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Chapter 801 - Drop Hatred and Embrace Tomorrow

Seeing that his own mother was wiping away her tears, the little guy could not help but become hostile.

"Mommy, tell me, who locked Mommy and me in that little house with our feet locked? Nuonuo will help Mommy destroy him! "

In the little guy's heart, no one was allowed to bully his mother.

"Ask your foster father!" Your foster father knows! Oh right, your father knows as well! "

Xueluo did not directly answer his son's question, but instead pushed the topic to Hetun.

He then put down his bowl and chopsticks, stood up and walked to his room.

These days, the days were too peaceful, but it made Xueluo's heart become restless. He kept thinking about his past life: Butler Mo coming to the Xia Family to lay down the betrothal gift, then he would be forced to marry into the Feng Family, then continuing to tangle with Feng Xinglang, competing with his wits and courage … And there was also the matter of entangling themselves with Lan Youyou!

When he thought about everything that a pregnant woman like him had once suffered from, Xueluo felt a chill down his spine even though he still had lingering fears in his heart.

What kind of firm conviction did it take for her to be able to save the child in her womb, and also save her own life?

Actually, at the same time that Xueluo displayed his loathing for Lan Youyou, he was also expressing his dissatisfaction towards the Hetun through a special method!

Of course, when the Hetun locked a pregnant woman, Feng Lixin, and a handicapped person, into a container with empty oxygen, they could only breathe from the toilet to prolong their lives.

He even threw a pregnant woman into the ice-cold sea.

Thinking about that, Xueluo felt that everything in front of him was pitch black! It was so dark that one couldn't see the end of it!

What was laughable was that the person who did this was actually his child's biological grandfather!

How strange!

Seeing that mother went back to her room sadly, the little fellow immediately glared at foster father Hetun aggressively.

"Father, do you know who the bad guy who locked me and Mommy was? And with a chain around my mother? Tell me! I want to avenge my mother! "

Hetun would probably not be able to eat this dinner.

It was only now that he realized that he had not only sinned against his own son, Xing Lang, but also against Xueluo and his son!

However, Hetun was selfish in the face of his own grandson's questioning.

Of course he wouldn't tell his grandson: the culprit was actually him, his biological grandfather!

"Fifteen, come here..."

Hetun scooped the little guy up from the ground, hugged him and gave him a warm kiss.

"The one who locked your mother up is number seven! He was also Lan Youyou! My foster father has sent someone to find her in Vancouver! Father will avenge you and your mommy. "

"It's that bad witch again!" The little fellow's gaze was fierce.

He, who had lived in the Feng Family for a few days, had personally witnessed Lan Youyou's ruthlessness. He had always been thinking of ways to bully him and his mother.

"Is Vancouver big? How long has it been? "Why haven't you found it yet?"

The little fellow harrumphed in dissatisfaction.

"We'll find it!" "Good boy, will you sleep with your foster father tonight?"

Hetun rubbed his bearded chin on the little guy's incredibly tender face.

"No! Lan Youyou is your adopted daughter, you are the villain who helped her bully my mommy and me! "

Although the little guy was small, his brain was still quite good.

Previously, in order to kiss Mommy, he had always been afraid of Hetun, but now, the little guy was no longer afraid of him. Because he could also feel that Mother Mi Xueluo was no longer as afraid of Hetun as she used to be; and foster father Hetun no longer seemed to be so fierce and merciless!

The new phone rang, the call was from Feng Xinglang.

Xueluo lay on the ground, and did not answer the phone above his head; the little guy glanced at Mommy who was unwilling to answer Feng Xinglang's call, and then pressed his own phone down to avoid the phone, so that Mommy could hear her daddy's voice.

"My dear good son Nuonuo, have you slept with your mother yet? Father is so lonely! "

Feng Xinglang's voice sounded a little lonely and heavy, with another hint of laziness.

"Bastard Feng Xinglang, your biological son doesn't even need to bother with you!"

The little guy hummed with a displeased expression.

"What now? How did my biological father offend you and your mommy? "

The only reason why he could make the little fellow unhappy was because of his mother.

Using Hetun's words, "The little thing is especially precious to his own mother!"

"Feng Xinglang, do you know that the bad guy who locked my mother and I in chains inside a small house, ate and drank everything together, and lived a life worse than a dog is Lan Youyou?"

His son's sudden questioning caused Feng Xinglang to be silent for a moment.

Presumably, his son did not say this for no reason, he must have heard it from his mother Xueluo.

"Humph!" Looks like you already knew! Then why not avenge me and my mommy? Not punishing that Lan Youyou? "

Feng Xinglang's silence made the little guy think that it was a kind of tacit agreement.

"Nuonuo, give your phone to Mommy. "Be good."

"My mommy doesn't want to answer your phone!"

The little guy angrily said, "Fortunately, my mommy has me, her biological son. I will avenge my mommy!"

"Nuonuo! This is none of your business! Give the phone to Mommy! "

Feng Xinglang's voice was somewhat angered.

In Feng Xinglang's opinion, no matter what, they should not involve their son in this hatred.

"How is it not my business? I was suffering in my mother's womb! Feng Xinglang, you are so useless! You can't even protect your own wife and children! "

The little guy's hostility was not accumulated over a day or two; it was cultivated over five years by the Hetun.

He hung up the phone and even closed the phone, then threw it far away.

Then, the little guy hugged Mummy Xueluo's waist and muttered, "Mummy, I'm sorry for making you suffer!"

Xueluo's tears fell like beads from a broken string.

It was not that she did not know: she did not want to grasp the grief and pain of the past; she wanted to look forward to a beautiful tomorrow in a vigorous manner.

That was healthy and wise.

But Xueluo was unable to do it.

It was like an unerasable barb. Just the thought of touching it would cause her entire body to tremble in pain!

"Nuonuo, why are you so fierce to your father? Your father was right: it's a grown-up thing, you're just a kid who's responsible for growing up happily! "

Xueluo embraced his son's small and sturdy body, and warmly persuaded.

"But if mother is not happy, Nuonuo will not be either!"

The little fellow snuck into Xueluo's embrace and snuggled around like a spoiled child, "Mommy, Nuonuo really wants to see Mommy happy every day!"

Xueluo's heart hurt again.

He had already pretended to be 'happy' for five years. Was he going to continue pretending for his child?

Because Xueluo knew: She alone did not have the ability to seek justice from Lan Youyou. She had thought about calling the police, and she wanted to use the law to bring justice to this mother and son. But today, it was too difficult to gather evidence.

"Nuonuo, are you willing to leave the Shen City with Mommy?"

To let go of her hatred and embrace tomorrow would probably be the wisest move on her part.

"Does that make Mommy happy every day?" The little fellow asked instead of answering.

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