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Chapter 41

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“Oh, Yun Chuan?”

Yun Luoshan now wears a look of meditation and says slowly, “Yun Chuan’s recent performance is quite impressing .  In the battle for the Water of Icy Spring not long ago, if it were not for him, our Yun Clan would not have taken such a big advantage among the three Clans .  Right, he did make a great contribution to our Yun clan . In this respect, he really surpasses Yun Tian . . . ”

“And so what?”

Yun Qiyang steps forward and shakes his head . “After all, Yun Chuan is only of the lowest first-level blood .  For a waste destined to be shut from the stage of Martial Core, it’s a great favor for him to become the Core Disciple of our clan . How can he get the chance of being an Outer Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect this time?”

He says angrily: “We all know what such a quota in the Sect means to our clan . This is the key for our Yun Clan to become a clan of ten thousand years! If Yun Tian enters the Daoist Pill Sect, with his talent, he will surely be able to get a firm foothold in it and lay a good foundation, and our Yun Clan will definitely benefit from it .  However, as for Yun Chuan, even though he is now a shining star, his low blood clearly tells us that without a great lucky chance, he can’t enter the stage of Martial Core in the future .  Moreover, his speed of cultivation is four times slower than that of Yun Tian .  Everybody knows the gap between them, right?”

With both emotion and reason, Yun Qiyang successfully fills his words with persuasiveness, which immediately makes those hesitating seniors in the Yun Clan around nod one after another .

With a sigh, Yun Chenghe shakes his head and says no more . He quits the talk, and he seems to acquiesce in Yun Qiyang’s words .

Looking around to figure out the reaction of all the people, Yun Luoshan finally announces: “Since there is no other objection, then Yun Tian will get the quota of the Outer Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect . As for Yun Chuan, his previous contributions to our Yun Clan cannot be wiped out, so the Clan will also give him some compensation . After all, his blood level is really too low; it can only be so for our clan’s future development . ”

The result of the discussion among the senior members of the Yun Clan spreads quickly .  The news that Yun Tian wins the only quota of Daoist Pill Sect and becomes its Outer Disciple this time attracts the envy and attachment of numerous disciples in the Yun Clan .

Countless disciples in the clan all gather around Yun Tian just after his return like the stars revolving around the moon; endless congratulations and compliments all come at the same time .  

Everybody knows that, as a disciple of Daoist Pill Sect, though Yun Tian is only an outer one, his status is now comparable to that of the Grand Master of the Three Grand Clans in Luoyun City .

Yun Tian’s original talent is excellent enough and with the identity of an Outer Disciple of the Daoist Pill Sect, everybody can see his bright future .

“It’s our Yun Clan’s honor that Brother Yun Tian can get the place of the Outer Disciple of Daoist Pill Sect! With the talent of Brother Yun Tian, our Yun Clan will definitely surpass the Zhao Clan and the Gongsun Clan within a thousand years . ”

“That’s right . I am completely won over by Brother Yun Tian! But I heard that Yun Chuan, the waste with only the first-level blood, seems to compete with Brother Yun Tian before .  Wait, isn’t that Yun Chuan? He’s here too?”

Then, people’s eyes all turn to the Front Gate, and Yun Chuan comes slowly in his blood-stained white clothes, and he breathes faintly . When he sees Yun Tian among the crowd like the moon surrounded by the stars, clearly he is taken aback .

“He’s here, and so what? It’s just a waste of the first-level blood . Brother Yun Tian is a talent of fourth-level blood, and his cultivating speed is four times faster than that of this waste . How can he compete with Brother Yun Tian!”

“Nobody else is worthy of the quota of the Outer Disciple in the Daoist Pill Sect except Brother Yun Tian!”

Surrounded by many disciples in the clan and listening to the sound of discussion around him, Yun Tian smiles gently and nods to Yun Chuan . In his eyes, the previous arrogance and superiority he used to look at Yun Chuan with now comes back .

In his opinion, even if Yun Chuan has done something extraordinary previously, this boy will be surpassed by him; everything is going to change after he himself has got the number of the place of the Outer Disciple in the Daoist Pill Sect .  After entering the Sect, the resources he gets will be far beyond what he got before in the Yun Clan; he will surely soar into the sky and Yun Chuan, without any exception, will only be left further and further by him .

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The dragon will never be accompanied by a snake .  After that, he will pay no more attention to Yun Chuan . He also sees the strange look of Yun Chuan from afar, but he thinks it just shows the frustration of its owner; and this discovery makes his smile even larger .

Yun Tian has always been a specially privileged figure, so naturally he is very proud of himself . However, the great achievements that Yun Chuan has made in many places in this period of time have stolen the limelight that originally belonged to him . Yun Chuan’s performance on the tombstone in the Tomb of Dhyana even makes him feel ashamed of himself; he never felt like that before .

At this moment, looking at Yun Chuan’s depressed face immediately brings him a sense of exaltation upon fulfillment . He is still the pride of the Yun Clan, and he will still soar overhead at a great height far beyond others’ reach . As for Yun Chuan, from now on, the gap between them will only grow larger and deeper .

“How can you say that! Brother Chuan has made great contributions to our Yun Clan in the battle for the Water of Icy Spring, how can you all malign him like that? "

Just then, Yun Qing’er comes from afar and rushes to Yun Chuan’s side .  Seeing Yun Chuan’s clothes with blood stains she asks with concern, and a trace of worry crawls on her face: “Brother Chuan, are you alright?”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and says with a gentle smile towards the girl, “Qing’er, don’t pay attention to them . Nothing serious actually, and I will fully recover after a rest for a few days . ”

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“Younger Sister Qing’er, you are wrong about this . Our Yun Clan always rewards those who have made contributions and never lets them down enormously .  Our Grand Master has discussed with the Elder Master to give Yun Chuan a generous reward as compensation, which is enough to make him live comfortably all his life . ”

At this time, a familiar voice dripping with sarcasm comes from Yun Cheng, the grandson of the Elder Master Yun Qiyang . He was beaten by Yun Chuan before, so although he now opens his mouth with a smile at the moment, he cannot conceal the trace of resentment in his eyes when staring at Yun Chuan .

“Yun Cheng, I haven’t seen you for several months .  But from your vitality, I can tell that you have fully recovered from the injury . ”

Yun Chuan snorts coldly and takes a step forward, causing fear on Yun Cheng’s face at once . Yun Cheng steps back fearfully, but suddenly he reacts and hides himself behind Yun Tian, snorting: “Yun Chuan, a waste with no potential, you are allowed to be arrogant for only these few days! After I have reached the stage of Martial Core, you will be nothing! A waste like you, dares to be compared with Brother Yun Tian? Younger Sister Qing’er, I mean, you have no future if you choose to follow Yun Chuan . Your qualifications are not bad, and Brother Yun Tian is the good match with you . I heard that Grand Master and Elder Master are discussing this matter already . ”


Anger makes Yun Qing’er body tremble .  Pointing to Yun Cheng, she is now speechless with fury .  Yun Cheng was beaten violently by Yun Chuan before, and he almost becomes a laughingstock in the whole clan; there is no chance for him to compete for the position of the Grand Master of the Clan .  Therefore, he gave up the desire for Yun Qing’er a long time ago .  So naturally, his words are totally vicious and his eyes are full of bantering at this moment .

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