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V57C6P1 – Blue Dragon Latuas

The Hermes Guild knew how to display their combat strength without leaving any regrets.

“Protect Bard Ray-nim!”

“Advance fearlessly. We are the Hermes Guild!”

The Hermes Guild members relished in the frenzy of battle alongside Bard Ray.

Kaybern brandished its tail, but even more players followed, pushing forward through the bombardment of magic spells. Their clothes and faces were scorched like coal as they pushed forward in spite of the poison hanging in the air.

What was fearsome was their concentration on battle! Amid the chaos, they cast powerful skills in sequence and whittled down the dragon’s health points.

Calcus: The left leg is weak.

Pindeg: The scales on the underside of the right wing were also destroyed. Physical damage is going right through it.

They shared the weak points of the dragon, fighting with great adaptability.

– Humans! You shall not prevail against me!

Kaybern let out a scream-like roar.

The dragon hunt took place with great performances from those who used the Brazier of Sacrifice.

“We will take care of its rear. Front lines, hold against the attacks!”

“Strike the head. Harass it so it cannot use any more magic spells.”

The Hermes Guild was a complex tangle of different interests based on the origin and area of each player. But at this very moment, their wills joined as one.

Gaushu: The wings were ruined, weakening the dragon.

Lamifter: We need to concentrate our attacks somehow and take quick care of it. Mage units advance from your current positions.

The mages emerged from their hideouts and ran forward.

They chanted their magic spells before releasing them in Kaybern’s direction and assisted in the attack.

The spells exploded like fireworks against the Black Dragon’s hide. The dragon still possessed high magic resistance, but they did reduce its health points.

Pale: Our objective is the dragon on the right.

Python: I have waited for this moment. Let’s go!

The players of the assault squad charged at the dragon. But, there were a considerable number of squad members still waiting inside the buildings.

They observed the Hermes Guild’s fight with admiration and even felt angry about themselves.

“I honestly don’t have the guts to fight like them.”

“It looks so dangerous. So many people are dying.”

They planned to be the heroes of the dragon hunt, but most of them were intimidated by the way the Hermes Guild fought.

They chose to form small groups and watch instead.

“The Hermes Guild is putting up a great fight. It’s better this way as it has a higher chance of succeeding.”

“And Morata will suffer less destruction.”

“Damn it. It still feels hard to accept. How much work have we all done to hunt the dragon?”

“You’re right. We did an incredible job.”

“Hey man, the Hermes Guild volunteered to use the brazier and fight first, so we just have to sit back and let things take care of themselves.”

The assault squad members realized that their own power was not as significant. The Hermes Guild was doing so well that their participation had little meaning.

“Here we thought we would save the continent with our hands, but we’re just a crowd.”

“This place is the safest. Let’s go help them out when it becomes really dangerous.”

“I guess you’re right.”

While the squad members were hesitating, the battle waged on.

Vishur, Knatul and Malin were extraordinary and countless others showed their skills.

“Players of Castle Vent. All advance for war!”

Oberon also used the brazier and tackled the dragon. The dwarven followers tailed behind him. The observing players further lost the will to engage. The danger of the situation was emphasised by the fact that Kaybern’s resistance brutally reaped the lives of player after player.

The repeated sense of defeat they experienced while residing in the Central Continent was oppressing them.

“Morata is in an irrecoverable situation. Let’s just get out of here.”

“Really? You think it’s alright?”

“Yeah. The novice players are doing that already.”

“People are going to bash on us if we get caught.”

“They’re all swamped. If we change clothes, no one will know.”

The novice players that stayed inside the city to spectate had begun exiting through the gate as the battle grew more intense.

The assault squad members eventually changed into cheap travelling attire and escaped through the gates of Morata.

Weed, who was playing the role of bait, restlessly assessed his surroundings.

Morata’s urban district was half destroyed in battle.

The 3 and 4-story concrete buildings that had dominated the skyline had disappeared among the sonic explosions, and there was no more meaning to putting the fires out now, given the state of the city.

“Corpse Explosion!”

“Corpse Explosion!”

The necromancers were busily taking care of the corpses.

Swift Coldwind: Landony has crossed the Neria Sea and arrived in the Northern Continent. Given its route, it is heading straight for Morata.

The dwarf warriors one sidedly attacked the dragon that was chasing down Weed.

“The dragon is getting away!”

“For dwarven pride!”

The dwarves Carlisle and Roam clung desperately to the back of Kaybern’s head.

They had put their lives on the line for this battle. Oddly, the dragon did not take notice of them which allowed them to attack freely.

– How dare these earthworms…!

Kaybern stopped in its tracks and was about to lash its tail at the chasers.

“Your enemy is me, Weedhand!”

Weed also slowed his feet to turn the dragon’s attention back to himself.

“Sword Cloning Technique!”

He quickly drew the Loa Sword, producing 50 clones as he ran towards the dragon.

– I will murder you first. Breathing Flames!

Kaybern welcomed him with a trail of fire from its mouth.

It was not just thejust a the dragon’s firebreath, but one of the ultimate fire magic spells!

Clones have dissipated.

Weed advanced in a zigzag movement while the clones melted.

The Crown of Lightning formed a barrier that blocked the fire magic spell.

He kicked off a nearby boulder and leapt close to the dragon’s head.

– I have you this time!

Kaybern’s claws were ripping through the air.

In the most dire moment, Weed activated a Sculptural technique.

“Time Sculptural Technique.”

The final secret technique of the Sculptural arts.

The world froze and the dragon was no different.

A quiet world with all sounds entirely silenced.

Everything occurring in Morata stopped at once like a miracle.

The explosions and general chaos of the war, even the rain of fire falling from the sky.

The city looked like a symbol for the end of the world, even Weed with his limited emotional sensitivity could appreciate its tragic beauty.

The time energy that he had accumulated up to 90,000 was diminishing rapidly.

‘I never got to refill properly after I won against Bard Ray.’

Weed moved 20 more meters and approached close to the dragon’s face.

Hegel did not accomplish it, but he was different.

“Here, take it!”

Weed pulled out the Loa Sword and thrust it inside the dragon’s eye. Then, time was set back on track.


The Loa Sword penetrated the dragon’s eye! The holy flames activated and spewed out spouts of fire everywhere.

Critical Strike!

You have destroyed one of the dragon’s eyes.

You have reduced the dragon’s health points by 563,974.

“Keep pressing forward.”

“Front line, don’t avoid it! Hold your grounds and look for an opportunity! If you don’t die in a single attack, your health will be restored.”

“Long spear unit, advance!”

Under Arkhim’s command, the Hermes Guild began to push back the dragon with overwhelming force. The Hermes Guild charged like a swarm of bees.

Thousands of troops were waiting to charge, and in the outskirts an outstanding number of players were providing assistance.

Kaybern’s defense and magic resistance was indeed incredible, but thousands of arrows and magic spells were being poured down upon it in an endless stream.

Bard Ray who had been fighting on top of the dragon’s body with the Glacial Sword from the start was still clearly visible. A phrase came out from someone’s mouth.

“God Warrior!”

The nickname originated from back when he conquered the Haven region and expanded his faction to the Central Continent; they had cheered on the God Warrior who had won battle after battle.

“God Warrior! God Warrior! God Warrior!”

That title spread among the Hermes Guild like a contagion. Soon a huge crowd had joined the chanting.

God Warrior, Bard Ray!

He, wearing winged armor, along with his personal guards flew through the sky and attacked the dragon’s body directly. He was hit by friendly fire but endured through it with the healing spells from the priests.

The sight of him attacking the dragon despite all the pain and wounds was that of the absolute and unstoppable Bard Ray that the Hermes Guild cherished.

“God Warrior! God Warrior! God Warrior!”

The morale of the Hermes Guild reached its peak. They volunteered to be in the world’s most difficult battle. Their esteem was surging so high that it blew away the loser’s mentality that they had developed after their defeat at the battle of Garnav Plains.

Arkhim shouted.

“Everyone fight with the will to forfeit your lives! Today, we will become legends!”

The Hermes Guild wildly pounced at the dragon. The faction existed only for Bard Ray and his power. The dragon’s body was cut all over.

– Mere humans!

Kaybern roared and whipped its tail. Dozens of knights were struck away but more charged while blowing horn flutes.

The players watching from the buildings far away spoke.

“Don’t you feel like shouting God Warrior too?”

“The stories about Bard Ray are true. He fights like he’s crazy.”

The hearts of the Hermes Guild members were fueled with Bard Ray’s passion.

– Thorn Wall

The dragon raised a wall weaved from steel thorns, but the players broke through with their bodies and took one more step after each tail whip, advancing slowly.

For the death of every 10 Hermes Guild members, the dragon’s health points decreased correspondingly.


Kaybern began to scream in pain.

The sleek obsidian scales were completely ruined, incapable of deflecting the weapons of the attackers. The dragon was unleashing magic spells in all directions, but the humans that survived with little health quickly recovered and re-engaged.

The legacy of the invincible Hermes Guild was unfolding once again.

– Humans! Curse you all and this city.

Kaybern, upon dropping below 7% of its health points, spread its right wing wide. The badly wounded left wing only spread halfway.

That moment, each commander shouted.

“It’s flight!”

“The dragon is trying to escape to the sky!”

Even if it did, they could chase with flight spells.

However, it was difficult to continue with the same concentrated firepower that they could muster on the ground.

“All attack! Spend all your mana!”

The Hermes Guild members that could still hold onto their weapons threw themselves into battle.

They were unhindered by the dragon’s resistance and magic spells, and they tossed the net that they had prepared.

So many weapons found their homes all over the dragon’s body over the course of battle and the net tangled on top!


It was a net crafted by Dragore himself with thread that never breaks, scavenged by the Hermes Guild. Zephy, being a fisherman had not participated in battle. Instead he roamed around and strung Kaybern’s legs to the net, preventing the dragon from taking flight.

On Kaybern’s back and head were Bard Ray and the warriors of the guild.

– A bunch of humans cannot stop me.

The dragon began floating along with the thousands of players holding tightly onto the net.

5 meters. 10 meters. The Black Dragon slowly rose to the sky!

Arkhim: Mage unit, attack at once!

Lamifter: There are too many allies in the blast range.

Bard Ray: It doesn’t matter. Fire!

Magic spells flew in from all over Morata and were directed towards Kaybern.

The Hextech Cannon was also fired.

“Kill it!”

“This is the end.”

The players riding on top of the dragon also committed to the frenzied attack. They didn’t have any moment to check the kinds of spells flying towards them.

“Power of Birth, The Dark Knight Strike!”

Bard Ray used a chain of skills. His body was worn out, having withstood the attacks from Kaybern and the other players.

If it was his former self, he would have slipped out of the battle once he dropped to around half his health points and taken a rest.

After becoming the Ironblood Warrior, he could take a lot more damage, it wasn’t strange at all if he already died.

The healing spells of the guild were concentrated on him, but there were many grave situations like being slammed by the dragon’s tail.

The lizard’s health points are less than 2%.

As soon as Krobidyun spoke, the attack of the Hermes Guild entered what could be perfectly explained as a berserk state. Each and every one of them spent all their stamina and mana for skills.

“Intoxication of Pain!”

It was a skill he learned by becoming an Ironblood Warrior.

It was one of the secret techniques of the warrior, drawing out high attack power based on the missing health points. Its downside was the amount of stamina it consumed upon casting, but when would he ever use such a skill if not now?

Bard Ray struck his sword downwards, directly into the dragon’s brow.

“Die, you loathsome lizard!”

(To be continued…)

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