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Chapter 79

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“Get out of my way!”

Yun Chuan turns a deaf ear to the clamor of those from the Zombie School, and directly blows away a cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core who comes forward with bad intentions . Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming also exert their own efforts to repel Zhuo Xingsheng, an Inner Disciple of the Zombie School, and then turn around and continue to run .

Zhuo Xingsheng never thought that Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming from such a small School would dare to attack him .  He warns sharply with a distorted face: “Zu Xuan, you are just from a third-rate School, and you dare to attack me? You’re dead! You’ve made a big trouble! You’re dead when you go out, you hear me?”

Han Yuanming sneers and says, “Zhuo Xingsheng, you’d better take care of yourself first . Do you think you can get out alive?”

“Why can’t I? Ridiculous!”

The tremor of the earth becomes more intense from far to near . Zhuo Xingsheng looks back in astonishment and sees a skeleton hand coming to him . Zhuo Xingsheng and his followers are all caught by that hand and put into the skeleton’s mouth before they have time to react, and the skeleton starts to chew immediately . Blood mixed with viscera and bone dregs trickle down, making a creepy scene .

Zhuo Xingsheng is an Inner Disciple of the middle-sized Zombie School, so his strength is far higher than those ordinary ones . However, he has no resistance at all when facing this skeleton .  There is even no chance for him to dodge or give out a cry before he loses his life .

A load crunching sound comes from behind, making Yun Chuan and others’ hair stand on end . The skeleton behind him focuses on the rest of the Zombie School, catches them one by one like catching chicks and throws them into its mouth . After it’s filled up, it then drills into the ground, turns into a mound and disappears .

“No wonder I always felt that there was something unusual about this Forest . Now, I’m afraid that there are still a lot of strange things like this huge skeleton hidden in it . ”

Yun Chuan becomes serious . If Zhuo Xingsheng and his followers did not stop them on their way, they would have to be chased to death by the skeleton now .  Or worse, they would lead to more danger and finally fall into death .

However, when he looks at the Pure Crimson Gold on his shoulder, his face brightens again .  He owns the biggest one among the three, for he has contributed the most this time after all .  It’s value, according to Yun Chuan’s rough estimate, may equal to forty or fifty thousand Primordial Stones!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained; that saying has always been the principle followed by martial arts cultivators, and Yun Chuan is no exception . If he merely practiced in peace, there is no chance at all for him to get such treasures in one year, let alone the Metfire Stone which is very useful for his Xuan Yang Sword .

Only the two treasures that he gets now make him feel that the trip has been well worthwhile . As for Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming standing on the side, although the Pure Crimson Golds they get are both obviously smaller than that of Yun Chuan, they all feel a strong surprise and satisfaction . Judging from the strength of the huge skeleton behind them, they know that if there were no Yun Chuan this time, they would not be able to obtain anything at all, and even their lives would be in danger .

Zu Xuan looks at Yun Chaun who is still full of enthusiasm . The youngster seems to be not frightened by the scene just now at all, which makes Zu Xuan sigh with emotion .  For Yun Chuan’s boldness and determination, he has all seen in the eye . Even though he had met many Inner Disciples from other great Sects or Schools, none of them can be as outstanding as Yun Chuan in temperature .

Not to mention Yun Chuan’s shocking achievement in both Pill Refinement and Martial Arts . . .  Zu Xuan believes that even most of the Inner Disciples from those first-class Sects or Schools are not as impressive as this talented Yun Chuan .

Having tasted the sweetness of the capture, they three decide to walk through the Forest . Walking along, they all look around with a surprised face .

They all have found that some of those withered-trees-like black stone pillars, at the moment, are now dotted with some green tree buds . The further forward they walk, the more green buds on those pillars grow, which looks very strange .

“Yun Chuan, it’s you! How fast you run!”

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At the time when Yun Chuan just wants to go forward to investigate, a burst of footsteps suddenly appears . Then, Gui Yantian’s surprised voice comes along .

Looking back, Yun Chuan is surprised to see that the three coming man are those who have been following him from the Shore of the North Sea—Gui Yan Tian, Li Tianhan and Da Phoenix . Together they stare at Yun Chuan with astonishment and greed .

The youngster frowns slightly . He didn’t expect that he would meet them here .

All of the three are the top cultivators in their Sects or Schools .  Though Li Tianhan and Da Phoenix are both at the middle-stage of Martial Core, Yun Chuan still has the confidence to barely beat them two with his previous strength and the power of Xuan Yang Sword, a Magical Treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul .  However, as for Gui Yantian, he is a strong man at the late-stage of Martial Core, which means that there is a big gap of stage between them two, and that’s not easy to make up for .

“After all, I’m still a whole stage weaker than him, and the gap of a whole stage cannot be easily crossed .  The promotion to the stage of Martial Core should not be disturbed . Since I’ve entered this Land of Mirage, there are crises everywhere . I just can’t get promoted, and I didn’t expect to meet Gui Yantian so early . . . ” Yun Chuan frowns again .

Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming also have caught the strangeness in the air, and both look at Yun Chuan questioningly .

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“You two . . .  Oh, you are from the third-rate Mythical Beast School, interesting . How do you get the chance to get there? But you know what? You’ve made a big mistake .  You should never, ever get mixed up with this little thief . If you two can catch Yun Chuan and send it us, our Ghost Mountain School will let you off, otherwise . . . ”


Han Yuanming spats on the ground before Gui Yantian finishes his threatening words, and Gui Yantian’s grim smile froze on his face . His whole body is rolling, which obviously shows that he is really angry .

It is unforgivable that such two weak cultivators from a small School dare to disobey their will and protect Yun Chuan .

“Go to hell then!”

Gui Yantian goes furious and moves .  Around his whole body thousands of ghostly shadows appear, rushing to Yun Chuan, Zu Xuan and Han Yuanming with bursts of sharp cries and screams .

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