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Chapter 49

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Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun leave far away . Their receding figures look bleak, as if they have aged decades in a flash . At this moment, they are no longer qualified to compete with the Yun Clan .

Or to say, they are no longer qualified to compete with Yun Chuan .

It’s not only Yun Chuan’s identity of the Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect, but also his terrifying growing speed that shocks everyone . Within a few months, he has reached the present amazing level .  It is until now that Zhao Chunyang understands that why Zhao Jiu has done his best to return to the Clan and admonish him not to provoke Yun Chuan .

“If this boy keeps moving, I’m afraid that his future achievements will be unimaginable . However, this time, he goads Gui Yantian of the Ghost Mountain School and they two have started a feud . The Ghost Mountain School always seeks revenge for the smallest grievance . I’m afraid that he will suffer the consequences . But in any case, for the sake of the further development of our Zhao Clan, I can’t turn against him . ”

Compared with the gloomy mood of the Zhao Clan and the Gongsun Clan at the moment, the atmosphere of the Yun Clan is quite different at the moment .

Even up to now, many people still find it’s a little bit unreal to look at Yun Chuan chatting with Dan Ling merrily .

“Senior Sister Dan, that is to say, even you are the Elder Master, you can’t recruit two Outer Disciples from the same Clan?”

Yun Chuan sighs secretly .  From the talk with Dan Ling he learns that in addition to his special situation, for the Daoist Pill Sect, an Elder Master can only recruit one disciple in a Clan .

Yun Chuan originally thought that he can recommend Yun Qing’er to join the Daoist Pill Sect this time, but now it seems that even Dan Ling can’t break the rules .

“However, Junior Brother Yun, if you can be an Elder Master of our Daoist Pill Sect, you will have your own quota of the Disciple recommendation .  Or rather, you can replace the quota of Yun Tian with Yun Qing’er; that also works . ” Dan Ling suddenly says with a smile .

Yun Chuan’s eyes light up .  He shakes his head and chuckles, “Well, maybe not . Since an Elder Master of the Dao Pill Sect can recommend a disciple, there is no need to cancel the place of Elder Brother Yun Tian . ”

Yun Tian also hears the words of Dan Ling and Yun Chuan . Hearing that Yun Chuan chooses to reserve the quota for him, he feels ashamed with the color coming and going on his face .   Tightly clenching his fist, he says in his heart: “I didn’t expect that Yun Chuan could have such a great achievements, but I’m no less of him at all .  With my fourth-level blood, I will definitely surpass him again as long as I can enter the Daoist Pill Sect!”

Dan Ling also notices Yun Tian beside and greets with a smile: “Yun Tian, you are now an Outer Disciple of our Daoist Pill Sect now .  In our Sect, the Outer Disciples usually call the Inner Disciples as Senior Brothers or Sisters .  So in the future, you can call Yun Chuan as your Senior Brother . ”

Yun Chuan’s face suddenly becomes very ugly as if he has eaten a fly alive . He has always been a proud talent always respected by others in the Yun Clan, but now the case is completely reversed . If Yun Chuan were somebody he doesn’t know at all, it may not be so hard and humiliated to call him as Senior Brother; but just a few months ago Yun Chuan was nothing but a wastrel in the Clan .

But after meeting Dan Ling’s sight and smile, he still turns to look at Yun Chuan and calls reluctantly: “Senior Brother . ”

With an encouraging face the youngster nods and smiles: “Junior Brother Yun Tian, don’t stand on ceremony . Since we are going to the Daoist Pill Sect together, we’d better support each other . ”

Yun Tian barely squeezes out a smile and nods to show his agreement . At the first glance, the atmosphere between these two is quite harmonious .

Several days have passed .  After all kinds of things have been done well and the Primordial Stones from the Zhao Clan and the Gongsun Clan are received by Yun Chuan, Dan Ling calls on Yun Chuan and Yun Tian to leave for the Daoist Pill Sect .

Many members of the Yun Clan now are coming out to see them off . Dan Ling takes out a small flying ship from the storage space of her Dantian and holds it in the palm . With her original force surging, the ship enlarges in the wind; and in an instant, it becomes more than ten square meters in size .  Carrying Dan Ling, Yun Chuan and Yun Tian, it soars and floats away handsomely .

Yun Chuan looks at the smaller and smaller crowd of the Yun Clan below and finds at the first glance the beautiful figure waving wildly to him in the front .  

“The Elder Master of the Daoist Pill Sect can have his or her own quota of the Disciple recommendation . . .  Then this time, I’ll be an Elder Master first!” The youngster looks at Yun Qing’er below and says to himself secretly .

The wind keeps whistling in his ear . Yun Chuan examines the flying ship under his feet in awe, and his eyes are full of envy .

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According to Dan Ling’s answer, the flying ship under his feet is called Ship of Tripmaster, which is one of the lucky chances she got from going deep into the Tomb of the Dhyana .

This Ship of Tripmaster, according to Dan Ling’s introduction, is a real Magic Treasure at the stage of Nascent Soul, and it can be ranked as a treasure of the top grade in those Martial Weapons at that stage .

One of the reasons why the stage of Nascent Soul is several times stronger than that of Martial Core is that the cultivator at the stage of Nascent Soul can make and use Martial Weapons; even the treasure of the lowest level at this stage can double the strength of its owner .

Luoyun City is the home of Yun Chuan, but it is too small; it’s hard to see even martial pills in the city, let alone martial Magical Treasures . It is precisely because of this that the Three Grand Clans would scramble for the quota of the Daoist Pill Sect so hard .

For it is not just a quota, but a higher starting point .

Along the way Dan Ling keeps introducing to them two, and Yun Chuan gets a deeper understanding of the broad world outside .

The most intuitive feeling he gets, that is, in the Tian Xuan World where he lives, Sects and Schools are the existence standing at the top of the pyramid on this continent .

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There are many sects in the Tian Xuan World . According to their strength, they are also divided into different classes; and the Daoist Pill Sect and the Ghost Mountain School that Yun Chuan knows now can be divided into the second-class .

But even the Sects and Schools of the second-class are several hundred times stronger than the Three Grand Clans in Luoyun City . Even the lowest Sect or School of this class is nearly ten times more powerful than the Yun Clan .

As for those at the first-class, similarly,they are nearly several hundred times stronger than the Sects and Schools at the second-class .

A trace of yearning shows in Yun Chuan’s eyes, and his body trembles slightly with excitement . The vast world outside is exactly the most suitable space for him to explore . After all, Yun Chuan is out of the small Luoyun City .

Daoist Pill Sect is located in the extreme north, nearly a million miles away from the Sunset Mountains . However, with the fast speed of Dan Ling’s Ship of Tripmaster, the Daoist Pill Sect can be seen in the distance after a few days’ travel .

Standing at the bow of the ship, Yun Chuan looks from afar, only to see a forest of peaks in front of him . In each peak there lingers a very strong breath, showing the existence of countless powerful cultivators .

What attracts Yun Chuan most is the highest mountain surrounded by numerous peaks in the middle . It is tens of thousands of meters high, towering into the clouds; it projects at its mountainside, forming a shape like a huge pill furnace .

“That’s the Main Sect Peak of our Daoist Pill Sect .  As an Inner Disciple of the Sect, you will be allotted a mountain as your own abode . ” Says Dan Ling to Yun Chuan .

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