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Chapter 85

Proofread by Liang Yaping

In his plan, if Yun Chuan really draws his Xuan Yang Sword and severely bruises Hui Kong, he can be a poacher and kill them both .

Gui Yantian knows the existence of the treasure at the stage of Martial Core and get ready in advance, but Hui Kong knows nothing about it . Seeing Gui Yantian’s great effort on attacking Hui Kong, Hui Kong praises Gui Yantian’s sincerity secretly in his heart and believes his plan this time .

Without seeing Gui Yantian attacking Yun Chuan so hard with spending his blood essence, Hui Kong won’t dare to use all his strength to join hands with him . However, seeing this scene, Hui Hong decides to make no reservation and goes all out to attack Yun Chuan .

This kind of all-out attack means that one only attacks but not defends, and very limited original force will be used in defense . Originally, Hui Kong will never do so with his caution . However, at the moment, Gui Yantian and his Ghost King are sparing no effort in attacking Yun Chuan . In addition, Gui Yantian promised to return the Blood Dragon Grass to him after killing Yun Chuan, and that’s what Hui Kong cares most .  So all he wants now is to kill Yun Chuan quickly, for a long delay means many hitches .

“As long as I get the Blood Dragon Grass, I can start to cultivate the Seal of Acala, the secret superior martial skill at the Black level of our Golden Cicada Temple . Though it is hard to cultivate, the power of this skill at its perfect-stage is on a par with that of a skill at the Earth level . The Seal of Acala is a kind of body-cultivating martial skill, but it demands various kinds of materials, including the Blood Dragon Grass . I’ve collected many of them, and once I get the Grass this time, I can get started .  ”

Hui Kong’s head is spinning, and his power grows stronger; he is sure to get the Blood Dragon Grass that Yun Chuan robbed before .

However, just as he used the defending original force to attack Yun Chuan, the momentum of Yun Chuan suddenly bursts into full bloom sharp as a knife . At the next moment, a long flaming sword springs out and cuts across tens of meters in front of him .

With the flow of the even more powerful original force, the light of that fiery red sword is now burning with a scorching temperature; at the next moment, it rushes towards Gui Yantian and Hui Kong directly!

“He has a treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul!”

Hui Kong is totally shocked . He never thought that the boy seemed to be beaten at the next second still has trump card in his hand .

“Fortunately Gui Yantian and his Ghost King Puppet is now in front of me and can block most of the momentum of the attack, and I might just get slightly hurt . ”

Thinking of this, Hui Kong eases himself again . However, at the moment when the sword light comes, Gui Yantian, who has been bearing most of the attacks at the front, retreats as if he has long planned . He turns into a black streamer and immediately escapes .  As for the Ghost King Puppet, it is also taken back to his Dantian space instantly .

He moves so smoothly as if he has rehearsed hundreds of times in advance in his heart, and gets not hurt by even a trace of the attack .

Hui Kong is totally stunned and fails to respond at all . The blazing sword light approaches him instantly .

“Gui Yantian, you fooled me?!”

Hui Kong gives a last cry with grief and indignation . The speed of the sword light is too fast, and Gui Yantian didin’t block most of the attacks in front of him as he imagined . It seems that he had known for a long time that Yun Chuan had such a treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul, so he could escape in an instant . The power of that sword light hasn’t been consumed at all, and the power becomes so terrible that Hui Kong even can feel its breath of death at a distance .

Hui Kong’s blood runs cold, and he tries his best to mobilize his strength to defend himself before the sword light comes . However, because Gui Yantian’s trick, he made no defense before at all, and the sword light rushes to him in an instant .


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After the sword light flashes, Hui Kong’s whole body is slashed by it obliquely from his waist into two parts with the wildly splashing blood .

His whole upper body soars into the air and flees to the distance, but his legs still swaying on the ground, and his internal organs all fall out with pattering sounds .  He seems to be unconscious to the truth that he has been cut in two, until the moment he finds his internal organs are all falling .

If an ordinary martial arts cultivator gets injured like this, he or she will be dead absolutely without any other results . However, after all, Hui Kong monk is a strong man at the late-stage of Martial Core . Even now his body has been cut in half, with the remaining original force in his body, he can still reach out, grab his internal organs and flee to the distance in a hurry .

“Gui Yantian, little beast, I remember you two! Wait and see!”

A deep hatred in the voice of Hui Kong comes from afar, which is extremely weak .

“Wanna fight with me? You’ve got nothing on me! Today, you are both defeated, and I’m the final winner!”

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Gui Yantian cares nothing about those words . He laughs and looks ferociously at Yun Chuan: “Little flea, you didn’t expect that, did you? The treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul requires a lot of original power .  With only the cultivation at the early-stage of Martial Core, do you still have the power to fight again?”

But the next moment, his voice slowly weakens, and a look of suspicious shows on his face; he stares up and down at the youngster walking towards him step by step .

At the moment, no trace of weakness shows on Yun Chuan’s face at all . On the contrary, he is being so energetic and answers with a smile: “Gui Yantian, I’m afraid that Hui Kong will not die in peace after being fooled by you .  But don’t worry, you will be with him soon!”

As soon as Yun Chuan finishes his words, Gui Yantian is totally horrified to find that the Xuan Yang Sword in the youngster’s hands, that treasure at the stage of Martial Core, suddenly shines again with that frightening red light . The breath of its owner, however, has not been faint at all; on the contrary, it becomes even stronger than just now!

“How could it be?! You have just entered the stage of Martial Core, how can you get enough original force to reignite that Sword?”

A strong fear and disbelief lies in Gui Yantian words . Just at the moment when he asks, the same blazing sword light flies towards him at a terrifying speed . Before he has a chance to make any response, it has already arrived .

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