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Chapter 58

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“The other possibility? Hha, there is no chance for it . It is said that if one can refine the pill with three Pill Marks, he or she can then lock the pill’s power completely, so accordingly it will not release any trace of the fragrance .  But that possibility is only to be found once in a blue moon . ”

“Yun Chuan, why don’t you just open the furnace? You want to throw in the towel?” Xiao Ying laughs and keeps saying: “It’s ok that the young people make some mistakes; that’s understandable . I won’t be so aggressive . If you can make fewer mistakes in the future, the position of the Inner Disciple will come to you again one day . ”

 Yun Chuan shakes his head and curls up the corner of his mouth: “Elder Master Xiao, who said I would give up? You’ve refined for half a day, and I have waited for you for half a day . Unfortunately, there are only two Pill Marks on your Heaven-conversing Pill . Do you remember the mistake I pointed out to you earlier? With the right operation, the refining of that pill will not take that long at all . ”

“Arrogant boy!”

“What is ‘there are only two Pill Marks on that Heaven-conversing Pill’? Or to say, he knows nothing about the difference between good and bad pills, so he can say such arrogant words?”

“Well, Yun Chuan’s look is not showing this .  But how does he get so strong self-confidence?”

Anger makes Xiao Ying tremble slightly and he even laughs out loudly: “Ignorant chap! What you said before is just a bunch of nonsense! I dare to tell you that the pill you refine will not even have a single Pill Mark on it!”

A dull thud comes .

Just after he stops talking, Yun Chuan suddenly claps his hand on the furnace which has not been operated for a long time in front of him and it makes a clear hum . At the next moment, a pill rises from that furnace .

At the moment when this Heaven-conversing Pill appears, it attracts all the brilliance between heaven and earth, and slowly rotates in the air . Although no fragrance is sent forth from it at all, it gathers the eyes of all the people here at this moment .

At the next moment, people around all gasp in astonishment and stare at the pill in front of Yun Chuan .

In other words, it is three clear Pill Marks on the pill that attracts all the glow and sights .

After this pill appears, the previous rumors about Yun Chuan are dispelled right away .  As for the well-praised Heaven-conversing Pill refined by Xiao Ying before, no one has ever looked at it twice now .

“A Heaven-conversing Pill with three Pill Marks, how could it be? Does this mean that Yun Chuan has mastered the Heaven-conversing Pill perfect-stage? He is so young . . . a talent joins our Sect!”

“How is it possible? For what happened just now, if I didn’t see it by my eyes, I would never believe it even if my master said it to me personally .  A Heaven-conversing Pill refined under my nose! I take back my earlier words .  No wonder that Yun Chuan was so confident before . . . no wonder that Elder Master Dan Ling preferred him so much!”

“Yun Chuan is able to make the Heaven-conversing Pill with three Pill Marks so easily, which means that his understanding of the pill is far beyond that of Elder Master Xiao . That is to say, the 130 mistakes he pointed out to Elder Master Xiao are all true!”

“He has reached the perfect-stage of the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill at such a young age, and that’s the most reason why I am shocked .  No wonder that Elder Master Dan Ling recommended Yun Chuan to be an Inner Disciple with her only chance . . .  Now I really admire him from my heart!”

The three Pill Marks break all the rumors framed by Xiao Ying against Yun Chuan at present . Even with this strong contrast, every previous action of Yun Chuan now seems to have some deep meaning in people’s recollection .

From this moment, Yun Chuan’s reputation also starts to spread throughout the whole Daoist Pill Sect .

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No smile can be found now on the face of Xiao Ying who was fully confident and proud once, and his face turns pale with the voice of many disciples of the Sect .  All his remarks in the past break into pieces without being attacked in the face of today’s undeniable fact .

Hundred-year Ebony taken wrongly as Hundred-year Ironwood, 130 mistakes, as well as the failure in the competition of pill refining . . . now Elder Master Xiao no longer has any credibility in the eyes of the disciples around him, and his reputation drops to the lowest point at this moment .

He can even imagine that, through word-of-mouth, even if he gives lectures on the Dao-preaching Cliff in the future, no one will come to listen again .

Looking around, Xiao Ying finds Yun Tian, and the youngster with a pale face now has been totally lost; the disappointment in his eyes can be clearly caught by Xiao Ying .

Yun Chuan shakes his head and turns away . His words come from afar, however, with a trace of helplessness and innocence: “I didn’t want to be so insolent, but Elder Master Xiao, you insisted to let me speak with facts .  The reason why I hesitated is that I was afraid that I would win you easily, and we would all be embarrassed . . . ”


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Hearing Yun Chuan’s “innocent” words, Xiao Ying can no longer suppress his anger and suffocation; blood suddenly directly spurts from his mouth .

It is not until Yun Chuan returns to the Luoyun Peak that the noisy talking with admiration of those disciples disappears . Although there is a wry smile on his face, the boy is also a little bit exciting . After all, it is the first time for him to realize the feeling of the attention from the crowd on the Dap-preaching Cliff .

He also sees how much the Pill Refinement is valued in the Daoist Pill Sect . Or to say, not merely in the Sect, but in the whole Tianxuan World, the importance of the Pill Refinement is even much higher than he imagines .

“I’m just wondering what kind of ability will appear if the other areas of the Golden Scroll are opened . . . ” A feeling of inexplicable expectation rises in the youngster’s heart .

All the soul values in the Golden Scroll collected before have been consumed by him, but there are still more than 3600 Primordial Stones in his pocket .

He is now at the stage of Near Core .  After calculation he finds that these 3600 Primordial Stones are enough to make him reach the peak of the stage of Near Core, that is, a position only one step away from the stage of Martial Core .  

If it were past, let alone more 3600 Stones, even 36000 yuan stones may not be enough to help him break the shackles . But now Yun Chuan’s blood level is no longer of the lowest first-level before, thus the absorption and perception of the original force is twice as strong as before .

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