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Chapter 5

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But now when these two inferior skills of the Yellow Level are put into practice, they show greater power because of the accumulation of experiences in his last life .

Although martial arts can be divided into four grades: the Heaven, the Earth, the Black and the Yellow, the power displayed by different people is quite different . Generally speaking, their degrees of power can be divided into the entry-stage, the insight-stage and the perfect-stage .

In his previous life, because of his lowest first level of blood and his low martial arts qualification, Yun Chuan was only able to reach the insight-stage by practicing these two inferior Yellow-level skills to the insight-stage until the end . After his rebirth, however, his perception of these two skills has also been brought to him here .

Closing his eyes, Yun Chuan immerses himself in the golden scroll . Gradually, a trace of excitement appears on his face .

“With the accumulation of previous experiences, I have now entered the insight-stage of the Grand Palm of Thousands Leaves, and it only needs 200 soul values to improve it to the perfect-stage . For the Seven Stars Chasing the Sun, 500 points will be enough . With only a few hundred points of soul values, I can make the achievements which are impossible in my previous life!”

“I’m wondering what makes you, my Young Master Yun Chuan, so glad and happy . How about share the pleasure with me?”

Suddenly, at this moment, a sullen voice comes, dispelling the joy on Yun Chuan’s face all at once .

Behind him, an old man has been approaching slowly during the period when his consciousness was focused on the golden scroll .

He knows that old man–Yun San, the family servant of Yun Cheng, and he has been at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation .

Family servants like him are all the Yun Clan members who have only the first-level of blood and cannot achieve much in the martial arts . But still they are unwilling to become a side branch of the Clan, so they depend on other families to make a living .

“Oh, it’s you . ”

Yun Chuan suddenly smiles, making him look like a sunny boy with no intention . He asks, “So what's going on? Yun Cheng asks you to come and trouble me?”

The old man Yun San looks down at Yun Chuan, then laughs with his hands clapping, “Yun Chuan, I really admire you . A fellow like me who can’t step on the higher realm of martial arts all his life, dares to offend the Young Master Yun Cheng! Tell me, in which kind of way do you want to die?”

With an ugly and pugnacious look he says in a cold voice, “You don’t have to think about resistance, because my martial art is already on the middle stage of Body Cultivation . To you, a poor guy on the early stage, I can do whatever I want . The more you resist, the more excited I will be . And of course, if you obediently kneel to let me finish my work, I will promise you with an intact body . ”

“Kneel to die then! Bone-breaking Palm!”

Yun San shouts fiercely and strides forward, clapping his hand towards Yun Chuan’s skull . The strong wind from his motion makes the leaves a few meters away all rustle down .

A trace of cruelty shows itself on Yun San’s wrinkled old face . He seems to have seen Yun Chuan’s smashed body under his Bone-breaking Palm . As a result of his low martial arts qualification, he himself has been only practicing this low-grade skill on the Yellow level all his life . Although it is only on the entry-stage until now, together with his competence of the middle-stage of Body Cultivation, he still has the confidence to kill Yun Chuan directly by one palm .

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“Seven Stars Chasing the Sun!”

Yun Chuan roars and takes weird steps like a civet cat, directly avoiding Yun San’s palm and letting the strong blow hit the empty air .

“The insight-stage?! How could it be! How could you reach the insight-stage with your lowest blood?”

Yun San is shocked . As a worldly and sophisticated servant, he surely knows that Seven Stars Chasing the Sun is just a lower-grade skill at the Yellow level . If this skill of Yun Chuan were only at the entry-level, he could not avoid his attack at all . But Yun Chuan’s previous performance clearly shows that he has trained this skill into the insight-stage .

Extremely strong jealousy suddenly springs up in his heart . He has never managed to reach the insight-stage by practicing the Bone-breaking Palm through his whole life . But now, a 16-year-old boy with the same inferior quality of blood like him, could reach sight-stage! The intention of killing erupts from his body at that moment .

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“You old dog, there are still many things you don’t know! Even the skills on the perfect-stage, I will display them in the future!”

Yun Chuan laughs out loud, and with the help of Seven Stars Chasing the Sun, he dodges the attacks of Yun San again and again .

“Stop your bragging! You just reach the insight-stage of only one inferior skill of the Yellow leve, how dare you be so arrogant! I will let you know that if I want to kill you, I will make it as easy as slaughtering a dog!”

“Grand Palm of Thousands Leaves!”

But this time Yun Chuan suddenly doesn’t dodge anymore; he gives out a palm instead to face the servant’s assault directly . The illusion of hundreds of palms instantly shrouds Yun San from his head to toe .

“Grand Palm of Thousands Leaves on the insight-stage?! That’s impossible!”

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