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Chapter 57

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Seeing Yun Chuan’s awkward expression, Xiao Ying subconsciously thinks that the boy is being afraid; so he becomes more aggressive and decides to force on him .

At the moment, there are more and more people coming; and they are all looking at them two .  Having no other choice, Yun Chuan looks around and says, “Well, it’s difficult to refuse such kindness of Elder Master Xiao .  Obedience is better than politeness, since then, I’ll do that . ”


Seeing that Yun Chuan has no choice but to agree, Xiao Ying answers quickly with a trace of satisfaction showing on his face .  Waving his arms, he orders a disciple to get the herb, Pill Fire and furnace that the refining of the Heavon-conversing Pill needs: “An ignorant boy, dare to talk about the Dao of the Pill Refinement? Since you said that you can make pills, then show us now! As an Elder Master of the Daoist Pill Sect, I’m also responsible for giving directions to you!”

Yun Chuan smiles lightly and answers nothing . Then he goes to the pill furnace, throws seemingly carelessly and disorderly different herbs in it, and closes his eyes without a word after a while .

“Does he call that pill refining?” 

“Ridiculous! So what he said before now seems to be just empty talks .  The Heaven-conversing Pill is also one of the top ones among the first-level pills, or to say, one of the most difficult pills under the second-level; even a second-level Pill Master has to devote every effort to make it . But look at his casual appearance! It’s clear that he takes pill refining as a joke, really disappointing!”

“Does he think that this is kinder party? It seems that everything he said before exists only on paper .  Look at Elder Master Xiao, he is going all out at the moment .  A real Pill Master should be like him!”

People all turn to look at Elder Master Xiao, whose serious performance being on the opposite of Yun Chuan’s carelessness . He carefully considers the input of each herb, and controls the influx of original force and the control of the Pill Fire accurately . Soon, sweat beads up on his forehead .     

“It seems that Elder Master is putting his all into the pill!”

“This is the real pill refining . Elder Master Xiao deserves to be a second-level Pill Master!”

“However, that ignorant boy there is just talking nonsense with his red mouth and white teeth! It’s been several hours since he opened his furnace and he is now still keeping his eyes closed? Oh, my Heaven, is he snoring? He, he doesn’t regard this as a kinder party, but directly despises Elder Master Xiao!”

Although the youngster beside seems to be thinking with his eyes closed, as time passes, he begins to snore .  The voice is small though, it can be heard clearly in this silent environment, and it angers Xiao Ying much at once .

Also at this time, the pill in the furnace of Xiao Ying is about to finish after several hours . The fragrance overflows in all directions, winning great admiration from the martial cultivators around .

“A real Pill Master! Elder Master Xiao deserves his title! Although the furnace is still closed, it can be judged only from the fragrance that the qualification of his Heaven-conversing Pill must be extraordinary!”

“What a rich fragrance! Even if I know nothing about the Pill Refinement, I can judge the quality of the pill by virtue of such a great fragrance . Now I’m just wondering how many Pill Marks will be on his pill this time?”

“I guess there will be at least one . It’s very rare to see a pill with one Pill Mark, but Elder Master Xiao is of the second-level; so with his best efforts, there maybe will be two Marks!”

“More than likely, I guess, it might be with a single one . After all, a pill with just one Pill Mark is a rare treasure . Moreover, the difference between the pill with and without a Pill Mark is like that between clouds and mud . If one wants to refine a pill with two Marks, he or she needs not only to understand the prescription of the pill at the insight-stage, but also make best efforts and a little luck . ”

Many people are quietly talking about it . As the fragrance of the pill becomes more and more strong, people’s looks towards Elder Master Xiao gradually show more and more respect .  But to the snorting boy on the other side, they start to show undisguised contempt .

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After all, the Pill Refinement still attaches great importance to practice rather than theories . Even though Yun Chuan’s talked a good game before, now it looks like that he is totally ignorant of the real pill refining, which naturally makes many people suspect .

Hearing the admiration coming from all around and feeling the revered eyes, Xiao Ying cannot help but showing a proud look .  He says secretly to himself in his heart that he has played this chess correctly . Although beating Yun Chuan, a new disciple just joined a few days ago, on opening the furnace and making pills, is not an equal contest bringing honor to the victor, this may be the only way to defend his reputation . Otherwise, Yun Chuan’s previous sharp words will be enough to bring disgrace and ruin upon him in the whole Sect .

But now, as long as he can win this contest, all the previous comments from Yun Chuan will fall to the ground without being attacked by him .  Even he can take this chance to promote his reputation to a higher level and turn the original crisis into an opportunity .

Xiao Ying looks at the youngster still snoring with his eyes closed at the moment and listen to the respectful voices around him with satisfaction . At the next moment, a flash of light bursts in his eyes . Suddenly, he pats the pill furnace heavily, and a round pill then rises slowly . At this moment, its rich fragrance also bursts out, and it even spreads all over the whole Dao-preaching Cliff .  With just a breath of it the cultivators around are totally refreshed, and a deep intoxication shows on their faces .

And on the rising pill, a clear Pill Mark can be seen .  Though the second Mark is slightly undetectable, it is indeed a Heaven-conversing Pill of two Pill Marks .

“Oh, my Heaven, it’s really a Heaven-conversing Pill of two Marks!”

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“I really admire Elder Master Xiao’s accomplishments on the Pill Refinement! Now, it seems that Yun Chuan is a liar who slandered Elder Master Xiao before!”

People all look at the youngster who now opens his eyes lazily, stretches himself and asks with a little bit impatience: “Elder Master Xiao, have you finished your refining of the Heaven-conversing Pill?”

A trace of anger flashes through Xiao Ying’s face, but he still keeps smiling in front of the crowd and says, “Of course .  Yun Chuan, how about you? Can we have a look at it?”

He is now a little disdainful towards the boy .  After all, it takes less than a quarter of an hour for Yun Chuan to refine his pill . In Xiao Ying’s estimation, the Heaven-conversing Pill refined by Yun Chuan has not yet formed a shape .

“I’m afraid that Yun Chuan has completely given up, and he is not refining at all; for even the most basic pill fragrance has not appeared until now . ”

“The appearance of the pill fragrance is the most basic sign of the finish of the pill .  There will be only two possibilities if it doesn’t come out after such a long time: one is that the pill has not formed at all, which, I guess, is the current situation of Yun Chuan . ”

“And what about the other one?”

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