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Chapter 82

Proofreader: Liang Yaping

The youngster shakes his head and keeps going forward, searching for places where he can break through without getting disturbed .

Originally, he was not so eager to break through to the stage of Martial Core, but Gui Yantian keeps haunting him like a parasite . In addition, the Zombie School and the Five Poisons School are both of the middle-sized, they may also give him problems if he is not strong enough

“But since they are seeking for death, I’ll kill them one by one .  Anyone who dares to provoke me will pay the price!”

A trace of fierce color flashes in Yun Chuan’s eyes . Originally his Golden Scroll needs to kill someone to obtain soul values, but he never intends to kill innocent people wantonly .  However, now the aggressive provoking provides him with a perfect reason .

He keeps walking for a while, meeting a narrow valley ahead . Yun Chuan looks at the surrounding environment carefully and finds no abnormality . He sits in a Lotus Position and begins to absorb the original force in Primordial Stones .

Yun Chuan’s cultivation has already reached the Near Core at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, which is only one step to the stage of Martial Core . However, he has obtained a large number of Primordial Stones on the Fanghu Island . If everything is as expected, it will be enough for his promotion .

The youngster takes out one Primordial Stone after another and absorbs the original force contained in them one by one, and turns it into his own accumulation . The original force in his Dantian becomes extremely surging like a torrential river, and rumbling sounds come during the force operation .

“My accumulation has been strong for the Near Core . . . Stepping into the stage of Martial Core is a natural trend, and there is no bottleneck for me at all . ”

Half a day later, Yun Chuan’s whole body has been covered with a thick layer of the powder of Primordial Stones . With a flash in his eyes, he operates the strength through his whole body . Just like a hundred rivers returning to the sea, the original power rushes towards the Near Core in his Dantian directly .

Because of the Cultivation of Martial Core with Water and blood-Fire fruit, Yun Chuan’s Near Core has been extremely solid, even stronger than most of the powerful ones at the early-stage of Martial Core . At the moment, with the influx of original force between the heaven and earth, the breath of Yun Chuan’s Martial Core has been doubled on the previous basis .

The illusion of the original Near Core has also disappeared .  Now his Martial Core is extremely solid, and it keeps spinning while absorbing the original force between heaven and earth . Yun Chuan can feel that the present storage of his own original force is now twice as much as before .

Previously, Yun Chuan’s Near Core provides him with original force comparable to that of those at the early-stage of Martial Core . Now, since the storage has been doubled, he may surpass many cultivators who have been limited at the stage of Martial Core for ye

A surprised look appears on the youngster’s face . He can feel that after entering the stage of Martial Core, he is only absorbing the original force rather than lose it, and he is also able to brand it as his own .

That is to say, from now on, all the original force he absorbs will belong only to himself, which is no longer the same as the case when he was at the stage of Body Cultivation .  At that time, he was only borrowing the original force from heaven and earth .

The most obvious improvement lies in the recovery speed of the physical body and original force .  From now on, this speed will be several times faster than that of the stage of Body Cultivation .

Although Zhao Jiu of the Zhao Clan had just been promoted to the stage of Martial Core, he managed to return to his Clan under the condition that all his five internal organs were broken . This shows the astonishing recovery power of the strong at the stage of Martial Core .  Now Yun Chuan has also stepped into the stage of Martial Core, but compared with Zhao Jiu that day, the gap between them is just like the difference between cloud and mud— Yun Chuan is much more powerful .

That’s fair enough; He had accumulated extremely terrifying foundations when he was just at the stage of Body Cultivation, so that he could kill the strong men in the early stage of Wudan realm at the early-stage of Martial Core by his own strength . Now after his promotion, these foundations have completely turned into his true strength . With every move, the youngster can feel the infinite power in his body .

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And when he is facing the crucial moment of life and death, he can also directly explode his own Martial Core to kill the enemy . As for his Martial Core several times more powerful than ordinary ones, Yun Chuan can feel the startling power himself . If the power bursts out completely, the cultivators at the late-stage of Martial Core will not be spared; even those only half-step to the stage of Nascent Soul will definitely be severely damaged .

That’s what people often mention when it comes to the Martial Core: “To hold Martial Core in one’s body is to hold the destiny in one’s own hands .  Ancient immortals are always telling the truth, for Martial Core deserves so many days’ cultivation . ” Stepping into the stage of Martial Core brings Yun Chuan not only the earthshaking changes in his strength, but also the ability to take control of his own destiny from now on .

“Even if Gui Yantian at his prime stage appears in front of me again now, I will not be afraid of him at all .  Even without the help of Xuan Yang Sword, I can beat Da Phoenix and others in three moves!”

Yun Chuan stands up and clenches his fists; the sound of air bursting comes along .

He goes out of the valley, and suddenly his look changes .  The roar of fighting comes not far from here .  The youngster moves forward cautiously and quietly while holding his breath .

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“Well? That’s a monk from the Golden Cicada Temple, and another one is . . . Gui Yantian .  He’s here, too! Judging from his appearance, his breath is much weaker than before . It seems that he has been hurt badly in the Forest of Stone . It seems that they are fighting for a Blood Dragon Grass . . . That’s a good thing, and cultivators can recover the Qi and blood after eating it .  And it seems that it has been growing for hundreds of years .  For those treasures between heaven and earth, those who have virtue and make efforts will have them!”

Yun Chuan’s eyes brighten .  It can be seen that not far away from the edge of the cliff, grows a dragon-shaped herb bathed in a faint red light, which seems extremely extraordinary .

A monk at the late-stage of Martial Core in a robe with a solemn appearance is fighting with Gui Yantian .  The original force keeps surging between their attacks, and both of them are sparing no effort in fighting .

With his cultivation in the Pill Refinement, Yun Chuan can see the extraordinary quality of that Blood Dragon Grass .  The Blood Dragon Grass is a kind of miraculous medicine to enhance the power of the body’s blood and Qi . Generally speaking, a Grass of decades is worth thousands of Primordial Stones . Now, the Grass in front of him is at least of hundreds of years . No wonder that even the disciple from the Golden Cicada Temple is so eager to get it, even at the cost of fighting with Gui Yantian .

“Hui Kong, you bald ass! This Blood Dragon Grass is of great use to me, and I found it first! How can a Buddhist be so shameless like you?”

The shadows of ghost appear one after another in succession and roar in the air . Accompanied by the angry voice of Gui Yantian, they all rush away towards the monk called Hui Kong .

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