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Increasing The Number Of Underlings

“Ooh, they’re amazing, Master! Maybe I’ll also request for a match later!”

Liscia who shows an excited expression when she sees Elfion and Relcend’s battles. It’s fine to do it, but do it in moderation, alright. It’s not funny for comrades to be killing each other or whatnot, alright.

Now then, I guess I’ll participate in the battle as well. The other party has a large army of about 300 thousand. It’s without a doubt that their numbers are overwhelmingly more than our side even though we’ve reduced their numbers and it’s not everybody they’ve got. In comparison to that, our side is roughly below 100 thousand.

In comparison to the Empire, that still has spare strength in its own country, it’s the limit of the number of people that the Demihuman Country can send out now. Even if they win this battle by any chance, if you look at it in the long term, the fact that they reduce their numbers is probably a lost……if they fight normally.

However, I’m around this time. I have the Demihuman Country’s people standby at the back and I make about 200 of the Creeping Death Squad(Living Dead Army), that I summoned, stand at the front. And then, thanks to the Soul Absorption Necklace that has already absorbed tens of thousands of souls, my magic power is also quite something. I’ll probably be able to make all the corpses, that’ll increase from now on, into my underlings. In order to do that, I have to kill them.

Firstly, I’ll start with the Empire soldiers whom Elfion and Relcend killed earlier.

“Mist of Darkness”

I activate my sorcery at the enemy’s formation. The Empire soldiers panic at the black mist that suddenly approaches, but this mist has no effect on the living. It only has an effect on corpses. Corpses that this mist touches, they turn into zombies with no self.

The Empire soldiers who panic at the fact that the corpses suddenly started moving. It’s inevitable. Indeed, when you leave corpses as is without burning nor purifying them, they do become dead spirit monsters like zombies and skeletons, but it takes quite some time. It takes a week even at the earliest. Hence, it happening right after death doesn’t occur originally.

“Now then, you guys will go as well”

The Death Squad that starts to move on my command. Although these fellows are without self, they’re able to fight as they did when they were alive to a certain extent. It’s different if they’re ordinary humans, but every single Demihuman is strong in exchange for their small number. Furthermore, they’re soldiers that move as long as I, the caster, don’t die.

When in addition to the suddenly resurrected soldiers, the Living Dead Army that doesn’t die approaches, the Empire soldiers break their files. However, there are also those amongst them who properly give out orders even when it becomes like this. I should say, ‘As expected’, here huh. Well, That’s where it’s going to collapse from though.

“Devour them, Lo”


Lo, that starts to run on my instructions. It forces itself into the Empire soldiers and bit the soldiers, who were giving out orders just now, to death. Although the soldiers around try to slash at Lo, Lo discharges lightning from the horn on its head and penetrates the soldiers’ bodies.

When I realised, Liscia and Relcend were rampaging like they’re competing with each other, slashing and punching soldiers. Those guys sure do as they please huh. Well, it’s fine though.

“Humph. As expected of Aruji-dono. The military force that had that much of a difference is changing little by little. Adding those who were killed to your underlings, and furthermore, having those underlings kill. You possess quite the magic power”

“Well, it’s thanks to this though”

I say and show the Soul Absorption Necklace on my neck. However, Elfion shook his head.

“I suppose it is true that your magic power increases thanks to that, but that should also be cursed. Aruji-dono, who is sustaining that and remaining composed, is admirable”

……I’m somehow being praised terribly much though, is there something to it? As I’m looking with slightly doubtful eyes

“What, I just thought that I am glad that I responded to your voice. Even amongst us Demihumans, the Elf is a race that lives for several hundred years even at the very least. It is just that although I unconsciously become unfeeling as I age, I got unbecomingly excited for my age”

‘Fuu’, Elfion who made a smile and headed inside the Empire soldiers as it is. A good-looking guy is cool no matter what face he makes huh, oi. Well, whatever. It’s useless even if I’m jealous. I’ll go as well.

I make 10 short swords flutter around me and enter the inside of the Empire Army as well. I usually make it so that they react half-automatically because I’m afraid of surprise attacks, but I’ll make all of them move on my will.

The zombies that arise one after another; the Living Dead Army that possesses the strength that is in a different league than the other dead spirits; Liscia, Elfion, Relcend and Lo, my subordinates who possess the strength that easily surpasses that.

The Empire Army’s front line that’s attacked incessantly by them is in such a horrible state that it no longer maintained the file’s original formation. That after-effect spreads to the Empire soldiers who are behind. I proceed inside in order to make that after-effect bigger.

At the same time as that, explosions due to magic occur on both sides. It’s the Demihumans who cast magic from the side. I guess it should be effective if it’s now when they’re restless and ready to flee. I guess I’ll also go with the flow.

I move the short swords that dance in the air with my will and tear the Empire soldiers to pieces. It’s harder to move it than when it’s on automatic, but this is also good in its own way. I can aim where I want to aim.

I control two short swords to one, I pierce somewhere on their legs to stop their movements, create an opening, and aggressively cut their necks. I stab their hands that held the sword and tear apart their face. Un, it feels good.

I spin the short swords around myself, at the soldiers, who try to encircle and approach me. By the short swords that go around like they’re drawing a circle, their swords are broken, their shields are pierced, and they die one after another,

“UOooo! Die!”

a soldier, who’s a size bigger than the other soldiers, carries a mace and approaches, but I release 5 short swords. He tries to block them with his shield, but naturally, they penetrate it and air holes open up on the soldier’s body as well.

The Empire soldiers surround me. But perhaps they’re fearful of me, they kept a distance and won’t come closer. In the next instant when I thought that I’ll be the one to initiate, something descended from the sky. I jump back from that spot, and the thing that descended, a man who carried several swords on his back, was looking at me and assuming his stance.

“Empire Army, Sword Saint Suzaku1. Arrives”

……Something appeared.

Suzaku: スザク. It means Vermilion Bird, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations

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