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Chapter 48

Proofreader: Liang Yaping

Especially the way Yun Chuan called Dan Ling shocks them . Even Yun Luoshan, the Grand Master of the Yun Clan who always has a poker face, now can’t hide his surprised expression .

As for Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo, the two Grand Masters of the Zhao Clan and the Gongsun Clan, they turn pale at this moment . They didn’t expect that Yun Chuan would call Dan Ling the Elder Master of the Daoist Pill Sect as his Senior Sister .

“Well, Master Dan, we . . . ” Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo both look pale, but after looking at each other, they still go forward and try to speak something .

“Grand Master Zhao, Grand Master Gongsun, while you two Clans had some quarrels with the Ghost Mountain School, I didn’t expect that you would intend to murder Yun Chuan, an Inner Disciple of our Daoist Pill Sect . ”

Dan Ling’s voice turns colder, and she keeps saying, “Since that’s the case, I must say sorry about the numbers of Inner Disciples of your two Clans . . . ”

Although her words are quite light, they still sound like a thunderbolt in the ears of Zhao Chunyang and Gongsun Bo .

Without any accident, the ticket to the Daoist Pill Sect will ensure them at least thousand-year rejuvenation of the Clan . But now, all of this has turned to emptiness .

Gongsun Bo looks at Yun Chuan unbelievably, utterly dissipated . Just now, he heard every word of Dan Ling clearly .  So naturally, he catches every word of “Yun Chuan, an Inner Disciple of our Daoist Pill Sect” .

These words make his ears buzzing, and he even thinks that he had heard it wrong . But the strong support of Dan Ling for Yun Chuan tells him clearly that the identity of Yun Chuan is exactly what he heard .

“How, how could he become a disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect?! And he is an Inner Disciple, which is much higher than an outer one!”

Not only Gongsun Bo is shocked .  Dan Ling’s words has caused a turmoil among the crowd, and at once Yun Chuan becomes the focus of all .

This change of status is more shocking than seeing a beggar has become a king . After all, the identity of an Outer Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect is comparable to that of a Grand Master of these Three Clans, while that of a Inner Disciple is hundreds of times higher than that of an outer one .  So it can be imagined that how they are shocked .

Even as an Elder Master of the Daoist Pill Sect, Dan Ling has only one chance to introduce an Inner Disciple directly in her life .

“He is now an Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect . . . ”

In the distance stands Yun Tian with a trace of astonishment lying in his eyes .  Now he just remembers the strange look of Yun Chuan when Yun Chuan just came back and heard the news of him being an Outer Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect .

At that time, he thought that Yun Chuan felt nothing but envy and shame for himself, but now he knows that the behavior of himself on that day was really ridiculous .

It can even be said that Yun Chuan on that day did not want to pay attention to him at all .

“He has left behind me so much without my noticing it, and it’s so ridiculous that I was still complacent that day . . . So ridiculous . . . ” Yun Tian murmurs to himself with a wry smile .  

As for Yun Luoshan beside, he has been a little dizzy by this huge sense of happiness . Today he is ready to end up the whole Yun Clan in ruin together to fight back, but he didn’t expect to experience so many ups and downs in such a short period of time, which even makes him feel a little bit unreal .

Zhao Chunyang looks totally pale . In his heart at this moment, he has no intention of seeking revenge from Yun Chuan at all . Apart from anything else, as an Inner Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect, he can remove the name of the Zhao Clan from the list forever if he wants . What Zhao Chunyang thinks hard now is how to make up for his previous mistakes to ensure the continuation of the Zhao Clan .

The two Grand Clans came to denounce Yun Chuan publicly for his crimes, but all those end in such a way, which forces them to suffer in silence .

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“Yun Chuan, it’s my Zhao Clan’s fault .  You’ve suffered a lot of injuries, and how about this? Our Zhao Clan will send you five hundred Primordial Stones to make amends . ” Zhao Chunyang forces himself to smile and asks with a tone of discussion, almost abject in his respect to the youngster .

Yun Chuan gets startled, and he is just stunned by now Zhao Chunyang’s humble attitude .  However, this look in Zhao Chunyang’s eyes makes the Grand Master even more nervous . He believes that Yun Chuan is still dissatisfied with the price, so he clinches his teeth and says with a obsequious smile: “Well, I’ve made another mistake . I’m afraid that five hundred Primordial Stones will not be enough for your serious injury . In this way, our Zhao Clan will send a thousand Primordial Stones to you in recent days!”

Yun Chuan frowns and wonders why Zhao Chunyang now has such an attitude and gives him such a huge amount of Primordial Stones . He is about to ask, but his slight frown makes Zhao Chunyang’s heart sink again . He corrects himself repeatedly: “Two thousand, how about two thousand Primordial Stones?”

It’s so psychologically painful for him to say these words, but he still looks at Yun Chuan with a look of hope .

Yun Chuan is even more shocked . Without understanding why Zhao Chunyang adds another thousand Primordial Stones, he nods subconsciously . Zhao Chunyang turns to very happy and says at once, “Since you’ve agreed, two thousand Primordial Stones will be sent to your house in a few days .  Then I’ll take my leave, take my leave . ”

Seemingly, he fears that Yun Chuan will suddenly change his mind, Zhao Chunyang promises repeatedly and doesn’t want to stay here even for a second longer .  

The color of Gongsun Bo’s comes and goes .  At the next moment, he clenches his teeth and moves a step forward .  After looking at Dan Ling now also looking at him coldly not far from Yun Chuan, he forces out a smile, bows his hands and asks, “Yun Chuan, my young friend, our Gongsun Clan will also send two thousand Primordial Stones for compensation, how do you think about it?”

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“But you broke my house before . ” Yun Chuan shows an expressionless face and answers drily .

As soon as Yun Chuan’s words come out, Gongsun Bo finds that Dan Ling’s sight towards him suddenly becomes even colder . But Gongsun Bo also feels extremely wronged . He has seen Yun Chuan’s house before, and it can be said as one of the shabbiest one in the Yun Clan, which is not even worth one Primordial Stone .

He sighs gloomily .  Having broken Yun Chuan’s old house must be the stupidest thing he chooses to do here, for he gets nothing but a heavy loss for return .

Yun Chuan’s stinginess is not unfamiliar to him, as can be seen from the choice of the Zhao Clan . He knows that if he doesn’t pay a higher price today to satisfy the seemingly sunny youngster, his Gongsun Clan will not have a moment of peace in the future .

“It’s really my fault .  How about this? Our Gongsun Clan will send another two hundred Primordial Stones for compensation . ” Gongsun Bo’s heart is bleeding .

The boy shakes his head and reaches out five fingers, saying in a low and muffled voice: “Someone has offered five hundred Stones to buy my house, but I refused . ”

Gongsun Bo refrains himself from rolling his eyes and looks at the ruins behind Yun Chuan, which are clearly some most common broken bricks and tiles, but he still smiles wryly: “Then we will pay you six hundred Stones, and later we will also send someone to repair your house . ”

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