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Chapter 81

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Those stone pillars keep jumping with Li Tianhan’s organs still hanging on the vines, and they chase after Yun Chuan and other people . Although there are only seven bloody holes left on his face at the moment, Li Tianhan, under the control of those vines, still jumps up and runs after them with shrill laughter: “Brothers, don’t run away, come and accompany me!”

His speed is obviously faster than those stone pillars, and after several jumps, he is about to catch up with Yun Chuan .  That scene is a relief to Gui Yantian and Da Phoenix . Da Phoenix laughs and sighs in a low and muffled voice: “It seems that Brother Li really has a deep resentment against Yun Chuan .  Though he is dead now, he doesn’t want to let go of that little jerk . And that saves us!”


Gui Yan Tian doesn’t answer him, but his voice becomes hoarse, and the tune even changes . He continues to run forward, and he suddenly pats the chest .  With the burning of his blood essence, his speed becomes even faster .

Da Phoenix is puzzled . Looking back, he is almost scared to death .  The stone pillars with Li Tianhan’s organs on the vines are still jumping towards them, and they are about to catch up with him .

“These two mouths here are fresh and bigger, I’m wondering about how they taste!”The mouth on the vines laughs grimly .

There are branches shaking on the pillar, grab the mouth, the low voice sounds in the airway: "as long as you can use it! These two people have good strength, and I want their eyes! "

"They still want to run .  Through they are still struggling, the more they struggle, the more excited we are! "

They two are absolutely terrified, and they speed up again to run away .  Once they had the time to mock Yun Chuan that Li Tianhan was chasing him, but now they are so scared that all they can do is to run in their full strength .

Previously, Li Tianhan was just penetrated by a vine, and now he has been turned into such a walking dead . Even his five sense organs were dug away, leaving only a few big black holes dripping with blood . Although Gui Yantian’s strength is stronger than that of Li Tianhan, if he is caught up by four or five stone pillars, the result will be imaginable — he will surely die without a whole body .

Both of them are frightened to death, and they spurt out one after another mouthful of purple blood essence to speed up . Looking at Yun Chuan’s escaping direction, Gui Yantian gnashes his teeth fiercely . Although Yun Chuan, Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming are chasing by Li Tianhan’s body covered with vines, and it seems that they are going to be caught up in the next moment, this scene, however, let those stone pillars relax their vigilance to Yun Chuan, and turn to attack towards them three .

“Insidious, really insidious!”

Gui Yantian fulminates with anger . Yun Chuan definitely has enough strength to solve Li Tianhan directly, but he still pretends to be so precarious, and that makes many stone pillars think that Li Tianhan can deal with Yun Chuan, so they all turn to chase after them .

That’s exactly Yun Chuan’s plan . Although the vines on the dead body of Li Tianhan are brandishing wildly at the moment, Li Tianhan’s strength is just a little stronger than before . However, Yun Chuan’s fake weakness at the moment also successfully fooled those stone pillars to catch up with Gui Yantian and Da Phoenix, for their strength is obviously higher .

Seven holes on Li Tianhan’s head are still bleeding, and more and more vines keep growing from his body . He waves wildly and rushes to Yun Chuan with the black blood flowing from his eyes, “Brothers, don’t hide from me . Isn’t it good to be like me?”

“You the walking dead!”

Yun Chuan snorts angrily . Seeing that there are no other stone pillars behind them, and they had already fled to the edge of this Forest, he finally draws out Xuan Yang Sword and cuts Li Tianhan into several sections in a flash .

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Although the soul value has increased by 5000 points, the youngster still frowns . All that just happened is totally beyond his expectation, especially the lyrics that the stone pillars sing with Li Tianhan’s mouth, which shock him even more .

“A demon lives in the North Sea, and people all call it Mirage . It is so so big, that in this Sea it can’t be measured . In a dream thousands years elapse, only illusion exists . . . ”

Yun Chuan keeps pondering: “According to the lyrics, there is a demon called Mirage .  I’m afraid its cultivation must have reached an unimaginable level . In this way, the origin of this Land of Mirage and the strangeness of this Forest of Stone may be explained clearly . But these are still too far for me now .  The most important thing is to search for other treasures first . And this time, Gui Yantian has also been knocked all the stuffing out of him with my plan . If I can find him, maybe I can get more soul values!”

They three finally manage to escape from the range of the Forest of Stone .  Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming all show an expression of lingering fear . They have just been seriously injured, if there was no Yun Chuan, it would be difficult for them to get out of the Forest .  With gratitude on their faces, they express thanks to Yun Chuan .

“Master Yun,  no words can express our appreciation for your great help . After you go out, you can come to visit our Mythical Beast School when you are free . ”

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Yun Chuan nods with a smile . Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming have been seriously injured, and it is totally unwise to stay here . So after saying goodbye to Yun Chuan, both of them crush the Stone of Mirage, turn into a white light and get rejected out by the Land .

Seeing the leaving scene of them two, Yun Chuan has even more speculation about this Land of Mirage in his heart . After a moment, he shakes his head and continues to move forward .

At the moment, many other martial arts cultivators have also crossed the Forest successfully . After all, except Han Yuanming and Zu Xuan, the first group of cultivators who can come in are almost all the elites from various large and middle-sized Sects or Schools; each of them must have his or her own means . Therefore, few will really die there like Li Tianhan .

“The task of top priority is that I should first find a safe place to promote to the stage of Martial Core . At that time, my strength will certainly take a big leap, and I will not do things with one hand tied behind my back like now . ”

Yun Chuan has made up his mind . Looking around, he finds that there are swamps everywhere, and ghastly laughter sometimes fly from the dark Forest behind him . He shakes his head .  The promotion to the stage of Martial Core requires absolute isolation . Once get disturbed, the cultivator will go in evil way, and he or she may even be unable to get any improvement on Martial Arts all his or her life .

Obviously, the environment here is not suitable for him to break through at all .

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