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Chapter 4

Return Ten times the Humiliation Back!

Proofread by Liang Yaping

Glancing at Yun Cheng, Yun Chuan says to him in an impolite manner .

“What an arrogant guy!”

Yun Cheng’s face is then full of pride, and he says with a fake smile, “Our Tian Xuan world esteems only martial arts extremely . In this case, if you can withstand my next move, you shall have the final say . ”

A look of anger is revealed on Yun Qing’er’s pretty face, “Yun Cheng, how can you be so detesting! Brother Chuan, let’s go and leave him alone!”

The girl grabs Yun Chuan’s hand and walks away directly from Yun Cheng, and she doesn’t even take a look at him .

Yun Cheng’s ferocious look is now completely unmasked, for his anger and jealousy almost drive him mad . The cold and wicked light in his eyes flashes, and a killing intention flits through his mind . Suddenly he punches with his palm right towards the back of Yun Chuan!

His cultivation base of martial arts is on the middle-stage of Body Cultivation, and this punch is released with full force . Evidently he wants Yun Chuan to die!

At the time when Yun Chuan is pulled by Yun Qing’er whose hands are so tender and seem boneless, his heart is tugged slightly . With a bitter smile on his face, he is about to pull his hands away . But quicker than words can tell, he feels the onslaught of the strong wind coming behind him . Without hesitation, he immediately tackles backwards .

Originally he made some hasty moves because of Yun Qing’er’s sudden action; In addition, Yun Cheng put forth full strength of the middle-stage of Body Cultivation . When the two palms meet, the face of Yun Chuan suddenly turns white and he staggers back a few steps, which finally help to dissolve the strike .

Surprise appears on Yun Cheng’s face . His assault is just close to a raid, so he is quite shocked that Yun Chuan could block this kind of attack . It is when he is about to try again that Yun Qing’er stands right between these two men and says angrily, “Yun Cheng, that’s enough! I must report to my father about what you have done today!"

Seeing this, Yun Cheng abandons the evil idea and stops . He then opens his folding fan with a loud bang, says in a seemingly elegant manner with a skin-deep smile, “Qing’er, What are you talking about? I heard that Cousin Yun Chuan was going to practice, and I couldn’t help but feel like having a simple competition with him . But I didn’t realize that Cousin Yun Chuan’s strength was so weak that he could hardly cope with my blow launched with only a part of my whole strength . A mistake was almost made! Cousin Yun Chuan, are you injured by me? How about I go to buy some medicine for you?”

Hearing that Yun Qing’er has warned him with the name of the Master of the Yun Clan, Yun Cheng also knows that he has no chance to continue . So at this moment, he greets Yun Chuan with hypocrisy .

An apologetic look crawls on Yun Qing’er’s face . Just now she did not realize that Yun Cheng dared to attack Yun Chuan so directly . She comes to Yun Chuan’s side and asks him with concern, “Brother Chuan, are you all right?”

Yun Chuan shakes his head though he looks a little pale, “I’m fine . ”

Yun Qing’er looks at Yun Cheng in disgust and says coldly, “You’d better feel lucky that Brother Chuan was not hurt . Otherwise, I will tell everything to my father!”

Yun Cheng witnesses Yun Qing’er’s intimacy with Yun Chuan, and his killing intention in his eyes can hardly be concealed . But still he smiles falsely and says, “Don’t blame me, Qing’er, for I have already known my mistake . Next time when we practice again, I will spare some strength to avoid punching Cousin Yun Chuan to death . ”

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Seeing Yun Cheng go far, Yun Qing’er looks worried . He said, “Brother Chuan, I’m the one to blame this time . Yun Cheng is a man who will seek revenge for the smallest grievance, and he is about to break into the later-stage of Body Cultivation . You must be careful . ”

With a smile Yun Chuan shakes his head and says, “Don’t worry, Qing’er, I have my own ideas . ”

Again Yun Qing’er exhorts him a few words . Seeing Yun Chuan’s calm face which shows that he takes no count of what happened before, she then walks away .

Watching Yun Qing’er go away, Yun Chuan says to himself with his eyes trembling, “A real man is sure to take the revenge! My tolerance is also limited . Yun Cheng, how can you treat me like this, if it were not for that golden scroll I just got and my shallow foundation, I would definitely return ten times the humiliation back!”

He strides out of the town and heads for the periphery of the Sunset Mountains .

The Sunset Mountains stretch for thousands of miles from east to west, and the deep mountains and old forests are full of demons and monsters . The more one walks inside, the more powerful the magical creatures he or she may encounter . It is said that there are also ancient monsters comparable with the God of Martial Arts . Luo Yun City where the Yun Clan locates itself is not far from the Sunset Mountains, so Yun Chuan can reach that place in a few hours .

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Now Yun Chuan is only at the early-stage of Body Cultivation so he dare not go deep into the mountains . Although there are still monsters and beasts outside the Sunset Mountains, most of them are just weak ones about to be incarnated, so they are easier to deal with . Yun Chuan just wants to hunt down some monsters and beasts to accumulate some soul value needed for the exchange of martial arts and other skills .

Mountains and forests are very dense, in which most of ancient trees are broad enough to be embraced by two people . Yun Chuan treads on the fallen leaves, making a rustling sound . Sunshine splashes down from the leaves, showing a kind of fantastic color .

Given the second chance to live again, although Yun Chuan’s present cultivation base is only on the early-stage of the Body Cultivation, his previous life experience of lingering on the late-stage of Body Cultivation for more than a hundred years endows him with a profound understanding of the stage of Body Cultivation .

Every movement and gesture of him is so energetic and full of strength, and with a proper master of the strength, the consumption of his Internal Energy is merely less a half than that of ordinary people .

“Seven Stars Chasing the Sun, watch my Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves!”

Moving with a strange pace, Yun Chuan suddenly releases a palm to an old tree as big as several men’s embrace . The leaves rustle down one after another, and then a mark of palm, which is as deep as several inches, appears on the trunk .

Yun Chuan shakes his head . Both these two martial arts, one about the body skill, and the other about the offensive skill, are of the lower grade on the Yellow Level . As for Yun Chuan, a disciple with such a low status, he just has no access to other higher grade martial arts at all .

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