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Chapter 56

Proofread by Liang Yaping

The boy doesn’t stop until he finishes all the suggestions in one breath .  And then he finds that there is a moment of dead silence in the crowd, and he even can hear a pin drop .  Everyone is looking at Yun Chuan with the eyes of looking at a devil, as if they cannot believe what has happened .

Even some of the elites in the crowd have started to make pills directly according to Yun Chuan’s suggestions .  Finally they are all shocked to find that Yun Chuan’s method of the Heaven-conversing Pill Refinement is really feasible and the effect is also far better than that before .

In addition, Yun Chuan has precisely pointed out Xiao Ying’s mistake of taking the wrong Hundred-year Ebony; so he is now highly prestigious among those people around .

So now when looking at Elder Master Xiao, whose face looks very bad at the moment, those people all show a lot of disdain unconsciously on their faces .

After all, as an Elder Master, Xiao Ying always holds the platform and teaches every day, but he has been picked out by a newcomer for 130 mistakes; even the Hundred-year Ironwood to make pills was taken by him as the Hundred-year Ebony .  Many people are now whispering that they will never come here to listen to his lecture again .

Xiao Ying face turns red, and he is trembling with rage . He points to Yun Chuan, but he can’t speak out even a word for a long time . Yun Chuan’s sharp words really surprised him .  Since so many people in the Sect have seen this scene, listening to the buzzling around him, he knows that if he can’t figure out a good response today, he will never be able to raise his head again .

He is also shocked at the moment . Before that, he never thought that Yun Chuan, a young man who has joined the Sect for only a few days, can have such a high attainments in the Pill Refinement . What Yun Chuan said even convinces him, an Elder Master who has immersed himself in the Pill Refinement for decades .

“No wonder Dan Ling gave this little jerk her once-in-lifetime nomination of the Inner Disciple . . . now it seems that he really has some tricks of the trade . In just a few days he has made such performance; if given time, I’m afraid that I will be no match for him in the future . . . ”

Xiao Ying’s look keeps changing with worry and fear, but suddenly his face brightens and he says to himself: “By the way, he has just been there for a few days, so he has no chance to open a furnace and refine any pill at all; everything he said may just be empty talks . However, I have already mastered the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill at the insight-stage . Now as long as I compete with him in opening a furnace and refining the pill in public, I’ll beat this little jerk as easy as blowing off dust .  At that time, all he said will collapse of itself!”    

He looks up at the youngster and snorts angrily: “Ignorant boy, stop lying! In the journey of the Pill Refinement, we all let facts speak for themselves . Even if you have a glib tongue, you are just talking about stratagems on paper .  Everyone can master those empty talks! Don’t be fooled by this boy!”

Many people become hesitant as soon as Xiao Ying’s words come out . In particular, Yun Tian, who has previously been shrouded in deep disappointment and shock, now looks up with a bright face .

The reason why he was disappointed is that Elder Master Xiao, who has been admired by him for the superb accomplishments in the Pill Refinement, is now found more than 130 mistakes by Yun Chuan in such a short time, and even taken the wrong herbs needed for making pills . Now he even doubts the correctness of all the explanations he has heard from this Elder Master Xiao .

And the reason why he was shocked is that he had never thought that Yun Chuan’s attainments in the Pill Refinement could be so high that even Elder Master Xiao becomes inferior by comparison .

However, he did not know that Xiao Ying didn’t become an Elder Master in the normal way, but was recommended by his father, the Supreme Elder Master Xiao Wuen . As an Outer Disciple of Sect, Yun Tian doesn’t have much chance to contact other Elder Maters, so there is no comparison . Together with the truth that people are always prejudiced by first impressions, so it is natural for him to think that Elder Master Xiao’s is extremely outstanding .

But this outstanding Elder Master Xiao is now rubbished by Yun Chuan .  Therefore, it can be imagined that how severe a blow to Yun Tian’s pride and faith .

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But when he heard what Xiao Ying said just now, he is also puzzled about Yun Chuan’s words . In his previous understanding of Yun Chuan, this younger brother never showed his attainments in the Pill Refinement when he was in the Yun Clan .  The rapid rise of Yun Chuan in just a few months, however, has made him feel quite ashamed and even look up to this youngster in many fields .

But according to common sense, the speed of Yun Chuan’s development is just too fast, so his understanding is bound to be inadequate in some places . After all, whether it’s in the journey of martial arts or that of the Pill Refinement, both of them demand a lot of time . In Yun Tian’s mind, even if Yun Chuan is very powerful now, it is still impossible for him to master the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill at a deeper level than Elder Master Xiao, a much elder cultivator who has been immersed in it for decades .

“Or to say, what Yun Chuan said just now is just empty talk? Yes, that may be the case . . . ” Yun Tian ponders over this while his eyes being fixed on Yun Chuan and Elder Master Xiao .

Not only Yun Tian keeps thinking about that, almost all the people around think alike . After all, compared with Elder Master Xiao, Yun Chuan is too young; and it takes a lot of time to deepen the understanding of the prescriptions of the pills on the journey of the Pill Refinement .

Pill Masters are also divided into ten levels .  If one wants to upgrade from the first-level Pill Master to the second-level one, he or she should master one hundred pill prescriptions at the first-level to the entry-stage, or rather, master five pill prescriptions to the perfect-stage .  The former way only takes time to achieve, but the latter one is extremely difficult .

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But accordingly, the latter way is more recognized and respected .  For those Pill Masters all at the second-level, the power of the ones who upgrade through the latter way will be much stronger than other ones .

Although Xiao Ying is a second-level Pill Master, he just got promoted by spending a lot of time to comprehend a hundred first-level pill prescriptions to the entry-stage .  And among these prescriptions ha has mastered, the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill is of the most highest level, for he has promoted this prescription to its insight-stage .

He looks at Yun Chuan defiantly and says with a smile, “How, all bark and no bite?”

Yun Chuan’s look becomes even stranger, as if he can’t bear to see Xiao Ying being so aggressive . He blinks and opens his mouth: “Elder Master Xiao, do you really want me to speak with facts?”

“Well, you don’t have to if you’re afraid . However, I will report to the Elder Master Pavilion and ask them to cancel your position as an Inner Disciple directly .  Our Daoist Pill Sect will never accept such an overambitious liar as our Inner Disciple!”

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