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Chapter 55

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Everyone around them now has different thoughts, but they are all looking at Yun Chuan’s response without eye-blinking .

Yun Chuan has already stood up to go out . Although he doesn’t think the lesson of Xiao Ying has much effect on him, he does not want to interrupt Xiao Ying’s teaching .  He just wants to leave quietly .

Now Yun Chuan frowns and answers, “I don’t have any problem with your lesson, Elder Master Xiao . If you don’t have other things to say, I’ll just leave and won’t disturb your class . ”

Although Xiao Ying’s explanation seems extremely boring to him, others around him were all listening attentively to it just now, so he has no idea of having another quarrel with Xiao Ying at the moment .

But his words makes the look on Xiao Ying’s face even gloomier, and he sneers: “Nonsense, totally nonsense! It’s a mistake for such an arrogant disciple being an Inner Disciple of our Sect!”

Yun Chuan’s face darkens perceptibly . Elder Master Xiao is so aggressive that he stops his leaving step . He turns around and says with a smile: “Since Elder Master Xiao said so, I, as a dull disciple, really have some suggestions to give!”

As soon as the young man’s words come out, turmoil appears from the crowd all around him .  More and more disciples of the Sect come here, all concentrate on these two facing each other .

Even in the distance, many disciples who were listening to other lecture also gather around after hearing what happened here .  A dispute between an Elder Master and an Inner Disciple, that is truly unprecedented before .

In particular, this Inner Disciple is just a newcomer to the Sect a few days ago, and he dares to challenge the Pill Refinement of an experienced Elder Master .  Therefore, Yun Chuan’s words have caused a stir in the audience .

Xiao Ying is so angry that he even laughs and asks, “Oh? Then I really need to listen to the advice given by a disciple who has only been introduced in our Sect for just a few days . If you really have something to say, it will be acceptable; but if you are picking holes deliberately . . . ”

Yun Chuan directly interrupts in before Xiao Ying finishes his words . The youngster steps forward and says, “Elder Master Xiao, my first suggestion to you is that the refining of the Heaven-conversing Pill doesn’t need 72 hours . Your method will only lead to the lost of half of its original effect!”

Xiao Ying’s face changes and then he sneers, “Nonsense! And that’s your suggestion? Anything else?”

“Of course, my second suggestion is that the Phoenix Flower needed for the refining of the Heaven-conversing Pill should not to be put in at the beginning as you said; it should be put in when the refinement is about to finish . And it will be wrong if we put it as a whole plant in as you said . The right way is to take five petals of it and crush them when the refinement is about to finish!”

Again Xiao Ying’s face changes a little, for he feels that Yun Chuan’s words seem to be reasonable . Because he remembers that when listening to the lecture of those Supreme Elder Masters a long time ago, they said that the refining of the pills at the perfect-stage demands many changes on the basis of the ordinary pill refinement . His understanding of the prescription of the Heaven-conversing Pill has always stayed in the insight-stage, but even so, there are still many people who admire his achievements in the Pill Refinement .

“What’s more, he’s just a newcomer; how can he get any achievement on the Pill Refinement? He must be kidding us on!” With hard eyes and the sneer on his face he opens his mouth with a hint of contempt: “Interesting . Anything else?”

What Yun Chuan just said also brings many of the disciples gathered here into deep thinking, and on some of their faces the previous contempt has disappeared .  After all, many of them truly have some achievements on the Pill Refinement, so Yun Chuan will be caught instantly if talking nonsense .  But in their eyes that Yun Chuan truly has substance in speech, which immediately attracts more attention .

The youngster’s eyes are so bright, and he continues to reprimand with sharp words: “My third suggestion is that you should never take the Hundred-year Ironwood as the Hundred-year Ebony by mistake . I just can’t understand; a person who can’t even distinguish herbs clearly, dare to boast about the Dao of the Pill Refinement!”

Yun Chuan’s words explode in the crowd .

“Taking the wrong herb, that’s a great taboo in the Pill Refinement! If it is true, who else will listen to an Elder Master who can’t even distinguish herbs?”

“I guess it’s a lie . Although it’s hard to distinguish between the Hundred-year Ironwood and the Hundred-year Ebony, Elder Master Xiao will never make that kind of mistake . ”

“I think so . Yun Chuan must be a liar, and he is discrediting Elder Master Xiao deliberately . ”


Xiao Ying’s lips are now even trembling with great anger . But at the moment Yun Chuan is not afraid of that at all and smiles: “One of the differences between the Hundred-year Ironwood and the Hundred-year Ebony is about their smells . But I see that the Hundred-year Ironwood brought by Elder Master Xiao’s is very old, and the smell of it has already evaporated, so this method won’t work .  But there is another way .  A Hundred-year Ebony is hollow, while a Hundred-year Ironwood is solid . If Elder Master Xiao insists that I’m talking nonsense, we may have a look at it directly . ”

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“A pack of lies . . . you are talking nonsense! Alright, I’ll show you now . Will I take the materials wrong? What a joke . . . ”

But before he has finished speaking, he suddenly stops .  Silence falls on, not just him, but all the people around .  Many of them look strangely at “the Hundred-year Ebony” broken in two by Xiao Ying in his hands .

It can be seen from the section that “the Hundred-year Ebony” called by Xiao Ying is completely solid and not hollow at all .

“What Hundred-year Ebony? Elder Master Xiao really takes the wrong material to make pills!”

“Taking the wrong herb? An Elder Master with such a poor qualification, deserves so much admiration of us who come here for his lecture?”

“I just can’t believe it!”

Rumblings come from all directions, and these words all make Xiao Ying’s face keep changing .  Before he came here today he didn’t think much about the herbs, and he never expected that he would take the Hundred-year Ironwood wrongly for the Hundred-year Ebony this time .  What’s worse is that Yun Chuan directly points it out in public .  He can imagine that after today, he will certainly become a laughingstock of the whole Daoist Pill Sect .

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Even Yun Tian who has always worshiping Xiao Ying a lot now feels that he has nothing to say .

“Yun Chuan, you!”

Xiao Ying’s eyes turn to blood-red under a surge of great fury, but the youngster steps forward and speaks again: “My fourth opinion is that there is something wrong with your refining technique . . . ”

Yun Chuan never stops talking . He looks at Xiao Ying who is now shivering with anger and keeps on: “Since Elder Master Xiao asks me to say it, I’ll just continue . My fifth opinion is that you didn’t get the right temperature of the Pill Fire . . . ”

“My sixth suggestion is that  . . . ”

“My seventh suggestion is . . . ”

“My 50th suggestion is about . . . ”

“My 72nd suggestion is . . . ”

“My 130th suggestion is that . . . ”

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