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Chapter 23
Chapter 23: You’ve Gone Too Far

Translator: Li Ruoxuan

Proofread by Liang Yaping

"Brother Chuan, there will be the battle among the Three Great Clans for the Water of Icy Spring in a few days . How are you doing with the martial skill of Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle? I heard that Yun Tian has reached its insight-stage in less than a month .  As for me, I’m just at the entry . ” A trace of chagrin flashes through Yun Qing’er’s eyes .

Yun Chuan shakes his head and smiles: “After all, Yun Tian is of the fourth-level blood, so it’s common for him to have such a high martial arts qualification to reach the insight-stage .  As for Yu Xuan Sacred Bottle, however, it is just an auxiliary martial skill . . . ”

“Oh, look who’s here? Aren’t you the Core Disciple of Yun Clan, Yun Chuan, the great genius? Is the wind today so strong that it makes you a fool?”

Yun Chuan frowns . Looking back, he finds that Gongsun Jing followed by two servants is coming from a distance .  Walking towards Yun Chuan, Gongsun Jing opens his folding fan and says to him with a skin-deep smile: “It’s really a small world, now we meet again . Yun Chuan, how about your martial arts cultivation of Yu Xuan Bottle, the martial skill for the collection of Water of Icy Spring? Have you found its entry? I really should say ‘thank you’, for with your participation this time, our Gongsun Clan will definitely be able to get more Water easily and effortlessly . ”

“Young master, a waste like Yun Chuan doesn’t deserve that title . Even if they have Yun Tian in their clan, Yun Chuan is just of the lowest blood . It’s such a blessing for our Gongsun Clan to have a pig-like teammate in Yun Clan . ” The servant behind Gongsun Jing says to him with a flattering smile .  

Yun Chuan shakes his head and snorts coldly, “Don’t be damned snobbish and ask to die . Qing’er, let’s go . ”

War can hardly be seen in the Luoyun City . The Three Great Clans have agreed with one another that the martial arts cultivators in the city are not allowed to fight in the street, and Yun Chuan is not interested in beating Gongsun Jing temporarily by talking nonsense .

But Gongsun Jing doesn’t have this awareness . Even if he cannot kill Yun Chuan in the city, with the company of two servants at the middle-stage of Body Cultivation, he has made up his mind to insult Yun Chuan severely this time .

At the time of the Martial Arts Assessment of the Yun Clan, he was frightened by Yun Chuan, a waste with only first-level blood . Even though there is something unusual about this waste, it is unforgivable for Gongsun Jing, who is always proud .  The only way to avenge is to pay that day’s shame several times back today .

“Want to be a turtle hiding in the shell? Yun Chuan, how beautifully you think!”

Yun Chuan shakes his head and pays no attention to those people . Suddenly, his eyes shine brightly .  He strides to a stall on the side of the road and asks, “How much is the ginseng for nourishing the Vital Energy and the blood?”

Although he has recovered from the previous injury after the period of cultivation, it still takes some time for him to fully resume his spirits . The wild ginseng sold in the stall is truly beneficial to him .

The stall owner is a small man with a black face .  Seeing seven or eight people are coming towards his stall, and judging by their clothes, he can tell that these people are from some rich clans; he knows that big customers have come . With an extremely happy face he nods his head and answers with a bow, “The price is not bad .  I dug this centennial ginseng out in the Sunset Mountains . If you want, two Primordial Stones will be enough . ”

“Well, that’s fair .  I’ll take . . . ”

Yun Chuan nods and takes out two Primordial Stones .  When he is handing them to the stall owner, Gongsun Jing puts his hand on the ginseng and directly picks it up .

“Shopkeeper, I’ll take this ginseng by a price three times higher!”

Gongsun Jing directly throws six Primordial Stones to the shopkeeper .  With his head in the air he looks at Yun Chuan provocatively and says in a duck-like voice, as if he has more wealth than others: “You want to buy something today? And I won’t let you win .  You feel unpleasant? That’s right .  To be frank, you can buy nothing today!”

“Gongsun Jing, we first found this thing . How can you do this!” Says Yun Qing’er angrily .

“For those treasures coming from nature, the ownership always belongs to the highest bidder . Why, Yun Chuan, it’s just a matter of several Primordial Stones .  Can’t you afford it? By the way, I almost forget that you have just become the Core Disciple of the Yun Clan the other day by chance . Poor wretch! Don’t you understand the rule of the highest bidder?”

“You’ve gone too far! I’ll pay . . . ”

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Anger appears in Yun Qing’er’s eyes . When she is about to continue the condemnation, the youngster beside her stops the girl .  With a gloomy look on his face, Yun Chuan shakes his head: “Forget it, and don’t go down to their level . Let’s go to other places . . . ”

“Why, feel ashamed to live on women this time?” Looking at the livid face of Yun Chuan, Gongsun Jing laughs with great joy: “The sicker you feel, the happier I will be . How, you want to kill me now? Unfortunately, it’s forbidden in Luoyun City . Otherwise, we three would have done that to you here . ”

With a livid face Yun Chuan keeps walking on .  Everything he takes a fancy to will be bought by Gongsun Jing at a higher price .  Therefore, although he has been shopping for a long time, there is still nothing in his hand .

Gongsun Jing laughs, and he gets even happier when looking at Yun Chuan’s gloomy face; he and his jeers follow Yun Chuan all the way .

After a circle, a familiar shop appears in front of them . It is exactly the shop where Yun Chuan and Yun Qing’er consigned their goods .

Yun Qing’er blinks and looks at Yun Chuan, whose face is still stormy; after that she stealthily glances at the proud Gongsun Jing and his followers, and then a strange look appears on her face .

From the shop comes the shopkeeper, a chubby middle-aged man with a kind face . When he is about to meet them, he suddenly notices that Yun Chuan is shaking his head at him .  Glancing at Gongsun Jing and his followers, Yun Chuan quietly reaches out three fingers to the shopkeeper .

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Although the shopkeeper looks kind-hearted, he still possesses the inborn shrewdness of a businessman . After seeing Yun Chuan is walking towards his consignment, the shopkeeper immediately comes up and starts to introduce his goods to them as if he doesn’t know Yun Chuan and Yun Qing’er at all .

“The monster tendon in the later-stage of Body Cultivation? Wonderful! It’s of great use to me . Shopkeeper, how many Primordial Stones does this monster tendon cost?”

Yun Chuan looks around, suddenly his eyes and face light up with surprise .

“Young master, you really know much about the goods . This monster tendon is very rare, and there is only one . If you want it, ten Primordial Stones will be enough . ” The shopkeeper’s chubby face is full of kindness .

“Ok, I’ll take it . . . ”

“Wait a minute, shopkeeper . I’ll pay you three times the price, thirty Primordial Stones, and this one belongs to me!” On his high horse Gongsun Jing throws the Primordial Stones directly to the shopkeeper . The servant behind him immediately laughs and then puts up the monster tendon which Yun Chuan is interested in, and looks at him defiantly .

“Gongsun Jing, you’ve gone too far!”

Yun Chuan is swollen with indignation, and his face turns extremely terrible .  Watching the monster tendon chosen first by him being taken away, an indignant look occupies his face .

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