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Chapter 50

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Dan Ling’s look suddenly changes, and the Ship of Tripmaster comes down: “My master just sent a message to me, and I’ll check it first . Yun Tian, you should report at the mountain there first . Yun Chuan, you are an Inner Disciple . Although there is no need for you to report, there will be an assessment by the Elder Masters in the Sect . When I come back, I’ll take you there . Wait for me for a while . ”

Yun Chuan nods and looks around . Suddenly, his eyes light up . On a mountain not far away, the fragrance of medicine drifting out attracts his attention .

“Someone has opened the furnace to make pills? Senior Sister Dan has specially told me not to run around, but having a look for a while may be nothing serious . ”

Yun Tian has already gone to the direction indicated by Dan Ling to report . After thinking about it, Yun Chuan still sets foot on the mountain where the fragrance of the pill comes out .

“It fails again . . .  How could it be? Though the master has said that it is a most excellent pill at the first-level for promoting Qi and blood, I have practiced at the stage of the first-level Pill Master for more than a decade . Why the Qi-promoting Pill I refined still cannot show even a single Pill Mark? Zhan Mufei, what’s wrong with you?”

In the direction where Yun Chuan looks sits a tall furnace of a one-man height, and a man dressed as an Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect is holding a black pill, frowning and talking to himself .

“Who is it? Come out!”

Suddenly Zhan Mufei’s face changes, and he looks at the location where Yun Chuan hides with a sight sharp like a knife .

The youngster is somewhat daunted and answers, “Sorry to bother, Senior Brother . I’m new to the Sect today, and Elder Master Dan Ling . . . ”

“So you are a new Outer Disciple . No wonder you are so innocent and don’t know that no one is allowed to disturb the Pill Masters in our Sect when they are making pills by the furnace! But since you are just a beginner, I, your Senior Brother, will not blame you .  Actually you’ve come just at the right moment: the herbs I need to make pills are not enough . Go there and get them for me then . ”

Hearing that Yun Chuan is just a new disciple, Zhan Mufei becomes relaxed a little, and then interrupts Yun Chuan impatiently and asks him to get herbs .

A strange look shows on Yun Chuan’s face, but he doesn’t say a word . Instead, he helps Zhan Mufei get some herbs needed .

Yun Chuan now is totally new to the Daoist Pill Sect, a sect famous for its Pill Refinement, so he also wants to take this opportunity to learn something about it .

“Qi-promoting Pill, does it mean that it can make up and improve the user’s Qi and blood? If it is so, it will be of great use to me . ” Yun Chuan says in his heart .

Seeing that Yun Chuan has obediently taken the herbs he needs to him, Zhan Mufei nods and preaches in a moralistic accent: “Junior Brother, you are new here, so I’m afraid that you know nothing about the difficulty of the Pill Refinement .  As your Senior Brother, I can be ranked among many Inner Disciples with my qualifications and achievements in the Pill Refinement . However, it still takes me nearly ten years to get a glimpse of this Qi-promoting Pill, one of the most excellent pills at the first-level . Of course, I can’t compare with Elder Master Dan Ling who brings you here . She is a real talent of the Pill Refinement, and she is now a Pill Master at the second-level at such a young age . Of course, these may sound a little bit unrealistic to you . ”

He is cock-hoop over his achievements, saying: “As long as I can refine the Qi-promoting Pill with a single Pill Mark this time, I will definitely be in the top 100 in the competition of Pill Refinement one month later .  Junior Brother, I’m telling you so that you won’t be too ambitious . There is no shortcut in the journey of Pill Refinement . Even those talents need to settle down and immerse in it for decades . . . ”


Before he finishes speaking, a muffled sound bursts out in the furnace, which makes his look bitter: “It fails to explode the furnace again .  Junior Brother, go to fetch some herbs for me . . . ”

“The Qi-promoting Pill is one of the most excellent pills at the first-level .  A successful Qi-promoting Pill demands a great master of the recipe, the appropriate duration and degree of the fire and the right time to place the herbs, so is very common to fail several times . ”


Zhan Mufei explains awkwardly, but before his finishes his words another muffled sound comes from the furnace .

“Well, Elder Brother, I think the effect will be better if the Seven-leaf Flower is put in last . As for the Four-leaf Grass, I think the third leaf should be taken off . . . ”

Yun Chuan can’t help but suggest .

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He just observed Zhan Mufei’s operation before .  The Qi-promoting Pill is just a consumable pill, so it costs only a thousand soul values for him to be at the insight-stage of this pill .

So at this moment, with the experience from the Golden Scroll, he can now see many shortcomings of Zhan Mufei from a high position .

However, Zhan Mufei interrupts him and shakes his head with a smile: “Junior Brother, you are so naïve . My refining now is under the guidance of the experience summarized by our predecessors of the Sect, how can there be any shortage?”

Suddenly Zhan Mufei’s face changes and he says, “My master is coming right away, and I’ll go to meet him first .  Junior Brother, get me some more herbs that I need . ”

With his words, Zhan Mufei leaves in a hurry .

Yun Chuan blinks his eyes and looks at the empty furnace, thinking: “The herbs here are enough, and maybe I can have a try . ”

The youngster opens the furnace to make pills . After a while, he suddenly looks up and finds a Ship of Tripmaster in the sky sailing from afar .

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“Senior Sister Dan is coming, and she just told me to wait for her in the situ . I should hurry up, or I will be in trouble if I can’t be found . ”

He looks at the furnace with regret on his face, “The furnace can’t be opened after thirty minutes, and it will be late if I wait for it here . As for Senior Brother Zhan, I’ll apologize when next time we meet . ”

Yun Chuan goes down the mountain . Soon, Zhan Mufei comes back with an old man with white goatee, and the floating fragrance of the pill makes the old man show a surprised look .

“That fragrance of the pill is so strong .  Mufei, it seems that you have achieved new accomplishments in the Pill Refinement?” The old man looks very surprised .

“Well, just a little bit . . . ”

A trace of doubt also flashes through Zhan Mufei’s eyes .  The strong fragrance makes him a little uncertain, but the praise from his master rare to hear drives him to swallow the doubt to his stomach .

The master of Zhan Mufei is called Zhao Chunyang, and his achievements in the Pill Refinement come out in front of the whole Daoist Pill Sect . But Zhan Mufei is not a real disciple of this master; he is just a disciple in name . What’s more, among those disciples in name of Zhao Chunyang, he cannot be ranked in the front; so his position is very embarrassing . His master praised him as soon as he smelled the fragrance of the pill, and that is a case which never happened before .

Zhao Chunyang’s beard and hair are both white, and he is in a sage-like type . He goes to the furnace with thick fragrance . After it is opened, he is suddenly shocked .  The old man looks up and down at Zhan Mufei and asks, “Mufei, are you refining the Qi-promoting Pill?”

“Yes, I’ve been studying the prescription of the Qi-promoting Pill recently . Unfortunately, I’m so dull that I can never get into it all the time . So master, I’ll be very grateful if you can give me some guidance . ”

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