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Chapter 6

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Yun San’s eyes suddenly open wide . For Grand Palm of Thousands Leaves, the inferior skill of the Yellow Level, the performance of ten palm shadows will be enough for the entry-level . But now Yun Chuan is able to make hundreds of palm shadows, which is an unquestionable evidence of his success of insight-level .

Yun San feels as if he had been hit by thousands of fierce horses together . The cracking sound of bones comes clearly, and his whole arm has been bloodied together with his bone stubbles exposed .

One of the reasons for this situation is that Yun Chuan’s opportunity to attack is extremely accurate . With the very first attack people will be cheered up, the second weakened, and the third absolutely devitalized . It is when the third attack of Yun San failed that Yun Chuan started to attack-- the time when Yun San’s former force was exhausted and the new force was not ready .

In addition, Yun San did not expect that Yun Chuan actually had two skills on the insight-level, so he was caught flat-footed . For a boy with the same low blood and poor martial arts qualifications as him, it is simply incredible .

Yun San’s bun on the head explodes with a bang, and his grey hair is then ruffled . He steps back to lay off the strength of Yun Chuan’s attack, but at this time, he suddenly feels the pain behind—he directly hits a tree as big as several men’s embrace, and the tremendous force of the shock lets him spurt blood out on the spot .

“Yun San, whose turn to kneel down and die now?”

The youngster in white shouts out and releases another palm . The old tree behind Yun San explodes and turns into wood chips . The old man falls a few meters away like a broken kite, and blood mixed with visceral debris constantly spills from his mouth .

A miserable smile appears on Yun San’s face . His grizzled hair scatters, making him more like a dying old man whose mouth keeps coughing with blood rather than a master-hand on the middle-stage of Body Cultivation . He says, “Yun Chuan, I was wrong . You hid so deep that you would realize skills to the insight-level on the early stage of Body Cultivation . If you keep growing, you will be a great trouble for the Young Master . But you are wrong to expose it too early, for you have angered Yun Cheng, the Young Master…You are doomed to die!”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and smiles with pity in his eyes . “How loyal you are, Yun San! But now that you are going to die, why do you still seek to do me down? Maybe soon, your young master will come down to accompany you . ”

A flush of red suddenly surges onto Yun San’s pale old face . He ignores Yun Chuan and tidies up his clothes, then prostrates himself to the position of Yun Cheng’s mansion . He kowtows and says sadly, “Young master, your old servant is so incompetent that he cannot share your cares and burdens any more!”

“What a loyal servant! And it’s a pity to follow the wrong person . ”

A faint trace of emotion shows itself in the youngster’s eyes . The breath of Yun San has disappeared, and his life has gone . He has been shattered by the attack of Yun Chuan, and what he did before was just his setting-sun-like bravado .

His consciousness then immerses itself into the golden scrolls . Next second, when looking at the soul value which should be originally empty, Yun Chuan is surprised .

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“The death of Yun San has contributed 300 points of soul value to me, which—I believe— can give Yun Cheng a big ‘surprise’ . It really deserves the foolish loyalty of Yun San, the old servant . ”

Yun Chuan’s eyebrows wrinkle slightly . Suddenly his gaze sharpens and he murmurs, “It takes two hundred points of soul value to raise the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves to the perfect-stage . I have never heard of anyone who has practiced this skill of the Yellow level to the perfect-stage, and I’m wondering how shocking it will be . . . ”

Seven days have past in a flash .

With the soul value obtained by killing Yun San, Yun Chuan cultivates the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves to a perfect state . During these seven days, he has gained more insight about the Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves, and has been assimilating the previous experience and striving to master the perfect-stage of this skill .

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“According to the time, the Clan Martial Arts Assessment is going to begin . ”

Having looked at the sky, Yun Chuan dresses himself in a clean white cloth and then heads for the position of the martial arts of the Yun Clan .

The martial arts field of the Yun Clan covers a large area and can accommodate thousands of people without any congestion or crowdedness . As one of the three great families in Luoyun City, the Yun family highlights the Clan Martial Arts Assessment of the Yun Clan which can be said to be affecting the moods of martial cultivators in the whole city . Those ordinary martial cultivators are not qualified to come here, but there are some elders and masters of the other two families, the Gongsun Clan and the Zhao Clan, leading their disciples to come and watch .

When Yun Chuan arrives, the once empty martial field is already bustling, and it seems that there are thousands of people at first glance . After another hour, the Clan Martial Arts Assessment will officially begin .

“My cousin Yun Chuan, I finally get you!”

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