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Chapter 80

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“An inferior skill at the Black level, Ghost Cleaving from the Hell!”

Gui Yantian goes furious and releases an inferior martial skill at the Black level .  Thousands of ghostly shadows condense into a black long knife with tens of meters in length and breadth, sweeping towards Yun Chuan and with an amazing momentum .

After all, Gui Yantian is a strong cultivator at the late-stage of Martial Core .  Although Xing Wudao also used an inferior skill at the Black level previously, the difference between the power of his attack with that of Gui Yantian is just like the difference between clouds and mud .

Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming shout out with the original force surging through their whole body, and rush in front of Yun Chuan to meet that black sword first .

Boom! Boom!

Deafening growling sounds come along . After all, Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming are also at the stage of Martial Core .  With the explosion of their cultivation, they finally manage to stop the long black sword for several breathes .

But at the next second, they are both blown away while spitting blood . Their severe injury do make sense, for they’ve helped Yun Chuan gain the time to prepare for the use of Xuan Yang Sword, and the momentum of the Ghost Cleaving from the Hell has been halved .

At the moment when Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming retreat, Yun Chuan steps forward to meet Gui Yantian .  He draws Xuan Yang Sword and suddenly makes out a blazing Sword force which collides with the big black sword .

The two sword lights disappear soundlessly, but the sword light of Yun Chuan’s Xuan Yang Sword are stronger . The rest of the sword force explodes, causing a shaking that holding Gui Yantian and his followers hundreds of meters back .

“I’ll hold on for a few breathes . You go first!”

Yun Chuan turns back and shouts to Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming . Just now in order to gain time for Yun Chuan, they were seriously injured and lost their fighting ability . At the moment, they are taking out their Primordial Stones to recover, preparing to fight again .

“Wanna run? None of you can run away!”

Gui Yantian grins grimly and rushes towards them again . Although Yun Chuan’s Xuan Yang Sword is a Magical Treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul, after all, Yun Chuan’s cultivation is quite inferior to that of Gui Yantian . Moreover, Gui Yantian is not as unprepared as Xing Wudao . So at the moment, except being shaken back, he has not received a scratch till now .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just as Gui Yantian, Li Tianhan and Da Phoenix are going to attack towards Yun Chuan, the green vines on those black stone pillars in the Forest seem to be awakened by the fighting . With the wind they grow crazily and suddenly wind away towards Yun Chuan and Gui Yantian .

Not only here, green vines begin to grow from countless black stone pillars in the whole Forest instantly as if they have come back to life, and they roar away towards all the martial arts cultivators in the Forest .

Li Tianhan from the Zombie School is at the back, just in the center of several stone pillars . Seeing several green vines fluttering towards him, he is totally astonished and dodges timely . His quick response helps him smash several green vines that almost fall on him .

He falls to the ground lightly with a trace of pride on his face, and continues to chase Yun Chuan and others in the distance . Looking at Yun Chuan who has obviously slowed down, he laughs and says, “Little flea, do you still want to run? These pillars with vines can’t hinder us at all, but for you, they are . . . ”

All of a sudden, he feels his neck is quite itchy . Looking back, he finds that a green vine on a black stone pillar has penetrated into his body, but he knows nothing about it .

“What the hell is this?!”

It is now that Li Tianhan starts to find that the original force in his body is leaking away, and the breath is also fading at a horrible speed .

Shock and fear appear on his face, and he finds it harder to come down on the ground at this moment . He looks at Gui Yantian and Da Phoenix with begging and trembling lips, but fails to make any sound .

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Yun Chuan, Gui Yantian and others all see this scene with horror . Although Li Tianhan can’t make a sound, judging from the movement of his lips, it is clear that he is asking for help from them!

Li Tianhan is a strong man at the middle-stage of Martial Core, and he has nothing to do with the description “weak” .  But now under the attack of a green vine from a black stone pillar, he loses all the resistance in a moment .

Before Gui Yantian and others have enough time to make any reaction, a series of seed germination sound come from Li Tianhan’s body inside .  Suddenly with a bang, his head exposes directly under the power of a few green vines, and several shoots come out of his seven apertures and drop down into the ground .

His five sense organs, however, are sent to a black stone pillar by those vines . On the bud of a black stone pillar an opening mouth is held, and it says happily, “I’ve got a mouth!”

A stone pillar on the other side snatches a pair of eyes .  Hanged on the green vines, that pair of bloody eyeballs keeps blinking . The pillar grabs the mouth and shouts happily, “And there are my eyes!”

Another stone pillar takes over Li Tianhan’s nose .  The nose stirs and sniffs everywhere, and then the pillar also takes the mouth and complains, “This nose is no good .  Anyone wants to exchange?”

There is also a bloody ear hanging on the branch of the stone pillar . After playing with it for a long time, it snatches the only mouth and grumbles: “This ear is totally useless! I want another mouth!”

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Several stone pillars come together, holding up Li Tianhan’s five sense organs, exchanging the mouth to mutter .  No one knows what they are talking about . Suddenly, the mouth gives a serious voice: “Attention, sing!”

Those stone pillars with arm-like vines hold hands and collide with each other as if they are doing tap dance . After a while, the mouth starts to sing solemnly: “The failed Xing Tian still wields his shield and axe, for his resolute spirit will never die . Whenever the Roc flies into the sky, thousands of kilometers will be passed by!”

“No, no! You are all wrong! You fools!”

A stone pillar kicks the stone pillar next to it, grabs the only mouth and sings aloud: “A demon lives in the North Sea, and people all call it Mirage .  It is so so big, that in this Sea it can’t be measured .  In a dream thousands years elapse, only illusion exists . . . ”

Those stone pillars all stand seriously .  All of a sudden, a restless stone pillar blinks its eyes . Before the mouth finishes the singing, it snatches the mouth and sings awfully: “How beautiful you are, my girl! How bold you are, my girl! You step into the fields, even the millennium iron trees bloom for you .  You step into the fields, even the stones of millions years sprout for you .  Yee-ya, yee-yo, yee . . . ”

Other stone pillars directly kick the singing stone pillar away, and the awful singing finally stops . Then they all turn to Yun Chuan, Gui Yantian and others in the distance, and says with a grim smile: “We’ve got only one mouth, and that’s not enough .  But don’t worry, there are still some fresh ones . ”

All the cultivators’ blood runs cold, and their hairs stand up as well .  Gui Yantian cares no more of finding Yun Chuan’s trouble now and runs back in a hurry . This scene is too weird, or to say, the whole Forest of Stone is full of weird things .

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