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Chapter 24

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“I’ve gone too far? Hha, Yun Chuan, that’s exactly what I want . What can you do? Tell you what, as long as I’m here today, you can buy nothing you want!”


Gongsun Jing feels even gladder . Seeing Yun Chuan’s performance, he believes that this thing must mean a lot for Yun Chuan, but that deal has been destroyed by him . Although he feels that the monster tendon is only worth five Primordial Stones at most according to the normal price, he unconsciously ignores that when seeing the terrible look of Yun Chuan .

Yun Qing’er is a little bit shocked . The girl now understands Yun Chuan’s mind, and her pretty face is full of indignation .  


“This monster bone is not bad . How much is . . . ”

“I’ll take it!”

“This monster skin is of good quality, shopkeeper, this time you must sell to me . . . ”

“Poor wretch, you still won’t give up?”

“This ore is of great benefit to me . Fifteen Primordial Stones? Shopkeeper, can you make it cheaper . . .  ”

“Shopkeeper, I’ll give you fifty Primordial Stones for it!”

Yun Chuan’s face is getting more and more livid, and it seems that water is about to drip down from his face .  With an unwilling look he gnaws his teeth .  Appreciating Yun Chuan’s bad mood, Gongsun Jing opens the folding fan elegantly .  He reads out each price four or five times higher than normal ones, and sighs secretly for his money spent like water .

“The things here are much more expensive than the usual ones, and I have spent most of my savings . However, it’s worth seeing Yun Chuan the Waste being mad . ” 

“Master Jing, it seems that our Primordial Stones are running out . . . ” A servant who can hardly take anything in his hands whispers in Gongsun Jing’s ear .

By this time, almost all of the things that Yun Chuan and Yun Qing’er previously consigned here have been bought by Gongsun Jing . Also, according to Yun Chuan’s previous instructions, the shopkeeper has tripled the original price . In addition, Gongsun Jing himself has tripled the original price to humiliate Yun Chuan .  So altogether, their goods have been sold at a price ten times higher than the previous one .

“You’ve spent all your Primordial Stones? Poor wretch indeed . . . ”

Suddenly, Yun Chuan’s look is no longer tight, and he smiles and says to the owner of the shop, “Shopkeeper, please help me to figure out how many Primordial Stones we’ve earned by selling our goods this time?”

The shopkeeper smiles with a smart face . He takes a black abacus and slaps it, then answers cheerily, “The goods that you two have consigned here are sold for 453 Primordial Stones in total . ”

Yun Chuan and Yun Qing’er nod and take Primordial Stones handed over by the owner of the shop .  Being satisfied, they turn back and leave, pushing Gongsun Jing and his followers aside: “Excuse me, but don’t get in our way, you poor wretches . ”

“Yun Chuan, you and I will be at daggers drawn then!”

Looking at the leaving Yun Chuan, Gongsun Jing goes so mad that he almost spews out a mouthful of blood . He just knows that all that happened just now was just Yun Chuan’s trap . He bought a pile of rags at a sky-high price which cost almost all his Primordial Stones .

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“Young master, that waste dares to fool you so! Let me kill him now!”

The faces of two servants at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation behind Gongsun Jing also go red at the moment, and they two clamor to kill Yun Chuan and Yun Qing’er here .  But all they receive is a heavy kick by Gongsun Jing .  He angrily says: “This is Luoyun City, do you want to die? Keep up with him until you find no one around, and I’ll let him know that my Primordial Stones cannot be easily be taken by any cat or dog!”

Yun Chuan frowns, for he finds that Gongsun Jing and others are still tracking him from afar .  Feeling the killing intention of those people, he suddenly shows a cold face: “Following still? Alright then, they are digging their own graves!”

Yun Qing’er has also discovered the trace of Gongsun Jing and his servants, and she says: “The two old servants of Gongsun Jing have been at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation for many years, and Gongsun Jing has always been a villain who seeks revenge for even the smallest grievance . This time, we’ve made a monkey out of him . I’m afraid that he won’t give up so easily . ”

“Before, I thought that those Primordial Stones would be enough for their compensation; but since Gongsun Jing himself seeks to die, don’t blame me then . As long as he dares to come here, I’ll kill him directly, no matter who he is!” With a cold smile, Yun Chuan walks directly outwards Luoyun City .

Yun Qing’er is a little bit surprised—she clearly finds the difference now .  Compared with the previous youngster, Yun Chuan now becomes very confident and aggressive . The decisive manner in his words makes the girl’s heart bound with adoration at this moment . A splash of red climbs from the root of her ears to her neck .  

“Maybe Brother Chuan can break the curse that a disciple with the lowest level of blood can’t break through the stage of Body Cultivation . . . ” Following Yun Chuan quietly, Yun Qing’er says to herself and looks at Yun Chuan’s back—a mountain-like figure full of sense of security .

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Outside Luoyun City, Yun Chuan suddenly stops and smiles, “Gongsun Jing, when will you stop sticking your neck out like a turtle? Is it not good for you to be a treasure-delivering boy obediently? ”

“Good courage, Yun Chuan .  You’ve become really brave now .  Having taken something that doesn’t belong to you, and you still dare to go out of the city? I know you surely have some small tricks, but you are just of the lowest blood .  There is no chance for you the waste to reach the stage of Martial Core at all .  Accept your fate then!”

With an insidious smile, Gongsun Jing walks out of the hiding place as boldly as brass .  For today, he has these two old servants with him . These two old servants have been at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation for decades, and their martial experience is rich and reliable .

And judging from the strength that Yun Chuan showed in the Martial Arts Assessment before, Gongsun Jing is sure that an old servant at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation will be enough to deal with him .  Moreover, he and two old servants of such kind will be more than enough for this condition . That’s also the reason why Gongsun Jing has enough confidence to despise Yun Chuan and Yun Qing’er as the meat on the chopping block .

A trace of lechery even appears in Gongsun Jing’s eyes towards Yun Qing’er . He smiles at an old servant beside him and says, “Go and catch Yun Qing’er alive . I want her to be alive, you understand? Yun Chuan, Yun Qing’er, you two dare to take my Primordial Stones? I want you Yun Clan to pay me ten times back! If you don’t have enough Stones, then let Yun Qing’er repay me with her body tonight!”

A ferocious smile shows on the old servant’s face behind Gongsun Jing . The old man licks his lips, and walks towards Yun Qing’er frighteningly: “Thanks for your understanding, young master . My favorite thing to do in my whole life is to catch this kind of fragrant and soft girls alive, and then pinch their bones slowly .  Seeing their desperate and scared eyes and hearing the breaking sounds of their bones make me even shiver with excitement .  Young master, trust me; I know when to stop and won’t let her die . ”

The beautiful face of Yun Qing’er becomes pale with anger .  She can’t contain her anger and is about to rush forward .  The expanding original power from her body shows that she is really furious .

Moreover, although she saw Yun Chuan’s strength before, this time when facing three powerful cultivators at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation, she still has to bear most of the pressure as the first one to fight . She knows that Yun Chuan has just reached the middle-stage of Body Cultivation for merely a few days, so he might not be strong enough to fight with these three people .

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