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Chapter 64

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However, just when they believe that they are going to witness a miracle, Xing Wudao from the Falling Star School passes by coincidentally . Many martial arts cultivators from unknown Sects and Schools show fear unconsciously when looking at Xing Wudao .

As an Inner disciple of the Falling Star School, Xing Wudao enjoys a noble identity which is superior to those obscure disciples . In addition, he is also a person who will seek revenge for the smallest grievance, and that’s why others seldom offend him .

Many people now share a pity secretly, for Bei Yuanguang would really dipeople e here today if Xing Wudao didn’t come in time . However, since Xing Wudao decides to protect Bei Yuanguang, the later one will surely escape today .  And that’s far from over; they all believe that the boy will bear all the consequences today .

Bei Yuanguang flees far away, secretly congratulating himself for escaping; the previous fear now turns into a strong hatred for Yun Chuan .  Merely he alone is left for the original Five Brothers in the North Sea, how could he not hate Yun Chuan?

“Little jerk, after today, I’ll fight with you to the last gasp!”

Bei Yuanguang gnaws his teeth and speaks troths to himself . Seeing Xing Wudao getting closer to him, he finally gets eased . But at this time, he suddenly catches a few muffled sounds coming from his body, as if something has exploded inside .

He can’t believe what has happened . Looking back, he finds Yun Chuan in spotless white floating in the air like an immortal, smiling and nodding to him from afar .

Bei Yuanguang looks down at his body and finds no scar at all; but still he can feel that his body becomes empty and he cannot release any force now .

He manages to turn around and look at the coming Xing Wudao and forces out a smile .  He opens his mouth to beg but fails to make any sound; on the contrary, he gushes a mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of internal organs .

Xing Wudao is totally shocked and goes angry at once .  He laughs angrily with the trembling eye muscle: “What’s your name? You dare to kill Bei Yuanguang in front of me, even if he is just a waste . . .  Didn’t you hear what I just said?”

The youngster comes forward step by step, looking at Bei Yuanguang who is now with no breath of life but still begging Xing Wudao with his eyes . He doesn’t pay any attention to Xing Wudao . Instead, he looks up and down at the dead Bei Yuanguang and smiles: “You are really a qualified cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core, for you can hold on for such a long time under my Five-wound Explosive Fist at the perfect-stage . ”

He bends down and gently helps close Bei Yuanguang’s still opening eyes . He murmurs, “You leave just too fast, and I haven’t finished my words yet .  The reason why the previous man at the early-stage of Martial Core didn’t die is that he spent two thousand Primordial Stones to buy his life . At that time, he was lucky to have a strong man at the late-stage by his side, and I also didn’t get enough strength at that time . But this kind of thing will not happen again, for now I’m not the weak one I used to be .  As for a cultivator at the middle-stage of Martial Core, I’d like to have a try and play against!”

At the moment, most of the martial arts cultivators around who had witnessed this scene all gasp in horror . Although they are shocked, many people look at Yun Chuan with mixed feelings as if he is already dead .

“Who is that boy? How dare he turn a deaf ear to the words of an Inner Disciple from the Falling Star School? In addition, his behavior can be called as arrogance, for he has killed Bei Yuanguang under the eyes of Master Wudao!”

“And he dares to seak those aggressive words!”

“That’s not the most important point .  This youngster just killed a strong man at the early-stage of Martial Core with only cultivation at the stage of Near Core and won an overwhelming victory . . . that’s the most terrifying thing . Such a talent can never be a normal disciple from any small Clans that we thought before!”

“And so what? No matter how many tricks he has, he is still no match for Xing Wudao at the middle-stage of Martial Core . Moreover, Xing Wudao is an Inner Disciple of the Falling Star School, which is not comparable to those ordinary cultivators at the same stage as him . It’s just more than enough for him to deal with such a boy at the stage of Near Core!”

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“What a pity . . . If this boy can survive, his achievements in the future will be excellent . But now that he has offended Xing Wudao, that is, to fight against the Falling Star School, there is no chance for him to live . . . ”

“Xing Wudao gets a gloomy nature and he is very narrow-minded . I don’t think this youngster can escape today . ”

On the other side, Yun Chuan stands up and looks at Xing Wudao, whose face is now distorted by anger . He smiles and says, “Brother Wudao, I’m sorry that you have a wasted journey . However, you came a little bit late, so that your disciple just died before you . I’m so sorry for your loss . ”

“Sorry for my loss? Perfect . ”

The sneer on Xing Wudao’s face grows deeper, and he moves forward step by step . Although his voice is calm, it is still full of undisguised anger .

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“You have something really special, but those must be some evil tricks . Originally, for the sake of the Grand Gathering of the Fanghu Island just around the corner, I didn’t want to kill anyone .  Sure, Bei Yuanguang is just a waste . If I didn’t see it, I would care nothing for his death . But since I’ve seen it and told you to stop, you dare to kill him under my eyes? If I don’t give a lesson to you today, who dares to join our Falling Star School in the future?”

In the words of Xing Wudao there lies a sense of killing . He looks at Yun Chuan with his narrowed eyes as if he were looking at a dead person: “Any last words?”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and answers seriously: “Brother Wudao, you are totally wrong . In my opinion, it’s better for you to leave your last words in advance . Otherwise, you will certainly regret . ”

“How dare you! Since you are seeking your own death, I’ll help you then!”

Xing Wudao’s face suddenly darkens, and he snorts angrily .  The original force starts to surge up and down through his whole body, and he stretches a palm towards Yun Chuan: “In the hands of such a fool like Bei Yuanguang, an inferior martial skill at the Black level in our Falling Star School like the Falling of the Meteor, is always far away from its insight-stage . With such a poor qualification, he wanted to become an Inner Disciple of our School? Ridiculous! Little jerk, it’s an honor for you to die under an inferior Black-level martial skill at the insight-stage of mine!”

While he is still speaking, an extremely huge meteor with a radius of tens of meters suddenly agglomerates hundreds of meters above Yun Chuan . It falls from the sky with an amazing sense of heat and depression, and presses towards Yun Chuan at the next second!

From a distance, it looks like a sun falling on the sea . Yun Chuan, the boy rightly under the meteor, now looks small like an ant .

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