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Chapter 47

Proofread by Liang Yaping

If he knew it in advance, he would not sacrifice his Martial Core in any case .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Gongsun Xi’s white hair is scattered, and blood gushes from his mouth . Under the constant attacks towards his Martial Core from Yun Chuan, the original force in his body has completely been in a mess, which makes him unable to direct even a trace of strength .


A cobweb-like crack begins to appear on his Martial Core, and the original force accumulated throughout his whole life continues to sniff and overflow from that crack, which seems shocking .

The boy dressed in spotless white walks forward step by step with a faint smile on his lips, and he says: “Elder master, you said that the cultivators at the stage of Martial Core can never be humiliated . This may be true for some, but not for me; so I can’t agree with you . ”

The cracking sound continues .

Another crack spreads from Gongsun Xi’s Martial Core .  The blood keeps gushing from his mouth, and now he can’t say even a word . His original force is still running away, but he doesn’t have any strength to stop it .

Yun Chuan stands still and elegantly, his powerful Near Core still hits that cracked Martial Core of Gongsun Xi again and again, which makes Gongsun Xi’s original force disperse and him unable to attack .

Gongsun Xi’s mouth is now full of blood, and the tragic smile showing on his face cannot conceal the shock in his eyes: “Yun Chuan, you are truly an evil-like talent .  But even if I die, I will not let you go!”

At the moment when Gongsun Xi finishes his words, the original force in his Martial Core full of cracks surges and becomes extremely unstable just like the oil bursting in a raging fire . This change suddenly makes Yun Chuan’s face changed . His Near Core stops the attack, and goes back like avoiding the plague .

Yun Chuan can tell clearly what Gongsun Xi is going to do— it is obviously that he wants to explode his Martial Core and die together with him .

Although after being quenched by The Water of Icy Spring and The Fruit of Blood and Fire, his Near Core now can even be compared with a real Core of a cultivator at the early-stage of Martial Core, or even stronger than that .  However, a Near Core is just a Near Core . Because the original force contained in the Martial Core of the strong at the stage of Martial Core has been branded with his or her own power, it can destroy the enemy in the way of explosion to cause destruction to both sides; but the Near Core of Yun Chuan just can’t do that .

But there are also benefits . That is, the Near Core of Yun Chuan is not closely related to his own foundation of martial arts . Even if it is destroyed, it will not have the same impact on Yun Chuan as that on Gongsun Xi .

“Gongsun Xi, such a little jerk deserves not your life!”

At this time, Gui Yantian suddenly moves quickly to the front of Gongsun Xi and shakes his head .  After the violent original force fluctuation in Gongsun Xi’s body has been suppressed by him, he walks towards Yun Chuan step by step without any concealment of the intention of killing in his eyes .

The terrifying rise of Yun Chuan has made Gui Yantian extremely astonished and even scared . He even has a premonition that if he doesn’t kill Yun Chuan today, he will not have any chance to avenge his Second Younger Brother after a period of Yun Chuan’s growth .

At the moment, the killing intention has been determined in his mind . Even though his murder of Yun Chuan will affect the reputation of the Ghost Mountain School in all clans, he will still choose to kill Yun Chuan today at the risk of being punished after returning to the School .

Yun Chuan’s heart sinks, for he can feel the burning killing intention of Gui Yantian coming to him step by step . Now, Gui Yantian has lost his patience and is ready to finish this off by himself .

However, Gui Yantian is a powerful cultivator at the late-stage of Martial Core . Even if he has numerable amazing means to fight at the stage of Body Cultivation, he is still no match for that strong man . As for the Seven-layer Icy Flame, it is also something well-known to Gui Yantian, so he can’t just take it out easily .  For if he does that, it may be taken away directly by Gui Yantian with his powerful original force far stronger than Yun Chuan’s own .

After all, the Seven-layer Icy Flame will never choose a master .  Otherwise, it must be trump card of Yun Chuan now .

“Gui Yantian, how dare you!”

However, at the moment when Gui Yantian is about to attack, the original force between heaven and earth suddenly converges in the sky above the Yun Clan, forming a big palm with a full circle of tens of meters, which rushes towards Gui Yantian with a shocking momentum .

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Gui Yantian’s face changes greatly . He quickly retreats at this moment to be far away from the palm . But just when he is retreating, that original-force-formed big palm with a full circle of tens of meters is also solidifying rapidly when falling down .  It turns into a normal size hand print of an ordinary person, and its rushing speed becomes extremely fast in an instant . In a moment, it prints itself on the chest of Gui Yantian, who is then blown away while spitting blood .

In one move, Gui Yantian at the late-stage of Martial Core has been severely injured .

Yun Chuan is also shocked . He looks into the sky in the distance, only to see a familiar figure dressed in the black robe .

“Senior Sister Dan!”

A smile shows on Yun Chuan’s face, and he puts the mind at rest . But the complexion of Gui Yantian, who was blown out of hundreds of meters by one hand, now looks extremely stormy:  “You can mobilize the original power between heaven and earth for your own use . . .  Dan Ling, you are now half step to the stage of Nascent Soul?”

Dan Ling floats down to Yun Chuan and asks in a low voice with a worry looking on her pretty face: “Are you OK?”

“I’m all right . Fortunately you come in time . ” Yun Chuan answers with a smile, “Elder Sister, it seems that you have found other lucky chances in the Tomb of Dhyana, and you are now half step to the stage of Nascent Soul?”

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Dan Ling nods gently and looks at Gui Yantian . Although her voice is very clear and sweet, it is filled with the coldness of killing intention: “Gui Yantian, answer me, how do you want to die?”

The original force in her whole body is now surging up, and her black robe streams out without wind .  At this moment, everyone finds it is difficult to mobilize his or her original force in the range of hundreds of meters around Dan Ling .

“Escape of Hundreds Ghosts!”

Gui Yantian clenches his teeth in bitter hatred, and all of a sudden he claps his chest . A mouthful of purple blood essence then spurts out and breaks the shackles of original force formed by Dan Ling . The whole body of Gui Yantian suddenly turns into dozens of blood figures which rushes away in all directions, leaving his voice coming from afar: “Dan Ling, even though you are now half step to the stage of Nascent Soul, it is not so easy to catch me!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dan Ling’s look changes, and dozens of original-force-formed palms suddenly appear and pinch those blood figures to explosion instantly . However, Gui Yantian has released so many blood figures that there are still several fish escaping from the net and they escape far away .

“He’s gone! But I have destroyed dozens of blood figures of him, and he cannot recover completely without a year!” Dan Ling snorts coldly . The surging original force calms down, and those big palms dissipate at this moment . The girl sweeps away with her sight as sharp and cold as a knife .

A sound of swallowing comes .

Nobody knows where the sound comes from, but at the moment, all the people around them are shocked when looking at Dan Ling and Yun Chuan .

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