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Chapter 63

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But the next moment his suddenly stops talking, and a strong color of shock shows in his eyes .  The original force in his body suddenly contracts and gathers in his internal organs, and he retreats quickly like avoiding serpents in front of him .

At the moment, in Bei Yuanguang’s attitude towards that youngster in white any trace of previous contempt is nowhere to be found . His internal organs are still tumbling in chaos now, and a dull pain keeps simmering . If it was not for his quick response, Bei Yuanguang could have expected that he would have suffered a lot with the collapse of his internal organs .

“What a strange martial skill!”

Bei Yuanguang retreats far away with great vigilance . Now, he no longer regards this youngster as a small person at the stage of Body Cultivation who can be kneaded to death by turning over his hands, but a mortal enemy worthy of all his efforts .

Especially according to the present performance of Yun Chuan, his calmness clearly shows that he did not use his full strength at all, which makes Bei Yuanguang feel extremely depressed . It seems that as if this boy is the strong one at the stage of Martial Core, while he is just a weak one at that of Body Cultivation .

“How could it be?! I’m one stage higher than that little jerk, but how could it be . . .  As if the situation completely reverses now . That’s impossible! But no matter how strange this boy is, I’m the strong one at the stage of Martial Core, and I still have my trump card . . . After I release my Martial Core out, this little jerk must kneel down to beg for mercy!”

A trace of cruelness flashes across Bei Yuanguang’s face . Suddenly, he opens his mouth and releases his own Martial Core . All of a sudden, with a whistling sound and a streaming light it rushes towards Yun Chuan under his control .

And the other three brothers all attack to Yun Chuan as the Martial Core appears .

Although Bei Yuanguang has exhausted every power at the moment, he becomes more and more frightened; for in the face of his Martial Core and the siege of three strong men at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, Yun Chuan has never shows even a trace of panic on his face from the beginning to the end .

 He is still so calm, and people can even see a hint of irony in his eyes .

“These words are merely an idle boast . . .  He even doesn’t know that he is going to die . I’m afraid that this little jerk knows nothing about the true power of the stage of Martial Core, and that’s why he can hold such an expression . ”

At this time, what suddenly makes his heart miss a beat is that the youngster in the distance suddenly raises his head, grins at him gently and speaks softly:

“More than a month ago, someone also released his own Martial Core in front of me . Bei Yuanguang, that man has also reached the early-stage of Martial Core, and his cultivation is even deeper than you . ”

With the boy’s soft voice, another Martial Core also appears slowly in front of him . That Core is very solid, though it’s just a Near Core, its breath is even stronger than that of Bei Yuanguang’s real Martial Core .

Here comes a swallowing sound .

“Then what happened to that man?” Some people can’t stand this kind of oppressive and quiet atmosphere, swallows and asks .

“What happened? Don’t worry, he is still alive . ”

Hearing what Yun Chuan said, Bei Yuanguang gets relaxed . But at the same moment when Yun Chuan starts to answer, his face suddenly turns pale, for his Martial Core is trembling with several cracks appear on it .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A sharp sound of striking comes from time to time, like the calling from the Hell . At merely a glance, Bei Yuanguang is already scared to death: at the moment, his Martial Core is being bombarded by the Near Core of Yun Chuan!

What surprises him most is that his Martial Core cannot defeat the Near Core of Yun Chuan at all . Within a short time, cracks like cobwebs begin to appear on its surface .

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He gasps in horror and can’t figure out why . If it had been known that things would turn out this way, he would never release his Martial Core so easily .

But now, under the fierce attack on his Martial Core, the original forces in his body start to collapse, which cannot effectively agglomerate at all, so he can only watch the cracks on his Martial Core increase without doing anything .

At this time, the other three of the Five Brothers who rush to Yun Chuan are directly pierced by the Near Core of Yun Chuan when they are still about three meters away from him .  Seeing this cruel scene, Bei Yuanguang goes furious that hi eyes seem about to pop out .  But at the same time, the boy’s horrible power ends a chill up his spine .

He comes to realize that he has cracked a hard nut this time . Although the youngster in front is only at the stage of Near Core, he doesn’t look like any other normal cultivators at the same stage in any way; even the strong man at the early-stage of Martial Core like him has no power to fight back at all .

Especially after seeing more and more cracks on his Martial Core, Bei Yuanguang starts to be afraid; on his face shows his fear for the first time .

Under normal circumstances, he will never believe that a strong man at the sage of Martial Core will be afraid of a boy at the stage of Body Cultivation . But now when it happens to him, what Bei Yuanguang feels is merely boundless fear at the moment .

“Little jerk, I have the protection of the Falling Star School . . .  Killing me is to fight against the Falling Star School! No matter how strong you are, you will surely die a graveless death!”

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Bei Yuanguang shouts and threatens fiercely on the surface, but the backing steps almost out of his control clearly expose his inner fear at the moment .

All of a sudden, he raises his head and his face brightens .  Being both surprised and happy, he shouts to the distance: “Master Wudao, help me please!”

Along his eyesight it can be seen in the distance that a handsome young man in royal clothing, showing a trace of feminine charm .  In can be told that he is already at the middle-stage of Martial Core, and now he is riding the waves towards the direction of the Fanghu Island . Hearing the cries of Bei Yuanguang, he immediately looks at the position where the battle begins and frowns slightly .

“Useless waste, come here now!”

Although this Master Wudao frowns, he still answers Bei Yuanguang with a low and angry voice, turns around and comes to Yun Chuan .

Bei Yuanguang is overjoyed .  He cares nothing about any damage to his image now and rushes to the direction of Master Wudao .

At the moment, many martial arts cultivators around are shocked . They thought that Yun Chuan should have died for a long time under the siege of the Five Brothers in the North Sea . However, instead of being dead, Yun Chuan almost killed Bei Yuanguang, a villain at the early-stage of Martial Core who has run amuck in the Shore of the North Sea for many years, only with the cultivation at the stage of Near Core .

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