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Chapter 62

Proofread by Liang Yaping

As for the young man who was caught by the Five Brothers in the North Sea, he is now already a dead man in many people’s eyes, for he is doomed to die in their hands . In this way, nobody is willing to offend the powerful Falling Star School for such a dead man .

After all, there are only a few middle-sized Sects like the Daoist Pill Sect, the Falling Star School and the Ghost Mountain School . Most of the martial arts cultivators coming for the gathering are merely disciples from those small and little-known Sects or Schools, so they dare not to provoke the Five Brothers in the North Sear who are supported by the Falling Star School .

“It seems that he’s a new comer to the North Sea who doesn’t have any special background, thus knows nothing about the rules here . A sightless fool who knows not where he stands! The Shore of the North Sea is an outlaw place . Apart from the rule that no indiscriminate killing is allowed on the Fanghu Island, there are no taboos in other places . Therefore, many Sects and Schools here secretly support some bandits to do something they can’t do directly .  This boy must be unaware of it . ”

“The bandits like Five Brothers in the North Sea usually won’t take those martial arts cultivators from big Sects or Schools as targets, but those from little Clans like this young man who comes here alone should be in big trouble . ”

Hearing the discussion around him, Bei Yuanguang gets even more satisfied .  With a grim smile, he steps forward and says, “Come on, boy, how do you want to die?”

However, another cultivator behind him comes forward .  He is a little bit thin, but his hands are thick, just like a hawk’s claw . He talks to Bei Yuanguang with a smile: “Elder Brother, such a little jerk doesn’t deserve your action .  This time, let me beat him for you .  Besides, I can also try the power of the Eagle Claw with Iron Bones, a superior martial skill at the Yellow level I just trained!”

Bei Yuanguang laughs, turns back and answers: “All right . Third Younger Brother, this kid could survive under my attack, so it can be seen that he also has some skills . Don’t be careless, or it will be not funny if you let me help when you fall miserably in such an easy task . ”

“Don’t worry, Elder Brother!”

That cultivator called Ying Zhao goes to Yun Chuan step by step with a bright face, and a strong self-confidence lies in his words: “Eagle Claw with Iron Bones a superior martial skill at the Yellow level which takes me three years to master, and finally I’m now at its insight-stage .  Let’s make a bet then . If this boy can still hold on after my three moves, I’ll lose . ”

“Eagle Claw with Iron Bones!”

As soon as he finishes his words, his whole body becomes full of original force . His hands expand even much bigger like real Eagle claws, and suddenly all rush to Yun Chuan with hundreds of hand shadows .

Seeing this scene, Bei Yuanguang looks satisfied and turns back: “It seems that Ying Zhao has practiced hard these days . According to the present power of his Eagle Claw with Iron Bones, even if I will be injured without quick response .  Maybe I’m going to lose the bet, for this boy has no chance to fight his second attack . . . ”

But just at this time, his other three brothers do not follow him as usual .  Their eyes turn wide, showing a strong color of disbelief; and the bloodshot in their eyes are apparently caused by the sudden rise and fall of emotions .

And he sees a lot of martial arts cultivators in the distance, all shocked and silenced at the moment .

“What’s the matter?” Bei Yuanguang frowns and looks back .  With this glance, he sees the thrilling scene of Yun Chuan’s fist passing through the chest of Ying Zhao .

And Ying Zhao still keeps the appearance of ferocious smile, but his body has been pierced directly from the chest by Yun Chuan’s fist . The broken heart is still hanging on that fist, giving people great visual stimulation .

Obviously, at the moment when Bei Yuanguang turns around, Yun Chuan had already killed Ying Zhao with merely one fist, leaving no chance for Bei Yuanguang to help .

“Third Younger Brother!!!”

Bei Yuanguang’s eyes also go so wide that he can’t believe what he has seen . In his mind, Ying Zhao is a strong man at the late-stage of Body Cultivation, and he has mastered the Eagle Claw with Iron Bones, a superior martial skill at the Yellow level, at its insight-stage .  Even if the young man in front truly has something strange, it should not be such a result .

However, he has to believe the truth while the life breath keeps gradually dissipating from Ying Zhao’s body in front .

“Go to hell then!!”

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Bei Yuanguang goes furious and becomes totally driven by his sadness and indignation .  The original force is surging up and down in whole body, and then he rushes to Yun Chuan .

Behind him, the other three brothers also follow closely from all sides and roar angrily, completely blocking all the escaping ways of Yun Chuan .

Yun Chuan shakes his head and takes his fist back, blowing the original force to dry the bloodstains on his clothes . He kicks the body of Ying Zhao aside and asks coldly: “What, a group of cats and dogs, dare to shout in front of me? Tell me, the rest of you, how do you want to die?”

Looking at Bei Yuanguang and other people coming to him, the youngster wears an even colder face . Knowing the identity of several people as bandits, Yun Chuan has had these people sentenced to death in his eyes .

The martial arts of the Tianxuan World enjoy high status and only the true strength is respected, especially in those lawless places like the Shore of the North Sea .  Many strong cultivators from different Sects or Schools are all gathering here, except for the prohibition of killing on the Fanghu Island, one will not have a moment of peace without enough strength to defend him or herself from violence .

What’s more, these Five Brothers are the habitual bandits who always run amuck here .  No one knows how many lives they have murdered .  It may not matter if he had not known this; but now that he has seen it, he will never let them go because the great forces of the Falling Star School behind them .

Bei Yuanguang is now foaming at the mouth, and he rushes to Yun Chuan in a blink of an eye .  The original force keeps surging up and down his whole body, and with that he releases a palm outrageously, which gives out a faint sense of falling stars . In the cohesion of his original force, an indistinct shape of a big star appears in the sky, and then crushes towards Yun Chuan .

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“Falling of the Meteor!”

And when the shadow of that grand star falls, Bei Yuanguang’s true strength at the early-stage of the whole body becomes unreserved at this moment . All of his original force comes out in a roar, surging, and intends to suppress Yun Chuan in only one move .

“It’s a quite good martial skill, but it’s wasted in your hands . ”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and moves quickly . Without much effort, he suppresses the original force of Bei Yuanguang . He dodges the falling shadow of the big star, and several original-force-formed arms appear on his back in a twinkling; he then bolts for Bei Yuanguang .

“Five-wound Explosive Fist!”

Bei Yuanguang is totally shocked .  How can a cultivator at the stage of the Body Cultivation break his suppression of original force so easily? But when he sees that Yun Chuan is now attacking him actively, he smiles grimly and changes his hands into fists to confront that boy .

“Wanna die? You little jerk, you are just at the stage of the Body Cultivation .  Even if you have some strange tricks, you can’t compete with a strong man at the stage of the Martial Core . . . ”

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