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Chapter 25

Proofread by Liang Yaping

A trace of joy flashes through Gongsun Jing’s eyes when he sees that Yun Qing’er makes the first move . His seemingly unbridled words just now were actually to provoke Yun Qing’er, so when she can’t control her anger and attack, they three can fight back and overpower her together .

In this way, Yun Chuan definitely won’t run away, and Gongsun Jing can get them all .

But just then, Yun Chuan suddenly moves and stands in front of Yun Qing’er and smiles: “Qing’er, it’s not your turn to face these inferior guys . Since they want to die, I’ll satisfy them then . ”

“You are really an idiot seeking death!”

Gongsun Jing’s face is full of pity .  He stands high and speaks with a teasing smile: “Yun Chuan, who do you think you are? You are not in a drama, acting like a hero to save the beauty . Since you stand out here, I’ll spare your life first . ” He commands his servants, “You two, break the arms and legs of this waste . I’ll let him see how I possess Yun Qing’er here .  It’s not so easy to die comfortably in my hands!”

Yun Chuan’s face darkens, and he utters cold words: “Gongsun Jing, I can guarantee that you will not die in pleasure .  You believe it or not?”

As soon as Yun Chuan finishes his words, Gongsun Jing’s two old servants at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation have blocked all the retreats of Yun Chuan by his side .

“Palm of Blazing Fire!”

Gongsun Jing laughs grimly . Suddenly he strides forward and releases a palm .  His original power turns into a raging fire and rushes out . In a moment, he rushes to Yun Chuan’s front . Meanwhile, the two old servants at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation also attack with endless fire; and for an instant the whole body of Yun Chuan is totally devoured .

“Yun Chuan, Palm of Blazing Fire is a medium martial skill of the Yellow level, and there is now only half step for us three to practice it into the insight-stage .  So altogether, it can be compared to the inferior martial skill at the Yellow level .  See and die then!”

“Brother Chuan!”

Seeing Yun Chuan has been engulfed by the flames, Yun Qing’er feels startled and is about to rush forward .  But at the moment she moves, the fire that has engulfed Yun Chuan suddenly bursts out . In the middle of the fire, Yun Chuan’s figure suddenly appears .  Together with him come numerous shadows of the palm, and Yun Chuan batters them on the two servants closest to him .

“Grand Palm of Thousand Leaves, Five-wound Explosive Fist!”

All this happens in a flash . Gongsun Jing never expects that Yun Chuan, a waste-like disciple who just reached the middle-stage of Body Cultivation a few days ago, can survive under the siege of three cultivators at the same stage . Before he has time to react, he sees an unimaginable scene: his two old servants who have been at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation for many years are flying backwards while spitting blood .

“How could it be?! Only a few days have passed, Yun Chuan, how can you improve your strength so much?”

Gongsun Jing’s eyes are filled with incredibility .  According to the strength that Yun Chuan showed in the martial arts assessment before, their strength is enough to kill this guy . But now, the fact chills his blood . Those two old servants who have been at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation for many years can’t even catch Yun Chuan’s palm .

“I remember that Brother Chuan’s martial qualification is only of the first-level blood . . .  Or, is there something wrong with the hearsay before?” Yun Qing’er’s heart is full of joy and doubt . She also didn’t expect that Yun Chuan’s strength could be increased so much after only a few days .

“Gongsun Jing, I said, you won’t die in pleasure . Now you believe it or not?”

Yun Chuan smiles . A few drops of red blood are stained on his white clothes, and he walks to Gongsun Jing step by step .

Gongsun Jing shows a frightened face and stumbles back . At the moment when he sees the two old servants spitting blood on the ground, his heart almost stands still with fright .  The blood spitted by those two is mixed with visceral fragments, and their breath turns weaker and weaker .  Obviously both of them are going to die .

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“How could it be! He is a devil!”

Gongsun Jing is caught by horror and despair completely . He cannot understand why his two servants at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation can be killed by one pail of Yun Chuan .  He turns around and flees to Luoyun City in a hurry .

Now the situation has been completely reversed . Gongsun Jing’s heart is full of endless regrets . If given another chance, he would not provoke this devil-like guy so actively . Until now, he has not figured out why his two servants at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation are so vulnerable under Yun Chuan’s attack—even their internal organs are completely destroyed by him!

All the way back to Luoyun City Gongsun Jing is panic-stricken . It is only after he sees Luoyun city not far away that he feels relieved . As long as he is in the city, Yun Chuan dares not to do anything to him under the rule .

But at this time, he suddenly feels a fist fluttering lightly on his back .  Its strength is so light that it just makes him stumble with no pain .

Looking back, he is frightened .  He doesn’t know when Yun Chuan has been behind him .  The youngster behind takes back his fist and grins, showing his white teeth: “Gongsun Jing, do you remember what I said?”

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Gongsun Jing doesn’t dare to answer, and he runs even faster .  After he runs into Luoyun City, he feels secure and looks back .  Yun Chuan doesn’t catch up with him, as if he had given up his intention to kill after that light fist .

“Can it be that he was throwing mists before my eyes to frighten me deliberately?”

He feels a little uneasy and checks his whole body again, but there is no abnormality except for a kind of dull pain between his chest and abdomen .  However, the pain is very slight, so he doesn’t worry a lot, thinking that it is just caused by his strenuous running .

“It seems that’s the truth .  How can Yun Chuan suddenly improve his strength so much? He must be using some tricks . I’m afraid that he doesn’t have the strength to fight with me any more now, and that fist was just to scare me away . . . ”

Gongsun Jing is then relieved after all these considerations . He is crap scared by Yun Chuan just now, so even though he now guesses that Yun Chuan might not have the strength to fight, he dares not to turn back again .

“A wise man knows when to retreat . When I get back to my family, I’ll find ways to avenge myself and punish Yun Chuan . . . ”


Just then, Gongsun Jing’s eyes suddenly widen .  There is a muffled sound in his body, and with it comes again the pain between his chest and abdomen, and that pain completely bursts out, making him suffer to the marrow .

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