before he finishes his words, a strong attack of original force arrives from afar, which makes Hui Kong spit blood at once .

“The little demon behind, stop!”

The monk with a serious face in the distance is called Miao Jue, and the breath of him is wild like the ocean, which can be compared to Dan Ling, the figure only half step to the stage of Nascent Soul . Seeing this scene, he burns with anger, shouts out and rushes towards Hui Kong to save him .

But the distance between them is too long . After all, Hui Kong at this time is badly hurt, so his speed is quite lower than that of Yun Chuan . In a blink of an eye, that seemingly sunny and harmless boy is already in front of Hui Kong, and he raises his hand .

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“You beast just stop, or our Golden Cicada Temple will never let you go!”

Miao Jue is so angered that the eyes seem about to pop out; he shouts out and speeds up . The original force starts to condense in the air, and an illusory golden palm of several meters long appears in the face of Yun Chuan, trying to protect Hui Kong and get him back .

The symbol of the Dhyanas at the stage of Nascent Soul is that they can use the original force between heaven and earth for their own use . As for those at the stage of Martial Core, they can only absorb it in their Dantians and then release it . Though Miao Jue is still half a step to the stage of Nascent Soul, he can start to use this natural power now .  

“Five-wound Explosive Fist!”

But at the same time when the condense of the golden palm is finished, Yun Chuan’s attack has already succeeded on Hui Kong .

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of explosions come out from Hui Kong’s broken body . At this moment, all his internal organs burst into pieces .  Different kinds of visceral fragments fall from the sky like rain, and finally, the last of his breath disappears .

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