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Chapter 83

Proofreader: Liang Yaping

Hui Kong from the Golden Cicada Temple looks quite solemn, and he sits cross legged .  More and more golden fingerprints spreading out Buddha light suddenly rush toward the shadows of ghost . Both of them are at the late-stage of Martial Core, so the fighting power is amazing . At the moment, they are also really angry, so no one can take the wind for a moment .

“May the Buddha show mercy on you .  Master Gui, although you found the Blood Dragon Grass first, your morals are already corrupted, and you kill innocent people indiscriminately . If this treasure falls into your hands, your sin will only be deepened . So give them to me is . . . ”

“Bullshit! You shameless old bald ass!”

Gui Yantian goes furious, and attacks even more fiercely than before .  He gets extremely oppressive now, for previously Yun Chuan has fooled him in the Forest of Stone and hurt his vitality greatly . As a result, he cannot use his force so freely as before .

Soon after he escaped from the Forest of Stone, he found the Blood Dragon Grass of several hundred years, and he was overjoyed . This Blood Dragon Grass is enough to make up for his body’s injury and deficit, and even increase his strength . However, this monk called Hui Kong from the Golden Cicada Temple appears from round the corner and competes with him .

The Golden Cicada Temple and the Ghost Mountain School have always been at odds with each other on ideals . Although Hui Kong is also a strong man at the late-stage of Martial Core, he is no match for Gui Yantian at all . But now that Gui Yantian has got injured before, so they keeps tying in fighting now .

In particular, in Gui Yantian’s eyes, obviously this old monk wants to snatch the treasure away, but he still pretends to be good for him kindly, which makes Gui Yantian even more angry . At the moment, he attacks as forcefully as he can .

The situation becomes deadlocked . But at this time, both of them suddenly catch a glimpse of a youngster in white walking gently toward the direction of the Blood Dragon Grass . Step by step, the youngster goes to the side of the Grass and picks it carefully . He dusts off it, and puts the Grass in his Dantian space with satisfaction .

“Master, the Blood Dragon Grass belongs to me, please put it down!”

“Little jerk!”

Watching this scene, both Hui Kong and Gui Yantian fume with anger . At the moment, the two men are still in a stalemate, and neither of them can take the lead in stopping . Moreover, the two Schools are natural enemies . If one of them stops first and gets taken by the other, he will die or get seriously injured .

Both of them are afraid of being taken by each other .  So at the moment, neither of them decides to stop first . They glare at Yun Chuan angrily .

Yun Chuan smiles and nods to them from afar . He shakes his heads innocently and says: “Zen Master, this is not right . I just saw that you two were fighting for this kind of worldly possession, and I feel really pity about it .  So it is out of good intentions that I take this source of sin away . As the saying goes, ‘If I don’t go to hell, who will go then?’ Thousands of sins will merely fall on me . Don’t mention it, Zen Master, for it’s my pleasure . ”

Looking at that compassionate face of the youngster, Gui Yantian froths at the mouth .  The youngster behaves as if the Blood Dragon Grass was taken away for their sake . It is almost similar to the words and deeds of Hui Kong just now, and even more shameless . Under the great anger, he almost vomits blood .

Gui Yantian is strangled by the mad beat of his heart at the moment .  It was him who first found this Blood Dragon Grass, but a monk jumped out to rob on the half way . While they were fighting, the little thief came to pick up a ready-made bargain . In particular, it puts his teeth on edge to think about the pretended kind look of Yun Chuan .

In addition, Hui Kong on the other side is also offended by Yun Chuan’s light words .  Previously he dared to come out and rob the Grass, because he saw that Gui Yantian has been badly hurt . But now he has been found to work for that youngster; all he has done is in vain .

What makes him even angrier is that the Buddhist saying said by the youngster sounds nothing strange at first, but combined with his shameless behavior, it is more like satirizing what Hui Kong said to Gui Yantian just now .

The Blood Dragon Grass has been picked, so that the two people at the moment have no mind to continue fighting .  Gui Yantian shouts to Hui Kong angrily: “Bald ass, stop together! Let’s solve this little jerk first!”

“That’s what I’m thinking about . This guy has blasphemed my Buddha, and his morals are more corrupted than yours . If this evil guy doesn’t get killed, the resentment of Heaven will never be calmed!”

They’ve made up their minds, and says in unison with flashing eyes: “three, two, one, stop!”



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With a golden palm slapped on the forehead, Gui Yantian gets beat his brains out . Hui Kong is also bitten off a piece of meat on his arm by a shadow of ghost, which is now also dripping with blood .

“You bald ass, I almost land in your trap! You dare to sneak up on me?!” Gui Yantian shouts angrily .

“Amitabha .  Master Gui, you violate the rule of your own making, how can a man be like that?” Hui Kong keeps an unchanged face, raises his hand to pinch the shadow of ghost on his arm; then he shakes his head and sighs .

Although the two people just said that they would stop together, they both planned to ambush each other, and both suffer a modest loss .

The youngster looks at this scene with interest . He applauses and laughs, “You two are really of good honor . ”

“Yun Chuan, you are seeking for your own death!”

“Today I’ll kill this evil guy and defend traditional moral principles!”

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Yun Chuan’s teasing words provoke a new bout of anger of these two; they all stop and rush to Yun Chuan .

Countless Golden Buddha’s palm roars, together with countless dark shadows of ghost cry and howl all over the sky . The two martial skills with the power at the early-stage of the Black level suddenly attack towards Yun Chuan!

At this moment, Gui Yantian and Hui Kong both give up their plan to fight each other . Instead, they all start to attack Yun Chuan, hoping to kill him in one fell swoop .

However, in the face of the attacks of two strong men at the late-stage of Martial Core, the youngster still keeps a calm face .  The Martial Core of him rotates smoothly, and his ocean-like force suddenly rises, which eliminates the attacks instantly .

“You’ve been promoted to the stage of Martial Core?!”

As soon as Yun Chuan’s Martial Core comes out, Gui Yantian feels the great power of Yun Chuan’s original force, and his face immediately changes . After he escaped from the Forest of Stone, he has been seriously injured and never got a chance to recover . The fight with Hui Kong just now made his situation even worse . At the moment, the breath of Yun Chuan even gets a trend to surpass him .

His look becomes more solemn .  Of course he knows how difficult to deal with this Yun Chuan, for this little jerk has escaped many times with the strength at the stage of Body Cultivation . But not long afterward, however, he has already been at the stage of Martial Core now .

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