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What a waste it would be if he were to only depend on heaven-and-earth treasures to elevate his physical attributes.

Holding her firearm, Long Yuxue was immediately relieved as she watched his broad shoulders while he killed the Devour Lizards steadily behind his back. He was not frightened even though he was engaged in a real battle. It was apparent that he had no lack of battle experience. That was impressive!

Tang Wulin took a glance at his Blood God Bracelet and noticed that he was awarded thirty merit points for killing three Devour Lizards. It was apparent that the number of merit points given for killing a Devour Lizard was much higher than that for a Four-clawed Bat.

As Tang Wulin continued to walk forward, Devour Lizards came pouncing toward him one after another, but all ended up as merit points and energy for him. They passed through a segment of the passage that was about fifty meters long. Tang Wulin walked in front and killed over forty Devour Lizards, receiving hundreds of merit points. This could be considered the first jackpot he had earned.

Following behind him, Long Yuxue was getting increasingly shocked as she observed him. The fighting capacity which Tang Wulin displayed when he was fighting the Devour Lizard was extreme. Moreover, he had never pierced the Devour Lizard's eye, which was its weak spot, but just struck at its head. The Devour Lizard's head was as hard as an alloy, but it was like soft tofu when it was pierced by the Golden Dragon Spear. It did not even stand a chance.

He was very effective at close combat indeed!

As both of them arrived at the second node of the passage, Long Yuxue gradually grew more at ease.

The node was slightly larger than the one before. There was a cave about fifty meters away where energy was surging intensely in the surrounding space.

Tang Wulin had just walked to the entrance of the cave when he saw a pair of gray-white eyes filled with deathly stillness.

It was a Devour Lizard with a bulky body that was more than ten times larger than the Devour Lizards before. Its body was more than seven meters long and entirely covered in thick gray scales. The scales were continuously opening and closing following the rhythm of its breathing while releasing faint gray mist.

"Be careful. This is a larger Devour Lizard of a much higher level. The mist spouted from it is ever changing and can take the form of a weapon or battle armor. Do your best not to let it get near you," Long Yuxue reminded him in a deep voice.

Tang Wulin's figure flashed as he charged forward with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand pointed straight ahead. Meanwhile, he unleashed his Golden Dragon Body and golden dragon scales completely covered him. His pair of palms transformed into the Golden Dragon Claws as golden light shimmered in his eyes.

The large Devour Lizard let out a deep roar as the mist spouting out from its scales suddenly turned thicker. The mist surged forward rapidly and suddenly solidified just as Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear struck it. It enshrouded the spear just in time.

Tang Wulin felt his Golden Dragon Spear turned heavier as if it had sunk into deep mud. At the same time, the gray thick mist was still surging in his direction continuously as if it was attempting to completely engulf him.

There was a great roar, and the large-scale Devour Lizard cried out in rage while the thick mist immediately dissipated. At the sound of the roar, its enormous body was blasted away.

Without needing to look, Tang Wulin knew that Long Yuxue wrapped up the right with her firearm. Close in to block the enemy and kill them from a distance. This was the standard combat procedure for the army.

Tang Wulin raised his left hand and waved to signify that he was okay. He shook the Golden Dragon Spear he held once and golden light burst out. The gray mist had blown apart when the Golden Dragon Spear pierced the Devour Lizard's head with a golden glow shimmering in the surroundings.

At once, a gush of energy infused into his body. It was much thicker than that from when he had killed the ordinary Devour Lizard earlier. The Devour Lizard faded soon after, and the grey mist vanished from his sight.

'As expected, this is a good place to cultivate!' Tang Wulin extolled in his heart.

Long Yuxue arrived at his side. "Be careful and don't advance rashly. You can't assess the abyssal creatures with conventional thinking. Sometimes an opponent that appears weak to us can cause a great deal of trouble."

"Hmm," Tang Wulin nodded and said, "But there's no need for you to attack so hastily. It's not too late to attack when you're certain that I'm in danger."

Long Yuxue scoffed. "You don't appreciate a good deed."

Tang Wulin could not help smiling. Naturally, he could tell that Long Yuxue was extremely competitive, and she intended to compare herself to him.

He took a glance at his Blood God Bracelet. His merit points had increased by fifty once again.

Tang Wulin felt that there were slightly fewer abyssal creatures in this little passage.

They continued to advance to the next passage. However, Tang Wulin suddenly sensed danger the moment before he was about to enter.

He had Spirit Abyss-ranked spiritual power, so his perception was more acute than ordinary people. He struck out with his Golden Dragon Spear without the slightest hesitation. With a deep roar, a golden dragon blasted out from the Golden Dragon Spear and spiraled upward. It was the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven.

Even though it was done hastily, Tang Wulin managed to exert over seventy percent of his power due to his proficiency with the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven.

"Boom!" At the loud rumbling, a figure blasted into the depths of the passage. Tang Wulin could only see a faint pair of bloodred eyes.

In a flash, he led the charge into the passage. Tang Wulin had unleashed his Golden Dragon Body, so his eyes were glowing as though they had been electrified.

After entering the passage, he could clearly see that it was an extremely peculiar creature. The creature's body appeared to be in the shape of a leaf and had six claws. He immediately figured out that this was the Six-clawed Demon that Long Yuxue had mentioned was a species of soul beast extremely skilled in concealing itself and attacking its enemies by sneaking up on them.

The Six-clawed Demon had a relatively powerful defense. Even though it was blasted away by Tang Wulin's spear, but it did not seem to be badly injured. Its six long, sharp claws pierced straight into the ground. Soon after, a large stretch of densely arranged spikes bored out from under Tang Wulin's feet.

Though they looked slender, every spike was exceedingly sharp and exuded a lethal air. The tips of the spikes had an overwhelmingly destructive aura.

"Boom, boom, boom!" There was a series of loud explosions, and the Six-clawed Demon's pupils suddenly constricted in the distance.

Its target was still standing there despite being hit by its attack, and the explosions were the sound of its spikes shattering. Tang Wulin did not even attempt to dodge or hide because there was no way the spikes could pierce through his Golden Dragon Body.

Tang Wulin scoffed coldly as he suddenly stomped his right foot against the ground. With a loud boom, all the spikes on the ground around his body were crushed and the Six-clawed Demon was blasted away. With a golden flash, the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand flew out and impaled the demon.

A golden glow surged out of the Golden Dragon Spear. When it returned to his hand once again, it transmitted the energy into Tang Wulin and his body absorbed it.

Looking at the double-pointed dragon spear in his hand, Tang Wulin could not help feeling admiration in his heart. His ability to fight had become unfathomable and unyielding because of it.

The energy was not only replenishing his blood essence power but also his soul power.

Every battle prepared him for the next one. Tang Wulin no longer felt like it was a painful chore for him to join the Blood God Army anymore. On the contrary, it was a heaven-sent opportunity for him.

Long Yuxue entered the cave just in time to see Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear destroy the Six-clawed Demon. Though she was capable of dealing with a Six-clawed Demon, she was more skilled in long-range attacks, so she would need to shoot from afar. On the other hand, the Six-clawed Demon had very powerful defenses, so it was only possible to kill it after being engaged in a battle for a while.

Long Yuxue gave Tang Wulin a big thumbs-up as she asked, "How do you feel?"

Tang Wulin beamed with joy. "Not too decadent actually."

Long Yuxue rolled her eyes at him. "What else do you want if this is still not luxurious enough for you? I've warned you that the arrogant ones die the fastest. Don't be overly conceited. There have been many geniuses in the army, but the true geniuses are the ones who survived."

"Hmm, I understand. Let's continue then." Tang Wulin eagerly strode forth.

Long Yuxue followed behind him. She could not help feeling stunned as she looked at his wide shoulders, tall and straight back, his white uniform and his long, golden staff. She thought that this boy resembled her future lover which she imagined countless times in the past.

Even so, she also recalled her father's words. He was genuinely incomparable, but he was also bearing a burden all of his own.

She actually wished that he could be less outstanding.

Naturally, Tang Wulin was unaware of Long Yuxue's thoughts. He continued to attack and kill abyssal creatures while gaining benefits from the experience. Moving forward in great strides, Tang Wulin was feeling highly motivated to fight.

He relied on his Purple Demon Eyes to observe and his sharp sense of spiritual power to perceive. He managed to kill countless abyssal creatures in succession, and though he absorbed only a small amount of energy, it was still good for him. Replenishing the energy which he had consumed in battle was not an issue.

It took a longer period of time than before to arrive at the next node because the abyssal creatures that he encountered along the way were much more powerful than the Devour Lizards he had faced in the beginning.

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