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Chapter 84

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Seeing their attack was easily blocked by Yun Chuan without much effort, Hui Kong also shows a surprised look and sizes Yun Chuan up with doubts .

The boy is also shocked by his own strength . He looks down at his palm and murmurs: “So I’ve been so strong?”

Hui Kong and Gui Yantian have been fighting for a while with varying degrees of injury, and Yun Chuan has just reached the stage of Martial Core . But the truth that he could protect himself from attack without much effort makes even the youngster himself a little surprised .


“You little thief!”

Hui Kong snorts angrily, takes a step forward and attacks again: “A junior new to the stage of Martial Core dares to steal my Blood Dragon Grass? Today I’ll give you a lesson!”

“Thousands of Buddha Palms!”

He suddenly moves, and the strength of the late-stage of Martial Core comes out with no reservation at this moment . Hui Kong immediately rushes to Yun Chuan and releases one palm; a somewhat illusory shadow of the Golden Buddha even appears behind it .


Yun Chuan roars and rises up without blinking . Several original-force-formed arms appear at the same time behind him and meet Hui Kong’s attack directly .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A visible air wave sweeps out from the place where they two fight . Under the foot of Yun Chuan, the stone ground heaves and surges . Several of those original-force-formed arms behind him burst too, however, Yun Chuan’s body has barely moved .

At this moment, the illusory shadow of the Golden Buddha behind Hui Kong directly collapses . One of his arms keeps shaking, and he takes a few steps back to stabilize his body . Looking back at Yun Chuan, he is now totally shocked .

All of a sudden, his face changes again, and five dull sounds come one after another from his inside body, which weaken his original force and his breath again .

“How could it be?! He is just a cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core, even though I’ve consumed a lot of cultivation when fighting with Gui Yantian, this youngster should be no match for me at all according to common sense . But now I was suppressed by him in turn . . . What are these strange tricks?”

Seeing this scene, Gui YanTian also shows a look of shock . At the next moment, the shock turns into fierceness: “This little jerk is catching up so fast! When I first met him, he didn’t even have any strength to fight back at all, but now he can compete with cultivators at the late-stage of Martial Core . Hui Kong had consumed too much because of fighting with me, that’s the truth; but this little jerk has just been promoted to the stage of Martial Core… Given him enough time to develop, I’m afraid that I will have no chance to avenge my younger brother any more!”

“Now the only solution is to kill him here before he is fully grown up . Although Hui Kong this old bald ass is always at odds with me, killing Yun Chuan is the top priority now…maybe I can bear no grudge and join hands with him . Under the attack of two strong men at the late-stage of Martial Core together, I don’t believe this little jerk can get away from here today!”

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Gui Yantian’s eyes glaze a bit, and he says with a tone of discussion to Hui Kong, who is showing an angry face at the moment: “Hui Kong, the thing to do is to get the Blood Dragon Grass today, so we should not fight again . This little jerk has a grudge against me for killing my brother . How about this? Let’s kill him together, and after that, the Grass belongs to you, and that boy’s life will be mine . What do you think?”

Hui Kong has already suppressed the injury caused by Yun Chuan’s Five-wound Explosive Fist at the moment . After hearing Gui Yantian’s suggestion, he cannot help but get interested . Although Yun Chuan just showed a lot of strange tricks, but after all, he is just a boy new to the stage of Martial Core; there is a big gap of stage between them . If Gui Yantian can join hands with him this time, even if they have got injured, Yun Chuan has no chance to escape .

“It’s a deal then!”

Two men make a decision in an instant, and attack toward Yun Chuan without any reservation at the same time .

Gui Yantian spits out a mouthful of purple blood essence, and then a ferocious ghost puppet flies out of his Dantian space . After falling to the ground, he puppet rises and becomes a long-toothed giant Ghost King at least thirty meters high with a livid face . Holding a steel fork in its hand, it moves towards Yun Chuan with a breath no weaker than that of Gui Yantian; the stepping on the ground even makes the earth shake .

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Hui Kong sits cross legged and chants the spells in Zen . A series of golden character of “卐” show one after another in the air, and each of them is giving out the power no weaker than that of the late-stage of Martial Core . Obviously, he is also sparing no effort to attack Yun Chuan, so the momentum is more powerful than before .

Including the ferocious Ghost King, at the moment, Yun Chuan is fighting with three characters at the late-stage of Martial Core, so it’s extremely dangerous and hard for him to hold on; it seems that the youngster is not able to support himself in the next moment .

Seeing Yun Chuan’s appearance, Gui Yantian and Hui Kong becomes more pleasant and attack even harder . However, what they fail to find is that although the youth seems to be losing his form due to fatigue at the moment, his breath doesn’t get weaken at all .

“The stage of Martial Core is really extraordinary! All the original forces in my whole body have been stamped with my own brand, which is more than ten times stronger than before when I was at the stage of Body Cultivation . With my current strength, the power of the Xuan Yang Sword can be promoted again . However, I still need to wait a little longer, and I’ll do it when its power reaches the maximum!”

Thinking of this, the boy pretends to be more exhausted with a pale face, as if he can be killed in the next moment .

Seeing Yun Chuan’s present performance, Gui Yantian still maintains sharp vigilance in his heart . He knows that there is still a powerful treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul in Yun Chuan’s hand, and the boy once used it . According to the great power it showed before, if they don’t take precautions against it, they will certainly suffer a great loss .

Although he is keeping alert secretly, he doesn’t intend to remind Hui Kong attacking Yun Chuan with all his strength behind . After all, the use of the treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul costs a lot . For those cultivators at the early-stage of Martial Core, if they force themselves to activate a treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul, their original force will be exhausted by one blow and they will directly be a fish on the chopping board; not to mention that Yun Chuan is just a boy new to the stage of Martial Core .

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